August 2005
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Sa'di, Hafez, Rumi... all celebrated gay love

On the execution of the two gay teens in Mashhad:

Words cannot describe our outrage about the recent execution of two gay teens in Iran. As gay doctors from Iran, we hope someday our people will be free from oppression. In the name of Islam, many atrocities have been done to gay and lesbian people in Iran. Religion has often been misused in this regard.

The founders of Islam and Christianity never advocated hatred toward same sex lovers. No homosexuals ever were punished while these prophets were alive. In fact, Islam has made it okay for men to have sex with their male servants while traveling away from their wives.

I like your readers to know that neither Islam nor the Persian culture advocates such hateful acts. In fact, a great deal of Persian literature is based on homosexuality. When we need validation of gay love, we read love poems by Sa'di, Hafiz, Rumi, and other Persian poets. They have written hundreds of love poems on same sex desire.

The execution of the two gay teens in Iran made us feel as angry as when we learned about Matthew Shepard's murder. The gay community needs to work harder to end hatred everywhere on the planet. We should not stop our struggle for equal rights. The same thing that is happening in Iran can take place right here in the United States if we let down our guard. All fundamentalist have one thing in common: wanting to eliminate gay people.

Dr Payam


Effort over struggle

On Ramin Kamran's "Miraase Mossadegh":

Thank you for your article. Many good points. The only one I would like to emphasize is that originally people wished to be "given" freedom and democracy, later it was decided that it needs to be "obtained" and as you know in the recent decades we have come to realize that freedom and democracy are to be "learned".

Fortunately we Iranians are learning it well inside and outside of Iran. Therefore I would prefer to make "efforts" for democracy and not to go through "struggle" -- if by struggle you mean fighting and defeating the other side and so on. We need to work together. We don't have sufficient energy and time to fight and you are well aware the more evil the other side is the more difficult for us to win.

Look at the past 100 years, the past 25 years... of Iran.

Mohamad Navab

Los Angeles


Skinny accomplishments

On interview with Iranian-American model Sanaz on NakedNews.com:

Well, more and more "Eyranian" (!) women are going into modeling and pornography for quick money. Can this be listed as another one of Iranian diaspora's accomplishments?!

But someone should tell Sanaz Khanoom that her country's name is pronounced "EERAN" not "EYRAN"!



HUMAN not HOMO rights

The reason the "gay issue"-- of the two-executed lads in Mashad -- is not a big deal to the Iranian diaspora is primarily because Iranians, like the rest of the human populations around the world are by and large HETEROSEXUAL. Irrespective of what position you are on, the vast majority of people in the planet are heterosexual. There is a negligible population of homosexuals throughout and we have all heard that argument.

Another point is that Iranians are still fighting (arguing? contemplating?) basic constitutional rights and fundamental human rights, not about buggery and bestiality and fornication and adultry, et cetra.

Also, most gays are closet-homosexuals in Iran and the Iranian community's few homosexuals either have AIDS or are ashamed of their probable bi-sexuality.

Most gays whom I have met are really not homosexuals, but bisexuals who were abused as young lads....Finally, the execution of those two gays was a public service and they were mostly executed for their wantonness of "raping" or molesting another boy who brought charges against them. Coupled with of "disturbing the peace" crimes such as alcohol use, etc and you have a capital offense in the Islamic Republic of Iran. If they did that to a 13 year old girl, they'd probably have been executed tooo... so no big deal.

There are different penal codes in the world that have different requirements and surely those guys knew that ignorence of the law is no excuse...

Joe Sadman


Poles apart

On Samar Abbas's "India's Parthian colony":

I read with interest your article. While I appreciate the interest, enthusiasm, and research, I was also aghast at many iaccuracies. I wanted to take some time out to document all of them, but wanted to point out the most obvious ones.

Dr. Abbas says "Shaivism and Vaishnavism are poles apart in all details of theology. Vaishnavites revere the cow, Shaivites slaughter the cow but worship the bull; Vaishnavites uphold the four-fold caste system, Shaivites oppose the caste system tooth and nail; later Vaishnavism upholds the authority of the Vedas and the Brahmans, Shaivism rejects the Vedas and is anti-Brahmin. Thus, observers have noted that Vaishnavism and Shaivism are like cat and mongoose, theologically destined to be locked in an eternal war of opposites. Hence, religion played an important role in exacerbating the hatred on both sides."

This is nonsense. Here is why:

1. Shaivites do not hate the vedas, they believe that Shiva gave the Vedas to the world. That is why he is called Vedanayakkan. There is a temple that venerates this story at Vedaranyam. That is why Thirugnasambar wrote "Thodu udaya Seviyan, Vidai aari" meaning "he is the one who wears the vedas in his ear as an ornament.

Please see here for the number of Pallava, Chola, Pandya, and Chera inscriptions which support Brahmins and study of the Vedas.

