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Army of the sky
My dream is to build an army to change Iran and to then create a true world government

By Youseh
January 26, 2003
The Iranian

salom dear iranian friend,

i often visit to read what many iranians think about the world in which we live. i am writing to tell you something, and in order to tell you about myself i need to trust you. but because of this modern world, trust is a rare gift, and i am fully aware that i may not be able to trust you. but my love for iran is too great to fear anyone, and if you decide not to help me, i will still carry on with my plans. i write to you to ask for your trust. all we have in this world is trust.

i am a 20 year old boy living in europe. (i can not tell you too much for my safety!) my father left iran at the time of 1979 revolution. i was born in 1982. my father married my english mother. i had a lot of problems in my childhood because my parents divorced, and i was upset all my childhood. i had a nervous breakdown and i was depressed for many years.

but in the last year i have started to change, my mind is changing very much and i am no longer upset about my family. but i still did not know what my life was for? one day i was in the shower and i got angry with god, i shouted at god to tell me why everything is going wrong in my life. i became very angry with god, but then i cried and i begged god to help me, i told god that i would do anything, i just wanted to know what i am meant to do. i did not hear any voice and i did not have any vision of god.

then a few weeks after i met one man from iran who was a sufi, i did not know much about sufism, i thought that he was just part of another fanatic cult. when we were in the car i would tell him what i thought about god and life. he said that he was a sufi and that he must find the truth.

the next day i found a book on sufism at the library and i told him, he smiled and told me to bring the book the next time i see him. the following week i went with the book to see him, but i could not find him. he had disappeared i was upset because i wanted to ask him about some things i had learnt in the book.

i spent the rest of my time reading more books and learning everything i can about sufism my friends say that i am becoming crazy, and i am thinking too much about life. but i know that they do not understand. and gradually i have become to believe that i must help iran. and not just iran but the world.

i believe that god will help me along the way and that my destiny is to help iran.

i told my father of my plans to create an army (artesh-e asemun) to change iran and then the world, he became crazy and said that i would seem like a fool if i told anyone of my plans. he told me that i could never change iran and that i was wasting my time. but i know that my family underestimate my wisdom because when they look at me they see their son, and they are scared of me going into politics but i know that i will have to sacrifice my relationships in order to achieve my dream.

my dream is to build an army to change iran and to then create a true world government that will keep each nations peace and not let any nation go to war.

i am not scared to die and i would try to build an army now and go and fight now, but if i die i will not achieve anything for iranian people, and so i must slowly build strength and then fight when i am ready. i do not care about myself, i only live for iran. everything i do i do for iran.

i will become leader of iran, and then we will show the world our true hearts. we will say to our enemies, that they may no longer try to change iranians, for we wish to choose our own destiny.

we iranians have a force in our hearts. it makes us want to live in peace and happiness. our force gives us an energy that shows with our music, our poems our culture. we do not wish to fight war with any other nation, but when our peace is disturbed, when our freedom is threatened, our energy turns to fire, and we become strong and show great courage in battle. our enemies know of us and they fear our strength. they do not wish for the iranian people to have a stable nation, for they know that we iranians were once great, and that we can be even greater.

the american government likes the mullah regime, because the iranian people can not concentrate on their talents to build the country strong. instead the iranian people are forced to struggle in a land of dirty politics with no help from outside.

i have been preparing my speeches so that when i am ready i can address the iranian people, and then the world. maybe you could publish my articles on your site, because i would need all the help i can get, until i get my own site ready.

do not worry about iran, be positive, i already have followers, but they will not fight until i have power. once i have gained more strength i will address the world.

and please do not tell anyone of this email, i am not scared to die, but what you do to me, you do to iran.

i tell you now, please do not trust anyone about iran. be strong and work hard for your family. if you really care about iran, then wait until i become public, and i will then tell iranians what we must do. you will know who i am because i have the presence of god.

we must help spread each others wings so that we may fly together...



artesh-e asemun / army of the sky

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