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February 20, 2001

Will not look the other way

Ms. Fariba Amini indicated ["Monarchist fascists"] that I have not grasped the essence of her article ["Thy father's sins"]. Nonsense. She and many others are simply obsessed, otherwise they would have committed their resources to other massive problems such as chemical warfare causalities, teenage foot soldiers used for mine clearing during the war, refugees across the globe and many other grave problems facing our country.

Revolution, as it turned out, was a massive criminal act and a treason against the Iranian nation. This catastrophe was committed by the former revolutionaries and their blind supporters. I will not look the other way for the sake of dialogue. As far as I am concerned, until this fact is acknowledged, there is nothing to talk about.

Ms. Amini is also very naive if she believes Western democracies would tolerate the kind of behavior exhibited by the revolutionaries 22 years ago. If you don't believe me try it and I will visit you in jail.

Fariba Amini indicates that revolutionaries were young and idealistic and envisioned the coming changes. My dear, this was not a teenage prank that we can forget or forgive with a slap on the wrist. One million Iranians died. Millions of Iranian left their homeland, possibly for good. Iranian women lost most of their gains. Should I continue with this genocidal list? Are you willing to forget your fallen countrymen?

You should also start believing that the clergy did not steal your revolution. She never had a chance. Khomeni and Imam Musa Sadr had thier Islamic Repblic doctrine for many years and simply used the "leftist forces". Leftist Iranian never saw it coming.

This "monarchist fascist" believes that a real pro-democratic movement requires extraordinary leadership based on fundamental sovereignty of our culture, Iranian family values and commitment to prosperity and growth of our people. I don't see that leadership outside Iran right now. I also acknowledge that I don't have sufficient information to evaluate the pro-democratic leadership inside Iran.

Fariba Amini should also know that I am skeptical of any movement which will not address our unique cultural values and will blindly again promote solely Western-style democratic systems.

Finally, I will not compromise on my principles and unlike other friends or foes, I will not forget nor betray the memory of my fallen countrymen. I believe the murderers of every one of our countrymen must be brought to justice and only then can we be a nation ruled by her people.

Khosrow Moniri


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