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Sheikh Mosleheddin Zoshki-ye Khorassani is the pen-name of the poet many of whose poems, mostly political and about the current events, were broadcast in the Persian Service's nightly satirical program, Majelleh-ye Shafahi (The Oral Magazine). >>> Third page

Injaa landan ast
BBC Persian Service 60 years on
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By Hossein Shahidi
September 24, 2001
The Iranian


Hossein Shahidi has worked in the BBC's Persian and Arabic Services, and its News and Training departments. In October, he will join Oxford University to continue his research into professional journalism in Iran. This paper was presented at the "Middle East in London" conference at the University of London, June 2001. A detailed account of the creation of the BBC Persian Service can be found in the author's paper, "The BBC Persian Service, 1940-1953, and the Nationalisation of Iranian Oil", in the June 2001 edition of the Journal of Iranian Research and Analysis.

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BBC Persian Service

Diverse ownership, diverse media
You own it, you control it
By Majid Tehranian


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