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July 2002

July 23:
Part 1, Part II

* Ignorance is in all the religions
* Are many Iranians who don't practice any religion?
* Maybe one day I could feel welcome
* Cheh saadeh gofti
* Through Bahaullah embraces the truth about Muhammad
* Re-examine personal beliefs and prejudices
* Just a harmless Bahai
* It's a sign
* Thanks for thinking of my brothers and sisters
* Refreshing perspective
* Recognizing our humanity
* Is it because...?
* Writing style
* Found Bahai Faith in Hawaii
* A bit angry
* I've got lots of amazing secret documents
* So, what should we think of religion?
* Can only be overcome by education
* People used to call me Sag Babi
* Still I want to see Isfahan
* Putting down your own
* Surprised if they were even a blip on the radar screen
* Iranian before anything else
* I personally consider them a source of pride
* So that maybe we could go back
* Nothing will return Iran to its glory days -- except Bahai Faith
* Special place in the hearts of all the Bahais
* Norooz is not exclusively Iranian
* No one needs to feel sorry for Bahais, but...
* Bahais believe in the truth of the Quran
* Looking for any excuse
* Good and bad will burn together
* Best response
* I do appreciate your frankness
* We must learn tolerance
* Khodaa naneh baabaato beeyaamorzeh
* Time to be FAIR
Majid Tehraniann: Civilization
* Focused on global civilization
* Some important negative points about globalization
* Worked perfectly
Fereydoun Hoveyda: Islam
* Need for dialogue and debate
* Era of blind faith is almost over
* Islam and terrorism
* Fundamentalists squelched blossoming scientific movement
* Islam cannot be basis of progress
Farhad Radmehrian: Iran & US fundamentalism
* True (superficially)
* Second Coming of Jesus
* America's hidden agenda
* Looking up old fallacies
* Satire at its best
Hossein Bagherzadeh: Islamic Republic
* As much as I dislike any idea of revenge
Iran politics
* Have to give an accounting for their behavior
* Paid protestors
* Bush's "sympathy" for Iranian people
* European delegation's visit to Iran
* My sadness was natural
* We are killing the future
* Prove to the world they are not evil
Israel, Palestine
* Ignorance, ego and self righteousness
* Amnesty International called into question
* Your article makes me proud
* Never read experiences the way you have
* Rusted mirror keeps distorting images
* Hope and pray that this one goes to prison
* American of the day
US visa, immigration
* Thanks for Giti
* Funny and sad
* Eliminate at least 99% of Middle Eastern men
Men & women
* What's there to understand? We are tall, dark, and handsome
* What more can I do?
* I have done my research
* They need to hear such stories
* We understand you
* I can't help but stand by Iranian men
* Expecting men to be supermen
* Gonaahi ham nadaashtand
* All men are not equal
* Don't expect much
* What are the stats?
* If you see an iranian man do NOT smile
* Far worse than any Iranian
* 2 Persian words: sangeen, najeeb
* This lady is full of herself
* It was me who was irresistable
* Father's blood, mother's patience
* Attracted to any woman except Iranian women?
* Insulted with vague and unsubstansiated generalities
* Put yourself back together
* Keep your thoughts to yourself and just act respectful
* Ohhhhhhh boyyyyyy
Photography: Azadeh Azad
* Pas in aks haaye zibaa raa ki gerefte?!!
Photography: Nader Davoodi
* Photos of poverty stricken people
* Fragrance of the "CHE'LO" is hitting me hard
* Good not to be totally detached
* Sad failure
* So original
* Apart from the question of the intention
Iranian TV
* Absence of any critical commentary
* Everything from a distorted perspective
* I can only take ourselves responsible
* People who feel sick about these programs
* Dog killing
* I hope the answer is yes
* Should be read by all
* Passionate and sincere
* Mardomi daarim ke az saltanat bizaarand
* Compellingly
* All is needed is separating religion from governance
Cyrus Kadivar: Dubai
* No more rich ex-ministers left to interview?
* Olive: The Symbol
* I saw Vahdat when I was a kid
* Older pictures of Miss Iran
Jahanshah Javid: Persia, Iowa
* I'll make sure to stop in Persia
Erotica, journalism
* Oppenness or irresponsibility?
* Best response
* He is probably 5 feet tall fat and bald and miserable
* Just a suggestion...
* Fantastic
* Palestinian or Iranian magazine?
* I feel proud of you and her
* Please Please let me know
* Composer looking for Mansour
* Older pictures of Miss Iran
* Hossein Ahmadi Arangheh
* Hamid Tabbassian
* Victoria last seen in Tehran, 1958 -1959
* Mojgan Attarzadeh

