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The story of Djalal
I hope that my story will help humanity

By Amir Sahameddin Ghiassi
May 2, 2002
The Iranian

This article is published with almost no editing at all.

I do not know from where I should start. I hope that my story will help humanity. As many other writers wrote a lot of stories for humanity and the unity of mankind. I will try this, too.

My name is Amir. I was born in Iran in a family of two religions. My mother was Bahai and my father was Moslem. When you are from two different religions, especially ,when the believers of these religions are not friendly to each other and they do not accept each other, it is very hard to survive. I know a lot of friends of mine with two different religions and as I have spoken with them, they have all almost the same problems. Sometime they will be misused from both members of the both religions. If they are very rich and powerful, it is not so important and they can survive.

The problem exists when they are middle class and are not very rich and powerful. As I was a university teacher in Tehran, I had a lot of students whom I loved very much like my own children and tried to help them as much as possible. I had a very nice and good friend, he was very close to me and I shared my life with him. So he knew all my life. His wife has died and he had six children. Most of them teenagers and very young, also school children.

After the revolution in Iran, his business was stopped. The people occupied his building and business and he was in a very bad shape. His company was not working as the system has been changed. His partners have gone to other countries and left him behind. I was teacher of his children and he asked me in my free time help his children, as he said he trusted me to let in his house with his daughters and sons. I did my best and helped them with their school materials. My classes with his children was three to four hours sometime, so during the classes or in the end of classes, he came home.

We get closer and closer to each other. He said all his friends and families have gone to other countries and he has no one to help him. He came to my house and called the people in other countries and said his telephones are controlled by the government. I did not what he is doing, but it seems that he is trying to help his children. He said always if he had a good friends, he could come out of this situation much easier. He said "Amir You are working in the German Embassy School and have a lot of friends, why you do not ask them to give us some money to repair my house and rent it?"

He had a big, six story building in Tehran, Behjatabad, which has been occupied by people, who have misused the revolution for their own benefits. He tried and sent them out of the house, but they damaged the whole house totally , so the house needs badly repair. He asked many times and said, "Amir , I need money for few days. As soon as I repaired the house and painted it, I can rent it and will pay back quickly. You can see yourself the big building, is totally damaged and need repair. It can be rented quickly, there is not problem at all. Help me please. You have a lot of European friends and they make a lot of money here in Iran. I heard a teacher make about 10,000 Mark in month. They like you and know you very well. I need about 50,000 Mark, to repair the whole building and will pay you back just in 20 days. Please do it for me, for us for your students, my children. You see they learn so good, give them more possibilities to learn. If I have enough money form the rent, I can use this money for them to be better educated, you are a teacher and are not indifferent with your students. Get DM from them, I will sell these and change to Toman and repair the house in less than one month."

He cried many times and gave his word to me. He promised many times that he will pay me back in just 20 days. He gave me the documents of his houses and the passports of his children and other documents and asked bitterly for help. He wrote even letters that he will give me the loan back in 20 days. With the introduction that he was always very nice to me and his children were polite and friendly and learn very good and with all documents that he was providing for me plus the promises that he did every time. I asked my friends for 50,000 DM for 20 days and gave him the money. He gave me a receipt in Tomans, Iranian money. I was happy that I have helped a friend in a bad situation. He repaired his house and now he was saying that he cannot find customers to rent the apartments. If I can help him to find customers for his apartments. The prices that he was asking me to help him and rent his apartments, was two times more than he was asking himself to rent. So it is clear that I could not rent his apartments and he could rent easier by himself, as he offer half price. Any way after 20 days he was not able to pay.

He asked me if I can ask my friends to give him 2 more months time. I had no other chose, so I gave him two more months to pay off. I believe him and I thought he is trying very hard to keep his promise. After that he asked for 6 more months time. I thought he is trying to keep his words. This time my German friends did not want to wait, so I get some money from my relatives, and my father-in-law and sold some of my properties to pay my German friends money back. I still believe that he will not let me down and will keep his words. After 6 months , he asked for one year more. And later for two years and one day he said, he may give his loan tomorrow or in 10 years.

