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Augsut 2002

July 22:
Part 1, Part II, Part III

* The concept of "shame" is alien to clerics
* Perhaps one day!
* Help the poor folks in Iran
* Do not belittle those who worked to advance Iran
* We don't need a leader, we need a mentality
* Change must be though non-violent means
* Victors of 79 buried history
* What they ignore to tell you
USA-Middle East
* I implore you to take the necessary actions
* Koly khandoondy
* My mom, the Axis of Evil
* Axis of Beauty
* Time to let go of old suspicions
* Unwittingly leading to a Third World War
* Iran in particular danger
* Help them achieve peace
* Iran's support for the Palestinians is entirely moral
* All suffering is human
* Not your friend
* Might help explain
Venus music
* Khaaleh zanak dot com
* Obscene train wreck
* Had to call
* Rolling on the ground
* Zan yaa mard?
* Beautifully disgusting
* Thank you
* So out of place
* Cheshm nakhore!
Music: Roohparvar
* Khaaterehangiz

* Who do they think they are?
* Uplifting and entertaining
* Makes sense to me
* Why? Because of Baha'u'llah
* Baha-ollah was as narrow-minded as Mesbah Yazdi
* Important to remember
* Feeling of inferiority
* They put down Muslims
* Yekrangi va etehade jameie bashari
* White, 50 y/o woman
* Acceptance and openness
* I care less about Bahais
* We really need to get our act together
* It is NOT the fault of the Prophet
* Have you forgotten?
* But what is Bahai'ism?
* Thank you
* Penetrate major government and industry positions
* Farahe aalam
* Bahai Faith is a credit to Iran
* Watch your mouth
* Direct threat to their control of the masses
* No man is better than another
* It has always perplexed me, why this extreme anger?
* Iran had a great culture of tolerance
* It makes me so mad
* They are only interested in helping their own kind
* Move beyond the apathetic
* Ask the question rarely asked
* This kind of fairness ... the world could use
* I was very much hurt, too
* Learned a lot
* Bahai from Belfast
* Blueprint to strangle the Bahai community
* Blatant falsehoods
* How can a persecuted minority feel part of Iranian community?
* Thinking of the heart
* Why don't they care?
* Total world domination
* Religion can evolve into something better
* Just plain silly
* Everyone should be treated the exact way
* Beginning of good dialogue
* 'O son of...
* Bahai books in Arabic
* What's so outrageous
* Where was the tolerance back then?
Civil society
* Like commoners who run the red light
* I say you are naive
* THAT is a long process
* Hope and pray
Cartoon: Pourzand
* AzAdi bayAn khoob hast, ammA...
Language, race, culture
* Diversity makes Iran what it is
* Would never take one Azerbaijan idea too seriously
* I respectfully disagree
* Part of Iran ever since Iran existed
* Stay within Iranian family
* Race is a myth!
* My stance has changed greatly
* FARSI is particularly damaging
* More sense to identify with the Japanese
* If Turkey can, why can't Iran?
Republic & Monarchy
* Audacity on your part
* I think i am for monarchy
* Do not belittle those who worked to advance Iran
* Distinguish between a republic and "this republic"
* High school reporter
Fereydoun Hoveyda
* Valuable quotes
* Storied old boy jet-set learner
* I was in Beirut
* Reply to arrogance is ARROGANCE
* Out of order and rude
* Unity against outsiders
* Ungraceful
* The time, the place
* The more we learn the shorter he becomes
* Beg forgiveness, shut up, die
* Reza Shah one of the greatest leaders
* Princess Fatemeh
First trip out of Iran
* Vividly imagined -- every single frame
* Made my Friday
* Spectacular
Men & women
* Iran lifts veil in schools?
* Having the nerve
* Glorifying American men
* Lower class of men
* Merely more desparate
* Guys, guys, guys!
* ... unless you know him thoroughly
U.S. immigration
* Green Card lottery
* Green Card through my mother
Leila Forouhar
* Leila is sweet and honest
Iranian TV
* Merely feeding escapism
* Moderation
* Are the Iranian channels any good?
* Big difference
* Time, people, change
Writer: Arefi
* Reminded me of Margaret Atwood
* Need for clarity
* Be more selective
* Building schools
* He couldn't have
* Physicians in Maryland
* Iranians in Atlanta
* We need proper education
* Sing Yare Dabestani, sing
* Qesaas
* A lot of memories
* So juicy for my thirsty
* My name is Milani
* Must have been fun
* Why not carry a real Iranian flag
* I would really like to go back
Half-Iranian in UK
* Respect ... and responsibilities
Not Iranian
* Armenian Argentinian
Abjeez advice
* Antidepressants are not narcotic
* Don't hang her for that!
* Insensitive to this very DEPRESSING effect
* "Oghab"
Topol vs Kopol: Diet
* Fat and fragmented psyches
* Not necessarily a square individual
* Watch your mouth
* I wish I could get posters of them
* Concentrate on Iran!
* Too genenral
* AzAdi bayAn khoob hast, ammA...
* An internet cafe in Singapore
* So I can get widely published
* A pleasure
* Thanx a lot for acting normal
* Price & page numbers
* Proud that night event
* Entertaining night
* Hope there's more to come
* Lamentable disgusting hypocracy
* I am criticizing an establishment
* Tell us something new
* It's time to wake up
* You do not do yourself proud
* This shall pass on too
Siamack Baniameri
* I was at that funeral
* That was funny!
* My cousin Jasmin Tabatabai
* With all due respect, give us a break
* Excellent choice
* Gorgeous sights
* I had lots of emails
* One of my favorite actors
* Film magazine
* Naghmeh Khamsi
* Mohamed Ali Kadem Abu Al Hassan
* Elizabeth Grigoorians & Gita Pour Rahimi
* Ahad Kamali
* Roxanna Amiri
* Mehran Abdolsalami
* Waterpolo team
* Trying to find my father
* Acute Lymphoid Leukemia
* Susan Roshan
* Sokhanranie Khomeini
* Shomal: Villa for rent?
* Farsi in Florida
* Hamid Shabkhiz
* James the Cat (Khepel)
* Darvish online
* Film magazine
* Waterpolo team
* Persian performers in LA
* Book on Persian rugs
* Mihan
* Mihan
* Trip down memory lane
My money
* Hard earned money
* My one hundred thousand dollars
* Beefing up your torso
Brain drain
* What does the government of Iran expect
* Why do they pretend people cannot see?
* Stupendous array of convoluted clap-trap
* Your math
* From a book
* I beg to differ
9/11 book
* Making a good deal of money
* The English needs work

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