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A poem by Shadi Ziaei
Pleasant Hill, California
July 1996
The Iranian

red meat
flesh upon a plate
as raw as Bukowski's naked writings
as raw as poetry at 5 a.m.
cold, shallow, yet full
my hands raw, my head raw, my heart raw
that's how i like it
to shoot - aim straight
and sometimes fail
to not have mercy
to not live for the pain - to stumble
to risk and win
to risk and not win
to suffocate
to listen to the next door neighbor's dog bark
the upstairs neighbor's cat moan
to hear a baby cry - loud
to touch the phone, dial a number and hang up
to set your alarm clock for 8 and sleep till 10
to eat strawberries with champagne in winter
to read cheesy magazines with articles about
love and perfect marriage partners
to let your clothes pile up to the roof
to wipe mud from your shoes
to listen to lyrics without music
to wake up with cramps in your stomach
to wear fake silk underwear and crawl on cotton sheets
to wear lots of make-up
to wear no make-up at all
to show that you can love and hate at the same time
or love and love
or hate and hate
to receive a dozen of red roses from a married man
to sing in the rain with no umbrella
to eat greasy food at diners
to drive aimlessly around your perfectly small town
to not have a favorite color or song or writer
to act like a clown
to lead a blind person to the bus
to ride a train in the snow
to take a shower with your favorite soap
to cut your hair all short
to fall in love often
to be beautiful and evil
to be undressed to the bone
to read
to write
to weep
yes, that's how i like it

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