And as he sees that I was very upset, he said you have the documents and the country have laws, go to the government and ask for help. He was tried from my patient and wanted to release himself. Now I his best friend, that he said he is willing to die for me, did not have any interest about me and my hard situation. Go out of my house and do what ever you can. The country has ministry of justice and I gave you enough documents to go after and pushed me out of his house. That was the end of our friendship for him. He sold me with the loan. Than we fight with each other and he called his children for help. I came out of his house and was covered with blood. I went to his nephew house and asked him for help. He took me to a friend's house who was a medical doctor and from there, I went home.

After reaching home and resting a little. The door rang and two police officer were there to take me to police station. After I left his house he gather his relatives and said that I have attacked him and they confirmed his words, than he went to the police station and ask them to capture me. Now the two officers came to my home to take me to the police station. I spent the night there until, I was released by my father-in-law documents. Now he was willing even to damage and kill me. He wrote a letter to the revolutionary courts and said that I am a Bahai and tried to be a university teacher to teach the innocent Moslem students to change their religion. Than he went to other courts and said that I have cheated him.

Mr. Ghasemkhanian, And Mr Safarian , the two government prosecutors and state attorneys were against me and took his side. That is funny, he got so much money from me and I had documents and his son's checks but he was saying that I owe him money. His words were accepted. I went and filed against him, too. But my words against him were sent from one court to other court and nobody has interest to read them. But whatever he said was considered and I was sent to jail. After coming out of jail. I tried to go to the highest level people to get my right. But the police stations could not find him. They could find me easily ,but they could not find him or his son who wrote bad checks. He said that I must pay him ,because he spent money for me and he gave money to me.

The justice system took all his words seriously, but my words which was true was not important. With other words, the justice system was after me , not after him. I wrote my story in the newspapers and went to very high level people and my old friends to get some help from them. He wrote that I was Bahai and try as a university teacher to change the religion of my innocent Moslem students.

One of my friend who always help me was Djalal. He said Amir, I know that you are hurt and have a hard time, but listen to meÖthat is the power of money that make friends to foe and relative to enemy. You know that I am like you. Two religionsÖBahai and Moslem. I was 14 as for the last time my father called me to his bed and said Djalal. I am dying today or tomorrow. Your mother is a nice woman, help her and be in my place for her. You have also 7 other brothers and sisters, they will be nice to you. He looked with his almost dead eyes in my eye and the light of his eyes were fainted and he kept my hand in his skinny hand, which was only bone and skin. He was over one year in bed and was sick. I do not know which illness he had, but he fight for one year in bed. All his powers have gone.

I remember him in a dark blue uniform as a colonel of the police. His uniform was covered with gold medals and his high huge body as a sport man was like a king for me as he kept my little hand in his big hand and we walked on the street and the people liked him and salute him with a friendly way. All his muscles have gone, there was no muscles in his body any more. He looked at me and said Djalal, I have a daughter, her name is Light, please take care of her and give your words that you will take care of her. This powerful proud man now was looking in my eye, the little boy with love and asking. Please Djalal promise me that you will take care of Forough, my light of life. I started to cry and said, Oh yes father I will do everything that I can for her. No, Djalal , you must promise me that you will take care of her like your own daughter and love her as your own daughter. More than a sister. Please promise me, so I can die in peace. I said , Yes father I promise it to you. And cried bitterly.

He smiled at me and said Djalal , I believe your words and promise. I know that you will keep your promise and will never break your words. So he gave me his light of his life the smallest child that he had. And after that the last light of his eyes has gone, He closed his eyes and open it again ,but there was no life in his body and no light in his eyes any more. My half sister came in the room and took me in her arms and kissed me with love and cried so bitterly. The father gone and all of us nine children have lost the powerful man who fight for many years with his sickness and died after he was one year in bed.

My sister the little girl, with the big eyes was in the other room and was looking at me, with love and trust, later she came in my arms and kissed me, too. Amir , you know all of these. You are hurt by his friend, whom you helped and he misused the law in Iran. As there is no interest in Iran and the inflation is very high, he wanted to pay you as late as possible. That was his goal. But listen what my family did with me. Amir , I know it is hard to be misused by a friend, whom you loved and trusted so much , but listen to my story. After my father died, I was now the head of the family. My mother the lovely lady was very upset, but what she can do? life continues and we must go further.

