February 2002

February 26, 2002

* Lashing out at all things Russian
* Russians make basic products
Iran photos
* Breathtaking
* Ordinary people
* Genuine beauty
* An impressive people
Siamack Salari
* Fun and mystery men can hold
* Keep it up mate
Axis of Evil
* They are: EVIL
* What about the people?
* Ask your idiot president
* We appreciate Iranians
* No one in Iran wants a war
Iraj Mirza
* So sorry
* I was looking for it
Mother & daughter
* I have been there
Iran politics
* My beef with monarchists
* Reza deserves a chance
* Let's dream again
* Iran belongs to all Iranians
* Khatami myth has to be exposed
* Lessons of unity? From them?
* Nothing but secular democracy
* Kudos
* Encapsulating democracy in theocracy
* "Mass Mess" of 1979
* No mullah, hard-liner or reformer
* More caution
* Once a gaav, always a gaav
* Standing up
* Pahlavi unifying symbol
* Az talaa gashtan pashimaan gashteheem
* Beyond me
* Sliding into miserable oblivion
Setareh Sabety
* So beautiful
* No time for Iranians?
Sadaf Kiani
* My deep self
* Shipwreck in the distance
* Suspenseful
* We are all unhappy
* Simply the best
* Bleeding heart
* Very talented
* Stay where you are
* Trash can only write trash
* Fantastic writer
* I want to encourage you
* Are u a female?
* Not liberated, but a whore
* Accept the consequences
* Montazer nazaarin
* Europeans introduced tobacco
* Theater: Iran and Persian culture
* Khuzestani Norooz in LA
* Quota for Iranian women
* Norooz in Jacksonville?
* M. Mohaddes
* Gilda Almassian
* Peymouri or Teymouri
* Babaie Morad
* A good sign
* I have learned so much
* My dream: to visit Iran
* Azadegan Foundation

February 18

* Looks like a terrorist
* Smoother way to real democracy
* Recovering from our own extremism
* Searching for imaginary enemies
* Rather than waiting 300 years
* Renaissance and Reformation
* Soroush: Hope not
* Please...
Fereydoun Hoveyda
* Looking out for themselves
* Human rights declarations
* Ahuramazda shaadi aafarid
* Human (animal?) reactions
* Hatred can go very deep
* Back to doing weddings and funerals
* All born with natural rights
* Modern/traditional dichotomy
Monarchy / Revolution
* Something in the water?
* It breaks my heart
* Fall of the House of Pahlavi: No remorse
* More about jealousy
* Hope today's youth are wiser
* Okay baba, we got the message
* You had your chance
* Nothing to fear
* Carefully planned, meticulously executed
* Lack of public figures
* Illegal change in government
* Some of us know a bit of that history
Islam / Feminism
* You don't understand
Axis of Evil
* Criteria for being an evil regime?
* Bush is on the right track
* We do not hate your nation
* Pull together - not apart
* Open doors to our history and heritage
* Petition NBC
* Has Bush backed down?
* Good book on the Iranian revolution
* Kaar kaare Naser ed-Din Shahst
* Hungry for ur writing
* Women going after what they want
* True reincarnation of Farrokhzad
* Allow our imaginations to take us anywhere
* Was this a true story?!
* Unprotected sex
* Politely speaking of taboos
* Captured the atmosphere
* Masteroieces
* A boyfriend, FAST!
* Memory of that fantastic land
* Simply brilliant
* Persian Haiku
* Refreshing treat
* Three simple principles
* Done all of us a service
* Hate this hate that
* Need a serious change of attitude
dAyi Hamid
* Long time no write
* I need to laugh
Iranians abroad
* Bee etemaadee
* I want to know the truth
Help / Health / Stuff
* Locate their poetry
* Fewer Iranians are in "great" shape
* Neem Pahlavi
* I really need it
* Locating friends
* Good books on Karbala
* Best singer in a long time
* Our sons may fly together

