Marziyeh Khoshnava-Vojdan, 16

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Marziyeh Khoshnava-Vojdan's Letter
Marziyeh Khoshnava-Vojdan's Letter

(From 16-year-old Marziyeh Khoshnava-Vojdan)

In the name of God


I am Marziyeh Khoshnava-Vojdan. I am a student in first year of high school. My father died ten years ago. To provide for us six children, my mother tries to earn a living with an old sewing machine. Because of our bad financial situation, my younger sister has stopped going to school and we are living in hardship.

Address: Address: Kohkilouyeh-Boyerahmad Province, Gachsaran, Kheyrabad-Padouk village, the residence of Fa'ez Khoshnava-Vojdan

Contact in Isfahan: Khaqani Street, Koucheh Daryoush, Koucheh Kojasteh, Bonbast 4-Metri, right hand side, #20, the Zohrabi residence. Home telephone: 273-546 (home), Work telephone: 271-134 (Bank Saderat, Mr. Zohrabi).

(Signed) Marziyeh Khoshnava-Vojdan

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