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I sow love
To my Divine Lady Gitana

June 13, 2002
The Iranian

Sow Love and I will treat it with patience, hoping that one day it will sprout.

This is the story of an unbelievable, but true love, with its intellectual, mental, emotional, spiritual, passionate, beautiful and fantastic faculties and qualities, full of all the wonders of Imagination.

Love, is the one and only thing that prevents Evil from existing.

Love is a sublime voyage to the infinite. It all began with the love of that vertiginous glance. A drunk and hazy swift glance, that lasted the length of a sigh, far reaching Love without boundaries, changing me into the air that embraces her, always ready to catch a glimpse of her eyes; those eyes, that have made me forget the rest of the world.

Love as a wonderful journey to the infinite, does not consider limitations be them, physical, logical, moral mental, social, rational and irrational.

Infinitely sublime Love has no limitations. This is LOVE. This journey to the infinite is more beautiful, wonderful and wondrous dream.

Love is even more true and authentic than one's own life.

So I dedicate all this:

To my Divine Lady Gitana who is the reason of my existence, the reason for my being.

Without Love what are we as Humanity? And what is the purpose of being if it weren't but for LOVE?

I sow Love and I will treat it with patience, hoping that one day it will sprout.

I hope at least you understand what I am talking about, My love...

To conclude, we will never understand whether it is Fusion or Confusion

Since we will never know anything (nothing from nothing)

To make a long story short, BE HAPPY!

Abdi Hessabi

August 2001 Montreal

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