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March 1, 2001

You animals

Mr. Moniri is very correct and to the point in his response to Ms. Amini ["Thy father's sins"]. It seems that after 22 years, she has not grown and still is the same "young and idealist" person!

There is no denial that Iran in 1978 needed democratic reforms. This was well-understood by Washington and even the Shah himself whom by all accounts was planning for free elections. I do not condemn people's aspiration for freedom and democracy. However, I condemn vociferously the actions which Ms. Amini condones, the burning of stores, banks, cars, and attacking innocent people. This is exactly what happened in Iran in 1978.

Ms.. Amini and her fellow "revolutionaries" were criminals and traitors and I for one do not consider them visionaries and freedom fighters. Dr. Martin Luther King and his followers were freedom fighters. After centuries of virulent oppression by the White majority, slavery, segregation, lynchings and the most awful forms of human persecution, African-Americans changed America with a message of love, peace, equality and rule of law.

If Dr. King's freedom fighters displayed the horrible acts that Ms. Amini's and so-called "revolutionaries" committed in 1978-79, they would have met with sound and confident response from the U.S. and other governments. You don't believe me? Look at past and contemporary history.

In 1860-65, when few U.S. states decided to annul the American Constitution and secede from the Union. Abraham Lincoln, hailed as America's best president, arrested "secessionists" and their sympathizers and abridged civil rights. These men and women were held in shackles for years. Mr. Lincoln decisively fought any notion that violence or disobedience will be tolerated.

One of America's most decorated heroes, General Tecumseh Sherman, whose statue stands heroically in front of the White House, did not just keep the war to the battle fields. In order to break the will of fighting men, he burned all factories, farms and houses in his conquest of the south. Nothing was left standing in Sherman's path. These men saved the Union and maintained the rule of law.

Had the late Shah been as courageous as Mr. Lincoln, patriotic and dutiful men, such as General Rahimi would have saved Iran.

Even in more recent history hooligans were treated swiftly in Western society. Didn't British Troops maintain order in Northern Ireland? Have you heard of Kent State when National Guard shut agitating students? What happened in Watts, Los Angles in 1960's and 1990's? National Guards was called in to break lawlessness. The Chicago Police affectively maintained orders against agitators at the Democratic Convention in 1968. In 1960's, French Army attacked students and put down the rebellion.

My question to Ms. Amini is in what civil society do "revolutionaries" trap innocent people in theaters and set it ablaze? What civil human beings burn down stores, movies theatres, banks, bars and places of worship of religious minorities? What decent human beings murder or cheer the murder of their vanquished and call it "Spring of Freedom?"

Gandhi in his quest for Indian independence, called off all activities when revolutionaries trapped five policemen in a burning building. Yet you "revolutionaries" trapped more than 100 innocent people in Cinema Rex in Abadan and barbequed them. You were not idealist human beings; your behavior is only comparable to criminals in the Attica Prison riot.

You excuse yourself by blaming the Shah for your horrible crimes. I am not here to justify his actions. Oppressing human being is not justifiable. However, nothing is an excuse for what you people did. You are the most uncivil of human beings.

African-Americans- after enduring 200 years of slavery, 100 years of Jim Crow laws, acted with passion, civility and maturely.

You were animalistic. The violence that Iran has been subjected for 22 years was brought about by the violence you people committed in 1977-79. You cheered when members of "ancient regime," Kurds and Baha'is were murdered but you only cried foul when mollas turned against you.

Abe Lincoln said you can fool all the people some of the time, you can fool some people all the time, but you can never fool all the people all the time.

H. M. Jalili


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