I changed my school, because the children were now very cruel to me. As a child without a father and a Bahai mother . I was in trouble. So I must go to other school ,which was about one hour walking from my house. The children throw stones to me and said bad words about Bahai and that I have no father any more. I finished the high school, my mother sent me later to a Christian High School as in the public Moslem High school the children make the life hard for me. I finished the university. Forough finished the private university.

I finished the government university. Now Forough wanted to go to other countries for her MA. She has a salary from her father which was divided by her step mother. That was enough in Iran, but not for a student in England. So Djalal gave the rest to her and she went happily to England for study. Djalal paid always the rest with love to her and wanted that the little sister should not have any difficulties in the life for the financial problem. Now Forough has her MA and wanted to be married. But the two religion problems now came in the face. For Moslems, Forough was Bahai with a Bahai mother.

For Bahai she was a daughter of a Moslem dead father and with 8 brothers and sisters who were Moslems. They afraid or did not like to have Bahai relatives after the marriage. For the Bahai she was the daughter of a Moslem father. For the Moslem she was the daughter of a Bahai mother. And so they run away and Forough was very sad and disappointed about this. And blamed Djalal, that he should do something. Djalal introduced his good friends and even his Europeans and Americans friends and even asked her American friends to find a good husband for her.

Than Forough said, listen here I cannot get a normal husband. I will go for study in the USA and will try there to get a normal husband and will study ,too. Djalal agree that he will take care of the mother in Iran and take care of the house so she can go to the USA and try to have a nice life in the land of opportunities. So she went to the USA and Djalal stayed in Tehran with his mother. In Iran the war started and Iran and Iraq used force for each other. The business people make this war, to sell their weapons to both countries and use their young people for seeing how their weapons function.

The insurance companies made a big money, too. In the Persian golf area the insurance for the ships got high, so they make more money. In this time Forough afraid to come back and she preferred to stay in the USA. But to stay there was not easy. She should marry some one for staying there. Her cousin found a man for her. She said this is a good man. He was 25 years older than Forough, had no university degree and was married before with children. He was a play boy type person, who enjoy the life with the money of other people. Forough was a good target for him. So Forough wrote to her brother that she found somebody to marry.

The mother and brother were happy as their daughter and sister is happy and is marrying soon. But non of them could go to the USA. They could not get the visa for the journey. So Forough married alone in the USA, her cousin and some other family were there. Now the war was started and to go out of Iran was impossible. So Forough wrote always to the brother and mother, Come to the USA , even if it is not legal. Many people went to the USA by illegal way. Forough wrote in her letters always, and encourage the mother and brother to come to the USA. She wrote send your money at least , so I can buy houses for you. When you come here , you will have houses for living.

The brother sent all his remaining money and was waiting for the time that he can get his passport and can go. After 15 years that he could not see his sister, he became passport to go to the USA. Forough did not say everything about the husband. As Djalal sees the old uneducated man who cannot speak even Persian properly asked his sister. You said that he is an engineer and is well educated. He cannot even speak Persian or English properly . Then Forough told him the whole story , my dear brother I was alone and did not want to stay in the house of my cousin as a guest any more and I did not want to go back to Iran. He came with a bunch of flowers ,which was so big that could not come through the door. He took me in the most beautiful , expensive restaurants and bought for me expensive gifts. I though he is a good man and I can have a comfortable life with him.

Later I knew that he is much older than me and has no education and no work. He plays with the money and in that time he took a lot of loan and may be he won also in the play. So he could spend money for me. Later I knew that what type of man he is. But even in the marriage ceremony as I did know he is so old, I wanted to cancel the marriage, but I thought that is not good , He paid a lot of money and you and the mother will be upset about this. So I said to myself OK and I will continue. What can I do? I have now a child and must stay with him. Djalal asked what did you do with the whole money that I sent. Forough said, most of them he took and played, but I put some of them as a down payments in the 3 houses which I bought in my name and his name.

Djalal asked why you put his name? Forough said because of tax problem, I put his name on the houses, too. Now Forough was saying to Djalal that it is better that you go back to Iran and try to work there. Before sending money, she says always come here and now the husband does not want to have the brother around the sister and forced Forough to send the brother back to Iran. They put Djalal name as a second mortgage in the houses, when ever they want to sell the houses , they should pay Djalal off. Without any interest and without any time limitation for giving his money back.

