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By Ashpaz Baashi
June 13, 2001
The Iranian

Ari writes: Hi! I would like to get some of your Persian food recipes. I really love your food, but I don't know anybody that could help me at this time, so I'm trying this other way to see what I can get.

Well, that's a tall order! Perhaps you could narrow down your appreciation to a more specific request? A quick search on the web turns up 7,210 links for "Persian food recipes." Here are a few to get you started:

-- //
-- //
-- // (includes a section on Gilaki recipes in Farsi only; other recipes are in English)
-- //

If you don't have access to a middle eastern store for special food items, try // to shop online. They have recipes too, and even a recipe contest.

If you're really serious, for the price of a restaurant meal you could invest in one of the cookbooks featured in the right-hand column of the food section here. It's well worth it; the gorgeous photos themselves are good enough to eat. Just follow the links to buy the books online, and do your bit to support some poor dot-commer who will be starving tomorrow.

Or you can check in here and sooner or later (when I stop working, cooking, partying, sulking, or dieting for long enough to write something) you might find something really unusual.


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