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February 16, 2001

Monarchist fascists

It is obvious that Mr. Miniri ["Shah's mistake..."] has not grasped the essence of my article ["Thy father's sins"]. Like all supporters of the monarchy, or at least a good part of them, concepts such as democracy and dialogue, even they have lived in Western democracies, is strange to them. Yet they claim to want a democratic system in Iran.

No one (including us rebels!) claims there were no grave mistakes made during the revolution. We were young and idealistic and saw the changes, and at least thought that positive changes would bring Iran into the world of democracies.

If our political leaders lacked vision and the clergy were clever enough to steal this revolution, it does not make the people's aspirations and demands for more freedom any less justifiable.

I do not, for one minute, hestitate to say that today what Iran faces is a disaster compared to the Pahlavi era. However, one should always look at the roots of the problem before making simple judgements.

As for your statement that the Shah's only mistake was not to get rid of more "rebels", this shows the true face of some supporters of the monarchy whose dictionary definition is Fascists. In a future free Iran, there is no place for you with such mentality.

I think Iranians after 50 years of the Pahlavi dictatorship and twenty two years of theocracy have had enough of violence and killings in any form or shape. In a free and democratic Iran, people must convey their thoughts from the far left to the right with complete freedom and should not fear punishment.

Your kind of mentatlity does not belong in that Iran which hopefully all Iranians will want to build.

Fariba Amini


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