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Conference call
Tony, Mohammad and George

By Arash Z
September 12, 2002
The Iranian

Tony: George, I want you to talk with Mohammad, we need to make sure they stay neutral.

George: I don't mind that, but he better not start preaching me about civilization stuff.

Tony: Come on George, he's one of our own, let him say whatever he wants to say, just listen to his BS for a few minutes..

George: I don't have time for that Tony..

Tony: George .... half an hour of BS is better than years of headache.

George: OK, but...

Tony: OK then... I'm going to have my secretary put him on...

Few minutes later

Tony: Mohammad Jaan salam, this is Tony, how are you?

Mohammad: Shokre Khoda, I'm good. As you know these bastards are giving me a hard time and...

Tony: I know sweetheart, I know... In fact I have George on the other line to see if we could have a phone conference about that...

Mohammad: George? THE Sheytan Bozorg?

Tony: Dagheeghan azizam, exactly...

Mohammad: Tony e aziz, you didn't tell anyone about this? Did you?

Tony: No azizam, I know those bloody bastards better than you!

Mohammad: If anyone find out about this? You know they will take me to court and shallaagh!

Tony: I know sweetheart, I know. You have back problems and you can't handle shallaagh... OK then, let me put George on...

Mohammad: But Tony, I'm nervous. Are you sure George is in a good mood?

Tony: Yes, azizam, George loves you.

Mohammad: I thought George likes Ali K or that guy... Reza Shah better than me.

Tony: No Aziz, George is for democracy. He loves you better than anyone.

Mohammad: But if he likes me, why does he talk like he hates me all the time?

Tony: Mohammad jaaaaan, George likes you sweetheart. But he has to tell his people exactly what you are telling your people. I'm sure he loves you.

Mohammad: But Tony, why doesn't he like my civilization stuff?

George: Toooony... helllooooooooo... bullshitting...

Mohammad: What is bullshitting Tony?

Tony: Bullshitting means civilization stuff.

Mohammad: OK then... Salam George aziz...

Tony: Can we talk about Saddam Hossien now?

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