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May 8, 2000

There IS purity left in this world

In regards to the insulting insinuations once again by another egomaniacal, know-it-all muddled-woman, Ms. Shahmanesh has simply tried to see into my conscience or inner-core of values to sooth her own bitterness about her faulty actions or animosities.

It always surprises me to see that the ones who seem to reveal in others what they conceil within themselves, are the very first to believe in generalizations of entire groups of persons. These same rigid-personalities like Mr.Adlparvar has demonstrated in exposing Ms.Zarinkalk's true motives are only two clear demonstrations of why more and more men such as myself are fleeing from the likes of these intollerant and immoral women.

Is the sole purpose in anyone looking for a certain type of mate based on one criteria? For instance, the issue of chastity? Certainly not. But it is a starting point ["Real Iranian girls?"]. It is also the projecting of Ms. Shahmanesh's self-loathing psyche,which makes evident in her statement,"...he needs to believe there is some purity that is left in the world" which leaves me to believe how truly innocent and righteous are even the worst-girls in Iran compared to the likes of her and her comrades-in-degredation and corruption.

This is a reminder to all of us to take heed of the type of sick and perverted mindset that can develop and destroy marriages and which can find no purity in the world. This is depth of moral decay when a young woman cannot see any purity in anthing or anywhere in the entire world! May God bless our grandfather's generation of men who knew right from wrong and up from down!

Cyrus Raafat


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