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June 25, 2001

* We ourselves are desperate

Dear Mr. Makhmalbaf, ["Limbs of no body"]

I saw a translation of your article in The Iranian, I read it in Hayat-e No, I read the letter you sent to Khatami and I also saw your name along with two whole pages of writing for 20 consecutive days in Nowrooz and thought: shomaa kheili az mahaleh parteen.

I have been reading newspapers printed inside this country for a while now and I can say that without a doubt, not one has ever dedicated that much space to all the horrors that are taking place right inside our own country. Yes, people are dying by the minute a few miles (even less) outside the borders of Iran.

Yes, we Iranians have always been known as "hospitable" people and unless we support the Afghans and give tremendous help, we would not have the right to use that word for our countrymen any longer. Yes, by ignoring them we are only acting like cold-blooded monsters.

But while you are busy writing, lecturing and shouting about things which are taking place in Afghanistan, I hear about people dying of hunger, of cold and of pure brutality right here in Iran... No, you do not have to drive for three hours and see it outside of Tehran. It is here, right in your own city but you couldn't care less, could you? >>> FULL TEXT

Najmeh Fakhraie

* Evidence

Dear Sir,

A Mr Babak Babaei has accused me of exaggeration and requested evidence for Makhmalbaf ["Limbs of no body"] being a fundamentalist Islamist. Here are my evidence: (1) for films on the subject (Islamic fundamentalism) by Mohsen Makhmalbaf I refer you to Iranian Film Archive in Tehran, and once you get there ask for films made by Mohssen Makhmalbaf prior to Dastfourush and BycicleRun. And if you have difficulty having access to Iranian Film Archive in that case I suggest you seek advise of Iranian filmbuffs who are knowledgeable about history of Iranian cinema after the Islamic Revolution. They will bear witness to the fact that M.M. used to be a fanatic Muslim man and demanded that all Iranians must be like him, i.e a fanatic Muslim >>> FULL TEXT

Rana Bahar

* Way to help

Since the tragedy in Afghanistan, I have thought hard to find a way to help. ["Hell on earth"]

Last year, when I was visiting home, I saw some Afghan refugees. They were desperately crying for help. When they found out I am from the U.S., they expected miracles. They urged me, to be their voice in the U.S.

I have visited my district's member in the House of Representatives and requested assistance to Afghanistan and Afghan refugees. I think we all could do that, since one voice is not enough. I have managed, so far, to have four conferences about Afghanistan where I work (American University Law School) and I have tried, with some success, to raise people's consciousness about Afghanistan.

No, I am not saying I have done my share. I am trying to say if we all do as much as we can to raise people's awareness, we could be halfway there to assist those people and maybe then we could sleep a little bit happier.

My Dear Hamvatan,

Could we all put our thoughts together and find a way to help?

Javad Chavoshi
Washington College of Law

* Googoosh site in Spanish

Dear Sir,

I am Nika from Spain. Remember me? ["Spanish Googoosh fan"] I am in the process of setting up a web site in honor of Ms. Googoosh in Spanish language. I have translated her life story and many nice stuff that I could gather from here and there.

I have also included about a hundred kind letters of your readers. And thanks to Ms. Akrami in Los Angeles, I have also included about 20 lyrics in Spanish.

We are giving the final touches to the site. I have also found about 50 rare pics (many of them unpublished). It has ten Foto Galeria. But the problem is that I am short of about 50 to 60 high quality pics to fill all the galerias.

I am asking your readers to scan their nice medium and large photos of Googoosh and send them along with their memories of their diva to my email address. I hope to recieve from you all.

Thanks a lot,

Nika Sancho

* Stop picking at the Pahlavis

I just don't understand why people still keep attacking and deriding the Pahlavis, be it Reza or Leila, when easier targets like Khatami are treated like heroes.

The crown prince has not a committed any crime in his life and he courageously speaks up against the mollas but yet people either criticize him for either not doing enough or blame him for being his father's son.

We all know that if the Pahlavi family has kept a low profile for all of these years (Leila included), it is because of security reasons: the mollas are not afraid to assassinate them just like they did with scores of other expatriated opponents.

Also to his credit, he is utmost progressive in his ideas: full separation of church and state, restoration of all social and religious freedoms, political pluralism,etc... That's more than what the Iranian youth dare to ask for right now and I don't think anyone doubts that he is sincere in dealing with these taboo subjects.