Now Forough wanted the cut between Djalal and her family and she did not want to see the brother any more ,because the husband did not want it. Djalal went back to Iran , this time he was collapsed and mentally was damaged. The only full sister that he had and loved so much and gave everything to her, was gone and did not show any love for him. The old ugly and bad husband was preferred. In Iran the situation was not good for him ,too. He could not get any job any more as his mother was Bahai and he could not be accepted as a Moslem. The government told him , if he want to be accepted as a Moslem , he should write article in the newspapers against other religion. But how Djalal can write article against the religion of his mother. So he was persecuted and could not work. The religion problem made a good business for the husband of Forough. Agha Mahmoud misused the situation.

Djalal could not come to the USA and could not see the situation here, so they wrote always come here is a paradise and you can have a nice future here. The Iranian government did not give him a permission to leave the country, so he waited there for a time , but he sent his money ahead to the beloved sister and the sister was controlled by the husband and did what ever he planed. He thought first Djalal cannot come here. If he can come , he cannot stay and even if he can stay he cannot bring his family here, so the chance to get all his capital is good. But now was different, Djalal came , but very late. But he was here and so he was worried badly.

The second plan was that he says to Djalal You should go back to Iran, that is your country , you speak the language and know the culture and people and must not start the life from zero point. Now he had the whole money of Djalal and need not him any more. So they sent Djalal back to Iran. Djalal tried three years there in Iran, but without capital and Öhe was older and it was difficult to be hired so easily and his whole money was with the Agha Mohammad now. Agha Mohammad was so happy as Djalal has gone back to Iran and he thought he can never come back. In the letters the sister wrote always. Do not come back in the USA. It is a hard country and is not easy to live here. It is a mirage and the life is not nice here. 180 degree opposite what she was writing before. She wrote also to the wife of Djalal do not let him come here.

You need him there for the children. The children need father also. Agha Mohammad did his business and his business was done. He misused the condition and collect the money from Djalal as much as he could and now he does not want him any more. Djalal did not know what to do and was very worried about the sister and her life. He could not sleep any more and was very concerned about the whole situation. The sister was sick and was not happy. But she does not want him back ,too. Because the husband does not want him any more. So the other sister of Djalal said, go to the USA and stay there, even far from them and just take care about her from the distance. Djalal came for the second time to the USA and called the sister that he is here. The husband said " do not come to our house , if you come here I will call the police."

Djalal was three days on the street and did not know what to do. But what can he do, he could not go back as he had no job and no future there. His three children were always told that he had a nice future for them in the USA and even in the time that he was sending the money to the sister his wife was against that even his son was not happy that he was sending so much money to the sister. But as Djalal trusted his sister and was so sure that the sister is nice and is just one person with him, they were quite. Even his mother-in-law said the sister loves the brother very much and will not put down the brother. The father of Djalal wife has sent some money to his brother and the brother was not willing to pay the interest for many years, so his wife for this reason was negative about sending money to relative. It is really true that to give money as a loan without any security like bank does is wrong , in the time that they are receiving the money they are happy and nice , but when they should pay back , they will be bitter and unhappy. The best thing is not to give money to the people without having a good security.

After being for three days on the street of Orlando. Djalal found some friends and they rent a hotel room for him and he started to work in a shop as a cashier, and later he worked as a bus-driver and truck-driver and later he was a part time teacher and a full time university teacher. Now Djalal was happy and wrote to his wife and children " come here I have a good job and can support you a little. " He made all the paperwork and hired a lawyer to do the paperwork. After a while he did the work without attorney and fax them the paper and waited for them to come. In this time four years separation between Djalal and his family, took a big gab between father and children and wife. The wife always wrote that the 15 years old son make the life hell for all of them. But Djalal was engaged with the sister problem and could not go back in Iran. Because they did the same thing that my friend Morteza did. They delayed and played with him. The revolution in Iran caused this.

