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Sheikh Mohammad's tour of the Iranian pavilion, along with Mr. Naseri, and Mr. Jafari. And of course, no Iranian Ambassador in sight, only the Iranian Consul graced us with his presence.
Source: a REALLY tall friend!

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What we wanted to see
Not the same as what the Iranian Consulate in Dubai wanted to see

By Helia Azimi
March 1, 2002
The Iranian

Comment for The Iranian letters section
Comment for the writer Helia Azimi

By Helia Azimi

It rained at last. It rained at last.
No umbrellas, no covers
By Helia Azimi


Dubai: Closest thing to home
It is almost as if we never left home, almost
By Sanaz Salehi

A promise I HOPE to keep
Like every Ramadan, I made a promise to be at my best
By Zal Bameri


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