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June 15, 2001

* Let her rest in peace

I just read Omid Ashraf's "It's embarrassing, really" and can not believe how callous and harsh his words are. Mr. Ashraf calls Leila Pahlavi rich and spoiled. She had no right to feel depressed or unhappy because her family is rich and she was staying at a $6,000 a week hotel. Mr. Ashraf stated, "Leila, with everything, felt as though she had nothing".

Does money mean everything, Mr. Ashraf? You don't know what went on in her mind or her heart. Perhaps her feelings of isolation could not be solved by any monetary amount. It is almost as if you are contradicting yourself. On one side, you are criticizing a women who has past on for being so spoiled to have killed herself, then you attack her mother for wanting people to donate to charity, rather than send flowers. Which is it? Do you want emotions or money?

The Pahlavis don't need the flowers. Leila won't see them. What Farah suggested was very compassionate. People could help a children's organization instead of sending a perishable item that has no use anyway.

Also, how do you know Leila Pahlavi's family abandoned her? What do you know about the events in her life? As you said yourself, Mr. Ashraf, "Liela is no more an innocent than our other Princess from San Diego". She was human. Like the rest of us, she had joys, sorrows, and weaknesses. Unfortunately, the weakness overcame her.

It is a shame that some will not let the passing of a human be in peace. Instead they create such a sordid picture by involving never-ending political issues and derogatory remarks. Mr. Ashraf, if your problem is with the Pahlavis in general, leave that for another article. Give respect to the deceased.


* Shielding my ears

Have you noticed that Iran is the new Evil Empire. CNN is constantly refering to the threat of Iranian nuclear warheads aimed at the United States, and whenever Bush wants to talk about why we need the defense shield he talks about protecting America from rogue states like Iran.

I am starting to feel the same way that I felt when Ted Koppel had his nightly show called America held hostage. Why do the Republicans want to make an evil state out of a little country, trying hard to create a democratic state and push off a reign of religious tyranny?

The only thing that needs a defense shield is my ears, defense from the sensationalist reporting of CNN, and the fear mongering language of the Bush administration.

My friends, remember that our numbers are growing, and there is only one way to make our voices heard. We must vote, and contribute to political campaigns and work in politics, and run for office. This last election proved the power of the vote. Look what we got.


* No gray area

Sorry but I think you are wasting your precious time promoting Nooneh ["Yes & no"]. Are you in love with her? There are so many other things that Iranians need to learn and be exposed to -- like the mess country they are in, it would be better if your "cause" would be to help Iranians with their needs which are so many.

It is really demeaning, this part of your magazine. Once in a while jokes, and once in a while an article okay, but a regular and giving her so much attention and getting yourself so much negative attention from it is not good. Seems like this is part of your mission, change your mission to bring in more money for the magazine.

Your work is 99% great, this 1% which is holding you back should be dropped. You´ve got to hear an objective point of view. If you really want this magazine and want to succeed at it, you can´t just say the hell with everyone, I will do whatever I want, you will loose on ads (money). don´t you have any desire for money, how ´bout for someone else´s sake like your daughter? Do you want her just to be a starving artist like you?

Your chat session didn´t convince me or your friend. When something is wrong, there is no gray, only black and white. Right or Wrong.

A. Parisi

* Tahereh

Setareh Sabety ["Women feeling more like exiles"] wrote:

"Maybe this feeling is more prevalent amongst women because we have to physically transform ourselves every time we walk out that airplane. That is a very tangible reminder that our government does not want us the way we really are. In this way we are all exiles and can only visit as not ourselves but as a masked version of who we are. So our return in disguise is not a real return but a compromise -- much like watching a peep show is not the same as having sex but only a substitute!"

Your point about liberty and liberty of women in Iran has got a long history. Perhaps Qurrat al-Ain was a good example historically as the first woman who stood firmly for women rights not just in Iran but also all countries.

Qurrat al-Ain ( who is also known as Tahereh ) was a brave woman who stood up for human rights, equality of men and women and her own strong belief against the oppression and radicalism in Iran.

To describe her life briefly: In 1852 a young Persian poetess was strangled with her own veil by the religious authorities of Tehran. Tahereh heralded a new age of equality for women in an otherwise male dominated society. Thousands of her followers, from Baghdad to Constantinople, began to remove their veils and started the suffrage movement, pre-emptying the woman's liberation movement in America by several years.

Fereidoun Abbasi

* Battle of words

Wow!! Is this woman bitter or what? ["Poisonous"] I wonder who has the poisonous intention in this battle of words. The wit belongs to Golestan ["If truth be mud"], and the vindictive, hurt little girl act goes to Issa. I'll keep reading for more...

N. Taleghani MD/PhD
Stanford University Hospital

* Father: Reza Nemati

I am trying to find my father. I have never seen him.

His name is REZA NEMETI. He was in the Iranian navy and came to England around 1970 and left on board the ZAAL. If you know him or can help me find him email me.

Thank you,


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