July 11: Part 1, Part II

* Secular Iranians place Bahais outside the fold
* What WE have done against Bahais
* Until we recognize Bahaism
* Surprised at your ignorance
* Inconsistent with your message
* My dad never saw Iran neither did...
* Littered with insincerity
* Since 1844
* Koran is Scripture to me
* 20 years after our escape from Iran
* All religions from same God
* Relative killed for being Bahai
* Independence from akhounds
* Not free to act natural with Bahais
* Because there religion is a load of crap
* Finally
* Finding intolerance as intolerable
* Trust has gone with the wind
* Blessed be the king
* In His Service
* Uphill battle
* There is NO excuse
* Faith as dictat is not faith
* Fair ethical points
* Show and tell
* Not only for Bahais, but for all
* Not every non-Bahai Iranian hates us
* Without taking any sides
* A nation overlooking the obvious
* Writing humorously about Bahais
* What aroused you?
* Qorboone marefatet
* Bahai with Jewish and Muslim background
* Fighting to pove who's religion is best
* Recognizing injustice
* Need to do something
* Gracias
* Make home with whoever accepts me
* First time (openly)
* People who question
* Need to be fair
* Like you being kicked out of the universe
* Most important challenge
* Where you got that idea?
* House burning festival
* When "towel heads" go
* Must be eliminated with time
* Flavored non-biased stance
* Sensitive to the cause of minority groups
* FULL citizens under Shah?
* Yes we do exist
* Problems with the Bahais
* I don't feel any less Iranian
* Threat to mullahs, not Islam
* Forthright
* Salute
* Lord knows I seldom hear them complain
* Welcome to their company
* May God, Mohammad, Ali, Husyan, and.... bless you
* First step: Less ignorance
* What took you so long?
* Your thoughts shed a different light
* As a Moslem
* It's ironic
* Not all non Bahais are indifferent
* No Bahai looks toward Iran with anything but complete love
* I have?
* A true Peruvian Bahai
* Saying what you think
* Why?
* Not some cruel nation
* For what their worth
* Different view than Cyrus's
* I cannot believe Iranians are capable of such hatred
* I didn't know the extent
* Gratitude
* I wish to go back and rebuild that precious land
18 Tir
* Bowing to those who showed up in the streets
Republic vs Monarchy
* Answer harf-e-hessab
* IRI not a real republic
* Government has nothing to do with it
* Your beloved republic
* Lawyers CAN write
* Why should we?
* They won't go away on their own
* This government isn't going anywhere!
* Embarrasing for a supposed scholar
* Israel is the heart of the problem
* Iran should recognize Israel
* Banning hairy men
* Iranian-American cop in trouble
* It's time for more than merely waving the flag
* Bush "policy"
* Touchy-feely racism
* 911 anniversary
* Shahzadeh -- deletan bekhad ya na
* Baazi az no
Fereydoun Hoveyda
* Embarrasing for a supposed scholar
Hadi Khorsandi
* Genius of our time
Moe's designs
* Past pleasures present
* I want to know all about her
Iranian TV
* Not worth a penny
Lebanese Shi'ites
* Cult of Martyrdom
* Courage in the face of hell
* Sad rahmat beh Khe'ya'boon-e- Ray
Haji BMW
* Dirt is on this man's car
Taj Mahal
* Pardon the children of Nader Shah!
* A bit presumptious
* Read the Persian script
* The design is important
Woman pilot
* My grandmother!
* READ it
* She doesn't represent all women
* Desire to control women's bodies
* He wrote me beautiful love letters
* Police have entered gay networks in Iran
* Iraj Mirza
Setareh Sabety
* Like her poetry
* Write for Playboy
dAyi Hamid
* My favorite writer
* Bottom of the barrel
* I am one of those super Iranians!
Fereydoun Foroughi
* How did he die?
* More of annoyance than a necessity
* What do you expect?
* Similar incident
* LA music not worth it
* Re-launch of
* What's Azar up to?
* Why do you need money?
* I want to know all about her
* History of Malik Bahram Shah
* Who?
* Medical costs
* What channel was she on?
* Zohre Kiani
* Minoo Samimi
* Khosrow "Hank" Mas(s)oudi
* Cousin Ardavan
* Manoucher Zand
* Behrooz Tohidi

* July 1

Axis of evil
* Let's get real
* Encourages people not to forget
* IRI's ingenious tactic
* Jailed for no reason
* Courageous Iranians not stupid
* "Aghayan's" bank accounts
* I like to see...
* Speaks loudly
* Make a donation
* Help as much as possible
* A preeminence we dont deserve
To GW Bush
* So short-sighted
* A lot of noise about racial profiling
* Guess what? This is our home now
World Cup
* All too true!
* Another four years of peace and quiet
* Careful with any representation of Iran
* Clearly a personal account
* Waving your little book
* Playing it down is unfair
American in Iran
* My apologies
* One point I do not understand
* Here we go again
Staying away from Iran
* Excuses
* Don't you think it's so amazing?
Moe's graphics
* Better than...
* Intellectual support for fanatics
* Just to show its inherent faults
* Adame mohemi nisti
* Whatever the persuasion of the author
* Dedicated to a vision of a new and greater Iran
* Daeman nishesh baaze
* If SAVAK was more effective and ruthless
* If you asked me
Shah / AIDS
* So what?
* Are you not ashamed?
* One wonders
* The Shah could not be that way
* To belittle
* I do not know
* Take issue
* Adopting a little lost wonder
* Show me Dubai
* Eye for portraits
* Beautiful tashakor
* Karimi's art
* Alibaba cave
* Abgoshti actors
* Fuzzy logic
* Being guilty of the same
Taj Mahal
* Give the devil its due
* Who built the Taj Mahal?
* Children are extremely impressionable
* Persians have to let go of arrogance
Iranian men
* Except for "commercial girls"
* No taboo shekani
* Maahi Su-Boor
* Reasonable amount of almost all the fabulous Iranian foods
* Money is not everyting
* All I see is hate
* If I want to write for them
* The whole point
* Kick ass
* Evin photos?
* Speaker on the Shahnamah
* KHOSRO EGHABI: Contact mother
* Searching for 10 years
* Etefagh school

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