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Sehaty Foreign Exchange


February 14, 2001


Merci, Setareh Sabety, for mining the essence of the revolution, and holding it up for all of us to admire its brilliance ["Inspiring revolution"]. It has been buried for so long beneath resentment and anger and frustration- all justified. But when has revolution ever yielded instant, perfect results? Which philosopher was it who extolled the easy virtues of revolution? Of self-actualization, even? ["Happy anniversary"]

By all Western accounts, we could have had it all- but for a price: a genuine national identity, autonomy, dignity ["Memory lane"]. I am fascinated by my people's refusal to be geopolitical pawns. I am proud of their strength and resilience. The Shah undermined that strength. Khomeini and the clerical regime, in all their perversity, have made Iran a force with which to be reckoned- not toyed. This is deeply perplexing, but in discovering myself, I have come to appreciate Iran and its complex, confounding past. For, its driving force, its most intrinsic quality echoes in me: paradox.

S. Shirazi


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