Maryam Raeesi, 11

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Maryam Raeesi's letter
Maryam Raeesi's letter

(From 11-year-old Maryam Raeesi)

In the name of God

I am Maryam Raeesi. I lost my father when I was four-years old. I live with my mother and grandmother in a small house in the Jozadan area [of Isfahan], Bonbast Shahid Hossein Hosseini, #84. This year I will go to fifth grade and I hope I will be able to continue my education. I thank those who are concerned for the education of the children of Iran. And I want kids to have a good future through their education. I am 11-years old and I am the only child of the family.

(Signed) Maryam Raeesi

Mordad 1, 1375 (1996)

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