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March 21, 2000

Two and two

By Banafsheh Zand

Mr. Clinton's illustrious career as president comes to an end in 10 months. He's intent on leaving his legacy for his postulated replacement, the man with the beige soul, Al Gore. In the home stretch, this administration is making a limp friendly gesture by lifting certain non-descript sanctions placed on Iran during the hostage crisis.

In her speech to the American-Iranian Council in Washington D.C. on Friday, Secretary of State Madeleine Albright announced that: "Oil was not on the list of products Iran is being allowed to export to the United States." It was only on Wednesday when the news about the escalating oil prices hit the air waves. And it wasn't that long ago when we heard about Iran's private deal with France - $5 per barrel of oil! I don't think it takes a brain surgeon to put two and two together here.

I'm a registered Democrat. I voted for these people and even I'm disgusted by their undignified and transparent maneuvers at "good will." The sad fact is that in 21 years neither Iranians nor Americans have learned ANYTHING. The cavalier American still figures it can bamboozle anyone and the Napoleon-complexed Iranian still begrudgingly placates. If Americans don't stop hustling the world, and Iranians don't realize that they shouldn't be selling themselves short, we'll be back at square one in no time.

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