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February 26, 2001

Made fools of most Iranians

In response to "Paradox", in a way I admire Khomeni too. He made fools of most of the Iranian population by making empty, unrealistic promises, that not even a child would believe.

Let's see, he made Iran become the laughing stock of the entire international community, made you all look like idiots, and is still praised by some of the uneduacated fools who followed him, and his revolution led to the demise of Iran into a third-world country.

And to think all this was done by only one man, he's probably still laughing in his grave right now about he did all this.

The revolution was not honorable, nor were the people supporting it. I'll cut you some slack: those of you who grew up and realized what a crock the revolution was, and how it ruined Iran (by saying this I am in no way supporting the Shah) are okay people make mistakes. Those of you who still support it really need to grow up, and maybe take up a hobby to fill up your day.

I know a whole ton of you revolution supporters are now going to send me hate emails. I don't mind it. Just try to keep them relevant, and no bad language please.

Maral S.


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