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December 18, 2000

The chimp might not agree

I was highly amused by your satirical depiction juxtaposing George W. Bush and a chimpanzee. It was creative and quite funny, albeit the chimpanzee might not agree.

I'd also like to state my disappointment with Mr. Mehryar Tabib, based on his condemnation of the aforementioned satirical analogy. As an Iranian presently living abroad most of the time, I have utmost contempt for Mehryar Tabib. His disposition as henchman for a wicked foreign political figure (in this case George Bush) is appalling.

But what I find truly abhorrent is Mr. Tabib's referencing of our Iranian cultural heritage and traditional values, which he is impudently using as mere pretext for his despicable utterance.

I have been neither a proponent nor an opponent of any presidential candidate in the United States. But I do remember July 1988, when George Bush (the father) embarked on a malicious international misinformation campaign to justify the downing of our Iran Air A-300 with 290 innocent passengers on board.

What ill will does George Bush (the son) have toward our nation? Well, we have at least four years to find out!

Farshad Zarrabian


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