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June 5, 2001

* Hoveyda not Bahai

The question of Prime Minister Amir Abbas Hoveyda's religious affiliation pops up from time to time. Hoveyda's father came from a Bahai family. But due to the Bahai principle of non-interference in partisanship and divisive politics, he was excluded from the Bahai community, because of his political activities.

Hoveyda himself was never a Bahai. It is a Bahai belief that one has to independantly believe and accept the religion; it is not automatically passed on and childern from Bahai families have to independantly accept and declare themselves as Bahais. Hoveyda never declared himself to be Bahai, nor was he known to the Bahais as one.

When he became Prime Minister in 1965 some of his political opponents accused him of being a Bahai. In order to disprove this he initiated a package of anti-Bahai laws and measures, including the introduction of special taxes on Bahai property and the dismissal of numerous Bahais from the civil service.

Some may remember civil service employment notices' eligibility column that used to state applicants must belong to one of Zoroastrian, Jewish, Christian or Mulsim religions, therefore excluding the largest of Iran's religious minorities.

Faryar Mansuri

* Don't vote

Molla Khamenei and the mollas in the Guardian Council have set up another show for you ["Cheraa Khatami?"]. Four years ago it was bad guy Molla Nateq Nouri against good guy Molla Khatami. With this trick they managed to pull 30 million votes for their phoney republic. This time they have lined up nine conservatives against Khatami.

The purpose of this show is to drag you to the ballot boxes again, because they need some sort of popular legitimacy in the eyes of the world. But in reality this is not a real republic, this is a theocratic dictatorship (Islamic khalafat) and elections are meaningless.

The elected bodies like the president and the parliament have no power. All the power is in the hand of Vali e Faqih (Khamenei) according to the Islamic republic's reactionary constitution.

So do not vote if you do not believe in Velayat e Faqih. Do not be fooled by the story of good molla-bad molla again. Do not give the Mollas the popular legitimacy they need. Let the world see that majority of Iranians are staying in their homes on June 8th.


* Election propaganda

Many people like to look back on history, glean from it what they can, and apply it to their everyday lives. This is done to avoid repeating past mistakes. Now my question is what is history? How do you avoid not making the same mistake over and over again? Does anyone have an answer for that? ["Cheraa Khatami?"]

My dearest Iranian friends. Please for a moment think. Nothing remains the same and many things from the past don't work in the present. When we try to make the old ways fit in today's culture, the consequence is cultural shock. There are some basic principles that still hold true today and continue to uphold humanity. One is love, which is the essence of life and the basis of most religions. Decisions based on a loving motivation are upheld. Along the way, there are many rules and regulations that man has fostered to uphold humanity.

Do you see things with which you don't agree? Do you do anything about it? Now think about that. If you do nothing, you are part of what keeps that situation intact. You have the power to begin freeing things up. You've just forgotten, because it's been so long since anyone reminded you that things have changed and these are no longer ancient times. Now we're living in a time when we can regain our power. Iran is not the same Iran once you and I lived in. Iran is not the same Iran our fathers once lived. Now, in this virtual world, you all are competing to make your way of thinking right. But, why? What makes you think that your way is the only way?

Gentlemen, "politics makes strange bedfellows." Now as we are approaching another set up elections in Iran, I see all of you are being vociferous. Do you have any clue that this election in Iran is not an election. It is a man-made propaganda to make it look like that Iranians are actually choosing someone or something >>> FULL TEXT


* Spoiled Iranian husband

Yes I agree with breaking the cycle but my opinion as a outsider is we have to stop being a mothers to these men.

I am Spanish and I am married to a Iranian man. He is way to spoiled. I don't understant why Persian mothers make this type of man. I think is very bad . He practically wants a slave: "Do this... do that for me."

He never helps at home. I do all he wants cause I love him, but I have a limit too. In my culturre mothers teach men to do every thing in the house and help with children. Don't get me wrong. I love my husband, but the problem is education in the house from mom.

Please Persian moms: break the cycle. Stop spoiling your sons so much and make an equal world. Stop creating "macho men" and make your children better husbans and humans.

With all my respects,


* Compensation for hostage taking

For the inexcusable taking of innocent American men and women during 1979 Iran should be shunned until they come to grips with the wrong they committed on those hostages. ["Hostage to history"]

Compensation directly from the government of Iran to the hosatages would be a start.


