It hurts
But I hope he pops it in his mouth for Norooz

March 29, 2003
The Iranian

Saddled-up Khayyam's acid-burn bum was dull yellow bugging me bad. A Persian outrider dog eat dog Norooz 2003 under the Spanish moon scented almond trees.

The shadows were cut deep on a weired street leading to the town center. It was at last count filled with a paper plastered pink dog sitting next to a blue ghost with a ten-foot wide smile wearing a pair of blacl rimmed glasses. Next to it is a psychedelic collection of Alladin on a magic carpet up with a 21,000lb bomb sent from Florida called MOAB, an acronym for massive ordinance air blast Mother Bombfor the Spanish celebration FALLA. NO WAR. It will all be burned at 12 midnight.

A primal trance going back to the Moores reel-to-reel a love of cannon bombs in each street in turn to flip everyones lid or clear out the garbage falling from the balcony. Drums beating at the gates of Kandahar.

Our hotel Porto Calpe faced the f*****g beach where we had an authentic motivation to turn out the lights on the news so we could celebrate Norooz.

Khayyam when time was running out brought some old candles, a bowl of green sabzi in front of a mirror, sombol, seeb, serkeh, samanu to turn the clock back to eggs in shrimp in the sea stuck to oysters on Khayyam's back a rose touching me.

Like it or not I put on my Morrocan gold and apricot robe embroidered with roses, opium incense, tired, tired, no one knows, a lush sea just barely blue in black pepper and salt. Ostentatiously long lines of white powder laid out on the Norooz mirror for Aziz at the end of the line in Nishapur.

A door mat, I begged Khayyam to take me back. Daring to put on my silver butterfy earrings and sing a few old tunes. Passing fondly over the magic mushrooms.

On Gabrial-Miro Khayyam is driving the bus over the yellow double line with the steam off his urine. He refused the pink rose petals I wanted to pay for my fare in little Calpe. He is now a Spaniard, dark and magical looking toadstool.

Silver rings and blue nail polish and a pink nipple comes through my blouse.

It hurts but I hope he pops it in his mouth for Norooz.

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