Any way the family arrived. Forough was so upset as she sees the whole family of his brother are here and the husband thought now they should pay them off. So Forough in front of the children of his brother said bad words to her brother and was impolite to him , so she broke the respect of the Djalal the father. Now the son was rude and impolite to him, too. He said that is your fault to trust the sister so much. As Djalal was in the airport to bring the family home, the wife said that she does not love him any more and the heart of his son is black. Djalal waited one year, sorrowfully he was not rehired as a full time university teacher any more . They gave him just a part time job as a university teacher. He worked as a bus-driver again. Now he did the paperwork of his wife and son and both of them had good job, they bought cars and soon after one year, they said they want to go out of his house.

Now Djalal has a big house with a lot of difficulties. His wife wanted divorce, because the sister wanted to damage his family. Before his sister said to him , that he should divorce and marry a woman here who can take care about him. Djalal wanted his family. Now she tried to separate the family from him and she did. The story of Djalal is not finished, as the humanity should learn from the Love. The Love should not die. Djalal is happy, because he said he did what ever he could , but if the family and sister are not happy, it is not his fault any more. The law in Iran permit my best friend to play with the time and damaged my capital. I helped him in a very hard situation, if he does not appreciate my help that is not my problem, it is his problem. Even Djalal did his promise to his father. He sent his sister to other countries to study and helped his sister as far as he could, if the sister does not appreciate , that is not Djalal problem. It is her problem. For Djalal the Love is not died, but for my friend and his sister the Love did died. We must help each other and make the life easier with each other and use our power for the humanity and not for hate and disunity.

Amir said Djalal, I think the system in the world is trying to make the people indifferent and selfish and more and less like a dull or like an artificial person, who thinks only about sex, fun and should not love and respect other people and be indifferent with each others. You see you helped your friend , the Moslem friend in Iran. As long as you could help and give him money, he was nice and friendly to you. In the time that you need your money back, what did he do? He tries to kill you and made your life hell. Than you will say at least to yourself. Why my best friend changed to my enemy? If I were indifferent and did not help him, he could even stay my best friend. So I lost my friend and my capital together. What will be your decision next time to be indifferent. That is exactly what the society want. Indifferent people and the Love should die.

In the time that he came to you and cry and said that I have six hungry children and a damaged house, you did say , sorry I will pray for you and I do not have money to give to you. Or if you have given just a little money to him, which you could forget and in your mind you should said to yourself. Why I should be involved with a poor personÖnow you did not have this problem. He tool your money and wrote letters to revolution court and damaged your life. You lost your job and your income in Iran and came here as a poor man and start the life from zero point. If the law in Iran did support you and the court did get your money back in time and with the damage of inflation. He would never did this. But the law in Iran is very generous. With 20% inflation , they do not accept and concede the interest or they do not count the inflation.

In the old time that the interest was not allowed by Islam the money was gold coin and there were no inflation. Now it is a paper money with 20% inflation. But the court do not count the inflation or the interest. So your friend has misused this weakness of the law paid the people the matter should have been delayed and your papers were sent from one place to other just to take time and you get your money back after 10 years. What is the result. He made money with the time. His properties have gone up and your money came down. So he was the real winner. He used the Iranian court system as a device for making money. He was considered as a smart man, who can make money with inflation problem in Iran. He died in the jail, but he was happy and thought he is smart, because he used your love and make money with it. The negative point of the system gave him the possibilities to make money.

Nobody has listen to you. He had the upper hand. He gave food and gift to the people and they supported him not you. So you will hate the people and the society and will never help anybody any more. That is the lesson the system wanted you learn. Be indifferent selfish and do not think about the other. You have no money nobody listen to you. You cannot pay, the people go away from you even if you lost your money for humanity and for God. Amir we understand each other because we have the same problem and the same difficulties, but your friend, my sister my family Ödo they understand us. No, because they are different. But we should not give up , we should train the other people to Love and to be not indifferent. That is what the world system want to train the people , be indifferent and just think about him, herself and their physical need. Food, sex and later fun and drug. Amir in the time that your friend was in a deep need you help him with what ever you could. You saved him and you saved his children, but what he did to you. He damaged your life. You should come out of Iran with empty hand and work here as a teenager to survive. Why he did this to his best friend, because he was trained to be indifferent and he just has cheated you to be human. He knew that the inflation is 20 to 30% in the year in Iran and he knew that people in court system of Iran they do not care about you. So he did what he could and damaged your life.

