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One of the oldest voices
Audio: Atabak Azam

From Tourang Birangi
June 20, 2002
The Iranian

As a follow up to the recorded speech of Mozzafar-el-din-Shah Ghajar, I am sending you the voice of Atabak Azam, his prime minister. These two recordings must be the oldest voice recordings in the history of our country.

If anyone out there is in possession of any valuable sounds or voices, it would be nice to hear them. >>> Listen here

About Atabak
Qajar Nobles and Notables:

Mirza Ali Asghar Khan, Amin-e Soltan, Atabak-e Azam, Mohammad Ali Shah's Prime Minister. One of the most seasoned politicians of his period, he was an ally of the Russians in their struggle to dominate Persian politics. He was recalled from exile by Mohammad Ali Shah and asked to be his prime minister.

Previous to this post he held the post of prime-minister under Nasser-ed-Din Shah and Mozaffar-ed-Din Shah, Mohammad Ali Shah's father and grand-father.

A staunch monarchist, opposed to certain factions of the constitutionalists, and especially opposed to British influence in Persia, he was assassinated on August 31, 1907, by a man by the name of Abbas Aqa of Tabriz, a "fidai" or religious warrior from Tabriz.

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Tourang Birangi

From Tourang Birangi

Precious sounds
Voice of Mozzafar-el-Din Shah



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