* Had to pay

I can't remember the name of the person who has written a letter about the entrance to the exhibition at the Barbican being free ["Thank you, Ms. Issa"]. He is so self-centred that he has not realised the exhibiton at the Barbican was only a small part of a bigger event called "Unveiled" in which about 20 films from Iran, mostly by Iranian women in the last ten years, were exhibited (Ticket prcie: £10 or there abouts per film).

Plus there was a full-day conference on Iranian cinema and the role of Iranian women film makers in it, in whch women filmmakers from inside Iran, plus Sheerin Neshat from New York, took part as speakers, The fee for this one-day conference alone was £30).

And there was a three-day conference on Iranian poetry in which Iranian poets and writers from inside Iran, Canada, USA, Germany and France took part as speakers (without getting paid for the work they did). The entrance fee for this three-day conference alone was £50 but because not many purchsed advance tickets, it was reduced to £30 at the door >>> FULL TEXT

Rana Bahar

* Inequities in Palestine

Please see the attached. This picture has caused a lot of commotion in my community and I feel that more people should see what is happening to kids the same age as me! ["Crossfire"]

I'm only 13-years-old and I have sort of made it my goal for more people to know about all these inequities in Palestine.

It's so hard for me to see all these problems in Palestine and we can't do anything about it. It's morally wrong what's happening to kids like me and people need to know about it.


Sarah Abedi

* Poop art

I was very intrigued by your article ["Uncovered: Girls poop too"]. I am a girl, and an art student at California Institute of the Arts. I happen to be a scatalogical artist, and the only female one that my teachers can think of.

Within the past ten or twenty years, art with poop has been popping up, yet women have yet to do it. Why I do not know. However, I am fascinated with poop art, not so much to gross people out, but to make people aware of the fact women do poop. It is an issue that needs to be recognized by both men and women.

Often, women are freaked out by using public restrooms fearing men will see them go and find it unatractive. Then, there are women who cause bladder problems choosing to hold it instead of go.

For women, bathrooms are seen as forbidden evil places. Then that leads up to another issue: eating disorders. Eating disorders and bowel movements go hand in hand. Eating makes you poop. Pooping makes you not sexy. This is wrong. It's just wrong in general that women are supposed to act a certain way just to appease men.

Anyways, I try to tackle certain issues with my art work. My big campaign, Rock The Bowl, is a fake organization that tries to make people aware of these issues. I just wanted to commend you for your article in the Feb. 1997 issue of the Iranian on your Girls Poop article.

If you have the time, you can check out my website (which is very primative and in the works!!!)

Yes, a lot of my work is crude and in your face, but I'm a girl, and like a guy, I should be able to talk about it as openly as they do without being looked down upon.


Jenny "No.2" Logacz

* Nothing but a dream

You know when you are SO overwhelmed with an experience that you don't know where to start, well, that is how my mind is feeling right now since

I've been back from "home, Iran" which is exactly 2 days and 3 nights and, mind you, I've been the phone with the loved ones I've left behind every few hours.

See this is the problem with us: our hearts are always in a state of aching for someone we have left behind!

I went back after 23 long shadowy years. I am strugling to find words to describe how I felt when I saw my sister whom had the poor goosfand waiting in front of the door to be sacrifised for me (I did not allow it to happen). Amazing experience.

I stayed there for two months and still I think it was nothing but a dream. Isn't life all about that?

Yana Youhana

* Love for mom

This was a very moving article ["Mommy's boy"]. I am also very close to my mother like most of my female friends, but what is different about this one is that the feelings are coming from a man that loved his mother to this extent. I hope my son grows up and feel the same way about me that this gentleman felt about his mother.

Mary Toutounchi

* Mohammad Asgari

I am looking for my friend in Tehran. His name is Mohammad Asgari. I have not seen him for many years. He used to come to Singapore for business. Dealing with dental equipment. Any help in searching for him will be much appreciated.

Yours sincerely,


* Morad Babaie

I am searching for a friend of mined named Morad Babaie who was stationed in San Antonio Texas at Lackland Air Force Base back in 1973 if anyone knows of this person please contact me at I would really appreciated very much.



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