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Washed over Roman ruins

Firdowsi bought me a three-dollar chop choy from the bargin menu

January 14, 2003
The Iranian

Black dressing gown, billowing white clouds Firdowsi entered Altea shot out of a cannon reflected in a Spanish mirror a cigarette pocket in his evening jacket landing on the roof shooting at flamingos.

Quinne was the answer, high fever he lay under the cinchona tree and ate theleaves banging a few more naails into the nude laap-dancing on his vintage jeans on the Costa Blanca.

Eau Imperial, Humpfrey Bogart in Casablanca shit on La Cienagagolden bees of Isabella covered the dome of NUESTRA SENORA DEL CONSUELO with honey crosses and faded peppermint moslems.

The chardonnay reminiscent of upstairs behind the geraniums joy squandered picked up my purse off the bar male bondage with notes of apricot.

Abol Ghassem had beem molding away in a cotton cloth in Tus losing his marbles.When he arrived in Altea we celebrated with a small flag of our own design, pale yellow with white penis and curly black hair with a glass of Manzanilla de Sanlucar.

In a dirty Chinese restaurant with white plastic chairs wearing pearls, no fireworks to begin my nuptiaals, sweaty underarms, Firdowsi bought me a three-dollar chop choy from the bargin menu of fu yung hai half wine and coffee or ice-cream. I'll just have water please.

Rain on the mediterranean as the sea washed over Roman ruins. Screaming sea gulls circiled Alteaa, unfolding a blushing sunset.A quick pee in a blink by the poet of the Shahnameh in the PLAZA LA MAR surrounded by the perfume of orange-blossoms. What a beautiful star.

He said let's go to Alteaa and do something sordid.I thought rice with lamb leg apricot and almond.GULA GULA was in front of the seaaa the last of the old acid dealers with pink bougainvillaaaa all over the sky autumn in JARDIN DE SAN JERONIMO.

I thought he meant oral sex in PLACA DE L'ESGLESIA.Innocent really.An only child, rather isolated.As a boy he wanted to be Fred Astair a lump of hash on a silver-topped cane with Bo Diddley writing the Shahnameh.

After he left his wife he had a lateadolescence in the gray SIERRA BERNIA mountins ingesting endless waterpipe bowls of Congolese bush stuffed with Irish mashed potato, lemon, parsley and thyme. An adulterer by the river ALGAR with Greek tendencies to despach rear attacks. I placed a flower in his butt.

Ill, sunken -eyedin a Noel Coward dressing gown Firdowsi slid down CALLE SAN MIGUEL white washed walls with an Arab drinking a half-bottle of Mouton Rothchild '53 sinking into the sea at PLAYA CAP BLANC with the red lobsters.He died vomiting blood and in violent convultions stuttering: "Altea shit. I'm still only in Altea."

Altea - %·$(/&" -Espana

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