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Children of genocide
Happy Passover, my friend. May we see peace soon

April 12, 2002
The Iranian

An old friend of mine, who is Jewish American, sent me a Noruz greeting. In her response, I said to her I hope this year will be the end of bloodshed in the Middle East among Israelis and Palestinians.

My friend is a filmmaker. She made her first film, Partisans of Vilna, about the Jewish resistance in a small town in Poland. The film shows how Jews took up arms and fought against the Nazi occupiers.

Today, tragically, we are witnessing the appalling aggression of Israeli soldiers whose close ancestors were victims of genocide. How can they not see the similarities of their actions against Palestinians in the holy land?

Acts of terror against Israeli citizens are deplored by all, especially when victims are innocent civilians, many of whom are youngsters. But at the same time, how can one ignore the terrorizing of the whole Palestinian nation?

Today we are witnessing tanks and armored vehicles bulldozing Palestinian cities and conducting door-to-door searches to arrest "terrorists" -- creating fear and terror among the Palestinian people. Fifty years ago, it was the Nazi forces who hunted Jews door-to-door. How sad and unfair the turn of events have been.

Fascist-minded Israeli politicians such as Sharon and Netanyahu claim Yasser Arafat is irrelevant. But the truth is that to the Palestinians, and the rest of the world, Arafat is very much relevant.

A young activist from New York visited Arafat in Ramallah and used himself as a human shield to guard Palestinian children so they could get food. He is an American Jew. Other Jewish right-wingers have threatened his family with death.

Amazon Honor SystemWe see the courage of such people in understanding the plight of the Palestinians, who are now under siege by the invading Israeli army which has humiliated and killed innocent people under the guise of fighting terrorism.

Suicide bombings only began when Prime Minister Sharon, ignoring UN resolutions, continued building Jewish settlements in Palestinian territories. In this whole affair, no doubt, Sharon will be the loser.

I just hope that if and when there is peace in the region, Palestinians and Israelis will rid themselves of those who have created only hatred among them.

Happy Passover, my friend. May we see peace soon.

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By Fariba Amini

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