February 10, 2002

* Saal Tahvil
* Quit or protest
Axis of Evil
* Very sad
* Inappropriate
* Appalled and disappointed
* Incompatible with the Olympic spirit
* Cogent analysis
* No one should be excluded
* Need to hear more "logic"
* We are still the same
* I am a seyed
* Why should Iranians be outraged?
* Benefits likes of Khamenei and Rafsanjani
* Leaves the door open
* Jews deserve portion of the world
* New era of warmongers
* Teach respect and love
* Dave for president
* Hmmm interesting
* Keshvare khod ra SUPPORT konim
* A bit of a low point
* WE live with honor
* Pahlavi warned against military confrontation
* Pithy statement
* Sick of both of them
* They won't go on their own
* Only one thing
* US against democracy in Mideast
* Questions you need to ask
* Best tool is knowledge
* Strong opinions on what is going on
* Is this the meaning of justice?
* Don't support nasty rhetoric
* Ghamar-e-banihashem vs. ghamar-e-massnooi
* Write more
* Still very emotive
* Who is he?
* Blind to facts
* Why a King?!
* Some magnificent achievement
* Student of MOammam masters
* History Review: Reza Khan e Mir Pang
* Since 1979
* Please open your eyes
* Interview Reza Pahlavi
* Zereshki
* Had his work not been stymied
* I also realize sincere efforts
* More daring than others
* Lonely no more!
* Looking for a freezer to stand in
* If not, I congratulate you
* Speaks volumes
* Hope you will never make the transition
* Shahkar
* Beeganeh sho
* No concept of reality
* Totally absorbed
* American paperwork
* Hoping to sew things up
* Difference between people and government
* Both cultures are better off
* Iranian on the outside
* Know thyself
* Thank God you got that MBA
* If you read it every week
* One of the most important steps
* Video of hostage crisis
* TV: Iran and its recent history
* 91-year-old needs teeth fixed
* Karim Khan's genealogy
* Old photos of North Tehran needed
* Have to spend more time
* We could use some laughter
* So savage
* Forbidden names
* Naked molla
* Betocheh?

February 2 2002

Evil Axis
* I want to be alive to celebrate VICTORY
* What should we do?
* Let them know you support intervention
* The only hope
* Why Iran all of a sudden?
* My question is simple
* Opportunity to get rid of these vermin
* My fear
* Chilling
* Smacks of tyranny
* Does he know where I-ran is
* Must never be a consideration
* I admire your courage
* The "why?"s and "If'"s
* Level heads should band together
* I am proud of whatever I did
* "If some people do not agree..."
* Let the people speak!
* What good?
* Familiar with Freedom of Press?
* We really miss them
* Echoes of a disturbing past
* I don't even own an Armani
* A special personal treat
* We have the right to change our mind
* People in Iran should decide
* Wasted youth in "Dooaa ye komail"
* I just would like Iran to be aazaad
* Traitors_and_comrades. com
* Imam bee Imam
* Certain things I just cannot accept
* Hanooz khaabi!
* Simply Reza Pahlavi
* Trying so hard to misrepresent
* Oh really!
* As Bob Dylan once said
* What else for $22 million?
* Cut the umbilical cord
* Old bats of the Pahlavi cave
* If it walks like a duck
* Have we not learned anything?
* In good hands
* I am not so sure any more
* I agree, but
* Code of speech
* Too harsh
* What a great waste
* Shame on him
* Not such a crazy idea
* Come together
* Shah was not as savage
* Just out of curiosity!
* My preferred villain is Saddam
* Trying too hard to impress
* Definition of traitor
* We don't have it
* Put aside our petty differences
* Reallity won't remain under the clouds
* GOOD for them!!!
* At least Reza is trying
* Left high and dry
* Draw this
* Do not tarnish the image
Dariush: Booye Gandom
* Beginning of the end
* I felt a relief...!
Mohammad & feminism
* Not "vahye monazzal"
* That was a nice one!
* Incorrect and false traditions
* Funniest article I have ever read
* Your loyal Kababist
* One funny bugga
* Here's my way
* Longing to be named Joojeh Kabab
Afghan Air
* Why waste web space
* Prejudiced against Afghanis?
* Inspiration has been floating my boat
* Another point
* Bahram Beyzaii
* To continue our education
* Samanou?
* Bi panah dar Bulgaria
















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