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    The luminous horizon
    Ahmad Shamlu's Ofogh-e Roshan (for Kamyar Shapur)

June 22, 1999
The Iranian

one day we will find our doves again
and kindness will hold beauty's hand.


one day when the slightest hymn
is a kiss
and each man
is a brother
to each man

one day when they won't close the doors
are myths
and the heart
suffices for living

one day when the meaning of each sound
is to love
lest on your last word, you seek a sound

one day when the rhythm of each word is life
lest I suffer the scouring of a rhyme for my poem

one day when each lip is a melody
so that
the slightest hymn shall be a kiss

one day when you come back forever come back
and kindness becomes beauty

one day when we will cast seeds for our doves...


I will await that day
even on the day
when I
no longer

Ahmad Shamlu, 1955

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