I did the same thing, Djalal said, I tried to help my own sister and my own family. They did the same thing to me. I gave everything to my sister and tried to do my best for her. Her husband knew just like your friend that I do not have any money any more. He sent me out of the house and said go and die on the street of Orlando. If you come to my house I will call the police. I wrote a lot of letter and explain my situation. Nobody interested to help me. The lawyers wanted money to help me. I did not have the money, so they do not care. But my brother-in-law has the money, my money. He was willing to spend this money against me. So he hired expensive, good lawyers to support his cheating activities. You wrote letters to the many Bahai national and international spiritual assemblies. What did they do? They ignored you. You lost everything for them, they were indifferent with you.

I know that the Bahai are teaching Love and unity and the unity of mankind, but when it comes to the practice , they do not take attention. Why? The system of the world will indifferent people. Why the people do not support us? Djalal said. As long as you have money and have power and you can give , the people want you , but when you lose your properties and power even if it is for God and humanities , the people leave you. Even your best friends and family. My sister was so loving with me, she wrote always lovely letters for me and asked me to come to the USA , even if illegal and should send my properties to her, and she will make a nice future for me. As I had difficulties with the Iranian government as my mother was Bahai and I was teacher in Christian school. I came like you here, without nothing, I start to work here and after 5 years that I had a good job and good income, I called my family to join me.

My wife always wrote that my son who was 15 years old make the life hell for her and her parent. He was very upset about situation and made her mother a lot of blames, the poor mother could not give answer to him and he make the life hell for her. She wrote a lot of letters to me and asked for help, I gave the whole capital of mine to my loving sister whose husband now did not want my any more. My wife called and said that she cannot control the son any more and his condition is dangerous. I said should I come back to Iran? She said no , you should stay there and tray. Our children cannot go to universities here. So I stayed and worked and tried to bring them here. She wrote in each letter and in each telephone conversation that my son make the life hell for them. I wrote many letters to the Bahai organizations and asked them to solve my problems with my brother-in-law in a fair way and with the love and unity. Nothing happened.

I prepared my family paperwork and after a lot of try they get a permission to go to Dubai and get the visa and come here. Djalal said ,I said to my wife sell everything and rent the house and come here. She did not sell everything and did not rent the house and come here. From the beginning she said that she does not love here and me and was not happy. The son wanted a rich powerful father that can pay him a lot of money to buy everything that he liked. One year the wife and son blamed everything on me and were unfriendly and not nice to me. They blamed why he has not enough money and why he cannot pay their costs as he did in Iran. Here is a different system. Everybody should work here. A man or husband cannot pay the whole costs of his family. The business people have another system here. They want that everybody work. In Iran they do not create so much work and the worker in not professional job are not paid good like in the USA. I asked again the spiritual assembly to help me and explain the situation for my wife and son. But they did not do that. That here is a different system. Djalal has no other choice and he cannot make the same salary as in Iran. He had no other way. They were tired of Djalal difficulties and were indifferent.

The people see in Djalal in physical worker that should work 20 hours per days with the minimum salary and give this money to the wife and child to buy the luxuries that they wanted. Before the family came Djalal was a full time university teacher, but now he was only a part time teacher and the family were upset about this, too. But what can Djalal do? If Djalal was indifferent with the sister and did not let her to come to the USA for study , she would not make so much problem for him. If Djalal did not bring your family here they could not make so much problems for him. If I did not help my Moslem friend in Iran , he could not make so much problems for me, too. What is the result? We should be indifferent with each other life and do not care about each other. That is exactly what the business people want. They separate the people by color, nationalities, races, religionsÖ and train them to be against each other. They force them to believe what they are saying is right and the other people are wrong. They teach them to hate the others.

Do not respect each other and do not trust each other and be indifferent even with your own family. If you do not listen to them , they take your position, work and even degrees and send you to other country to start the life from zero point again. The punishment that they prepare is very hard. They want that we give up. And if think deeper, I see what they are doing. They train the people be indifferent. Nobody should trustÖ so they can control the people much easier.

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