On the other hand Khatami, the so-called reformist, has his reputation sullied by the mere fact that he still reveres Khomeini and the molla state. He goes around talking about more civil and political liberties, but they are so timid that they in effect keep he and the other mollas in charge.

He has the nerve to lecture the world about a dialogue of civilizations when he won't dialogue with his own religious and political minorities and he wants the destruction of Israel. For instance, Bahais would still be off-limits for him and, of course, no one could dare criticize Khomeini or the supreme leader. He is really only a mild form of a molla and what he proposes is so small that it will neither stop the youth from fleeing Iran in disgust and despair, nor make Iran a livable place for those who would like to return.

So stop picking at the Pahlavis, because they are among the few who have spelled out what freedoms the Iranians want, and instead recognize that either Khatami should fully live up to the wishes of the Iranian people, or else resign and dissociate himself from this regime, something he should have done in the first place if he really believes in "dialogues of civilizations".


* Mean to Pahlavis

Dear Ms. Farah Diba, ["Crown of lilies"]

First, and foremost, I must tell you that I was deeply saddened by the news of the passing away of Jenaab-e-Doosheezeh Leila Pahlavi. Although, against my upbringing, I have come to hate you all, the Pahlavis, for what the old man Mohammad Reza Pahalvi did to us.

My dear Madam,

When is enough enough for you to stop all this living in la la land and getting on with your lives? I am truely touched by this, your so-called open letter, to your insecure with no direction in life 31 year old girl. (Am I being mean? God, how good it feel to be mean to a Pahlavi for a change!).

We are not like you. Please accept my sincere condolences. I will pray for her, for she died Dar Ghorbat. Alone, far away from home.

One who was deprived under the Pahlavi Regime,


* If Sa'di was president

I'd like to give my support for the points made by Setareh Sabety in her article "Diana not".

We Iranians have a lot to learn from i the vast ocean of Persian literature. As an example, here are two lines from Sa'di:

"Sporat-e ZibAy-e ZAher Hich Nist
Ey BarAdar Sirat-e ZibA BiyAr
Adami RA Aghl BAyad Dar Badan
Var Na JAn Dar Kalbad DArad HemAr"

If the young generation of Iranians living outside -- as well as inside -- Iran learn and understand the meanings of such poems, then we would have less problems in our lives both as individuals and also as a community. (If Sa'di was alive today, and living in Iran, and he was kind and gracious enough to accept the presidency of Iran, I believe Iran would have a bright future in front of herself!)

The problem, I guess, seems to be that most of us do not pursue SERIOUSLY ENOUGH reading classical Persian literature as well as the Holy Scriptures of different religions, like the Old and the New Testament, The Quran and also the vast ocean of the Baha'i Holy Scriptures.

All these valuable sources of information will indeed inspire all of us to create a better world. I am not sure how far the Iranians living outside Iran are familiar with the Baha'i literature, therefore I put the the address of the Official website of the Baha'i Faith on the internet: //

With kind regards,

Noorbakhsh Monzavi

* I think not

I am writing in regards to Ms Sabety's article, "Diana not". I found her article extremely offensive. How can she sit there and blame a family for their daughter's DEATH? It was in poor taste.

I too, like Princess Leila ,was young at the time of the revolution (age 7). My Father was also a diplomat. I went to boarding school, and I lost the country my parents and grandparents called home. A place I will never really get to know. I am not almost 30 and have adjusted to my new life.

For Ms Sabety to blame her family for what happened to her is disgusting. Eating disorders are prevalent not just in a rich affluent society's. It is not only the rich who don't always spend time with their children. Look at all the children that are abused and neglected in less privileged societies.

A young girl's poor body image is common in all parts of society. It knows no boundaries. To even compare the Princess Leila to Princess Diana is ridicules. She did not kiss AIDS patients or do charity work because she did not have a country to be a princess of! She like all of us was trying to adjust to a normal life.

So, she had more money then the average person, WHO CARES? If Ms Sabety had lots of money would she go around kissing AIDS patients, walk on land mines, or ...? I THINK NOT. And anyway, who is she to talk? She too grew up in the same society of wealth and privilege that she is now criticizing. Where would she be if she had not been fortunate enough to have all doors opened to her?

Can't we just let Leila and her memory rest in Peace?


* Unity around what?

Since Mr. Sheibany ["Intellectualizing your hatred"] is way too smart, I wouldn't even try to intellectualize my "hatred" (whatever that means) and I'll just "spit" it out.

First of all, I never understood what he means by his article ["Boycott or perish"] being only for "the record"? Does he mean that its not up for discussion? Aren't we going to have the same silly discussions down the road again at the next parliamentary elections? Or is the opposition outside going to stop boycotting from now on?

About the whole "unity" rhetoric crap... when, for instance, Reza Pahlavi says "Today Only Unity" what does he really mean? Unity around what? Him?! To accomplish what?! He says:"I can be your president, or I can be your Shah, I'm democratic"! Who do we have to see if we don't want he to be anything?!

Unity?! hmmm... what the hell does it mean?! In American politics the only time I hear a call for unity was at the end of the presidential elections last year, when one of the candidates won the Electoral College and the other the popular vote. And a call for unity at that time basically meant that the Democrats better cut the popular vote/recount crap and unite around the elected-by-law Republican candidate, for the sake of national security.

Now if unity for Iranians means that all you people are going to forget about your Shahs, Shahzadehs, Ganjis and Rajavis and unite around reformists who not only won by law but by popular vote as well, then I'm all for unity!! Let's unite! emrooz faghat etehaad...


* Victims of organized religion AGAIN?

"I do not speak for Bahai faith" writes NN in ["Snowball"], BUT, she adds, " there is a new faith called Bahai faith.It is here to enlighten the world and wake it up from it's slumber and take it out of the slimy swamps that today's Islam has put us in far too long."

I am glad she clarified that. Otherwise an ignorant fool like me would have thought that she was talking on behalf of the Bahais.Thanks again. Well I assume that the progress of USA, Europe, Japan and other advanced countries were also due to the enlightenment of Bahai faith. Or was it? Let us see.

She does not spell out what this enlightenment is, but some one else described what the consequences are to non believers ["Persian prophet"].There we learn that Napoleon III, King Kaiser Wilhelm, Sultan of turkey ,Tzar of Russia, Nasserodin Shah and all others who ignored Bahaullah's message met with an unexpected and tragic end.

Queen Victoria of G.B. ruled for 64 years because she replied to his excellency's letter and saved hereself from the demise. Sounds familiar? Remember baa alle abaa harke dar oftaad baroftaad? What else is new? Who do they think we are after 22 years of religious rule? Idiots? Do they think we can accept another religious propaganda, repeating the same old nonsense and become the victims of organized religion AGAIN? After what mollas and mo'beds have done to this country?

The good thing about giving them the free rope of endless talking is that eventually, these salesmen of religious commodity come out and say the truth about the true nature of their merchandise and hang themselves with.

Dear NN thanks but no thanks. You stick to your own belief and "do not speak for Bahai faith". A lot of people have talked about religions before, and as a result, for centuries we have had all this blood on our hands.

May God bless all of us.


* Much anger

When I read the letter from Nooshin. N titled ["Snowball"], I felt so much anger! As a devoted Muslim, I can not believe she can say these things about Islam!

Nooshin Khanoom,

Lotfan dahaneto beband. Obvioulsy you do not know about Islam! What the Talibans and moillas are doing is not called Islam! I suggest you go and read about things before opening your mouth!


* Her writing makes me ill

I honestly don't know what to say. This is the second letter I have written about "Just Breathe". I know I may sound redundant, but Jesus Christ of Nazareth, this Neda chick sucks.

So many people complain about Nooneh and I haven't seen one person say anything bad about this CRAP by Neda Najibi. Please, please for the love of ghormeh sabzi and all things holy discontinue "Just Breathe"!

The woman who writes this has to be the worst writer I have ever seen "published". I mean honestly, what kind of CRAP FACTORY does this chick have in her head? I don't want to sound mean, but I mean come on. Is anyone else noticing this garbage?

Please if you don't believe me just read the newest installment of CRAPFEST 2001, I mean "Just Breathe". I'm actually frustrated and that can't be healthy. Her writing makes me mentally ill. So don't read it you say. I agree, I've only been to her link twice and I want to commit ritual suicide everytime.

Please reply to me someone and please publish this. I feel helpless to this CRAPSTROCITY.

With an Everlasting Gobstopper,

Damon Dejam

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