2. Shaivites are not anti-Brahmin. Shiva himself comes as a Brahmin scholar as in Dakshinamurthy with many notable Rishis at his feet learning the Vedas. Further, 5 of the 63 great Shiva devotees as featured in the Periya Puranam are Brahmins. An entire class of Brahmins called Iyers are Shaivaites and one of the most dominant class in India. Please see here to see the number of Pallava, Chola, Pandya, and Chera inscriptions which support Brahmins and study of the Vedas.

3. Shaivaites do not slaughter the cow. They actually advocate a meat-free diet. That is why "Shaiva Unnavu" in Tamil means pure vegetarian. One key concept of Shaivism is not to hurt any living thing.

4. Shaivites do not hurt Vaishnavites and vice-versa. Surely there is religious competition but Shiva and Vishu are repeatedly endorsed as different manifestations of the one God. This is repeated again and again in the Vedas, Mahabharatha, Upanishads, and Gita.

Dr. Abbas's theory seems to be mostly based on Prof. Venkkayya's theory in 1907 which has been since junked. Venkayya was also Chief researcher with the ASI and caused much damage to research since he was married to the Aryan Invasion theory which has also been debunked estensively.

Also the title is very misleading. If the Pallavas were really Parthians and set up an empire in South India with no connection to the Parhian base in middle-east, how can that be a colony. Obviously, an overstatement.


Aravind Sitaraman
Editor, WhatIsIndia.com


Kar asani nist

KHANOOM Azam Nemati,

az zahamat shooma ghalban sepass gozaram. jam avary in hame music ke az asare melly ma beshmar miravd kar asani nist. choon dastgah hakem amrouzy mokhalef farhang mast. man be nobe khoodam lezzat mibaram az ashkhasee mesle shooma ke dar in rah mardom khedmat mikoonan.

ghourban shooma,

Morteza Eslami


Deeply touched

On Nima Sheikhy's piece remembering the late Karim Emami, "Marg paayaane kabootar neest":

It has been years since reading a sad piece -- such as your recent vignette in the iranian.com -- has touched my heart so deeply. Not only do you have a nice style and a unique way of using metaphors, I enjoyed your eloquent description of what many of us share, yet fail to put into words.

Thank you for this nostalgic moment. I look forward to more of your work.

Zohreh Ghahremani


Real Brazilian society

On Ali Akbar Mahdi's "Obrigado Brazil":

You expressed yourself very good and with a great capacity to distinguish the real Brazilian society.

David Pourkhesaly


Ganji helping CIA

On Farrokh Ashtiani's "Civilized Indifference":

I think Mr Ganji is playing a game; he is "Shaboon-bi-Mokh baa Ghalam" (shaboon with a pen).  He is just trying to do what CIA with the help of Ashraf Bitch Pahlavi and Shabbon-bi-mokh did to us in 1953. You are a very well educated individual and I suspect you can think though the actions of those who want our destiny be decided by the bunch of thugs in Washington DC and Tel Aviv.

Read Mr. Ganji's so called "manifestos" and decide for yourself. Mollas are not a good option for our nation, but "Washington and Tel Aviv Thugs" are worse. Those who call Sadaam with all his crimes against our motherland Iran their "pedar = daddy" are not a good option either. Best solution is to let our people mature up politically and perhaps gradual change will occur. I don't know what is best.

But I can tell a Shabbon-Bi-Mokh" when I see one. Ganji is one. Him and his family are perhaps among those $20 M USA handout receivers to do to us what their ancestors did in 1953. Remember that?

nl ml


Silly poison

On Haji Agha's cartoons:

Please stop posting the silly cartoons of this HajiAgha guy. This guy is a remnant of the bullshit that led to this revolution. Stop allowing him to post his silly poison garbage.

Bijan Alamdar


Aeorodynamic dool

On Jahanshah Rashidian's "Damaged goods":

I'm guessing you're either a girl who doesn't have a penis and therefore has no idea what she's talking about, a circumcised guy who doesn't get laid enough and cant last when he does blames it on that, or an uncircumcised guy who feels weird that he doesn't look the same down there as the other guys in the gym while taking a shower. Either way, you have entirely too much time on your hands to be thinking about penises so much.

I'm circumcised and have a great sex life and have yet to encounter a girl who complained about it. I have only met one girl who was just a little curious about how it would be like with a guy who was not cut. The fact is that if this was such a big crime against the men of the world, we would be holding protests, and not inflicting it on our own sons, but it obviously is not an issue for us and whether we feel it's cleaner, makes our penises more aeorodynamic, or just the fact that we want our sons to look like us "down there", it's none of your business.

You really can't compare this to female mutilations either.

Arian Hast


Beyond borders

On music from Tajikistan:

Bravo! I beleive considering Tajikestan's cultural heritage as a North Eastern Iranian culture is thinking in the right direction. I belielve Iranian culture goes beyond its current political boundaries and also includes all four parts of Kurdistan that could be classified as North Western Iranian culture.

Since there is no harm to Iranian culture by Tajikis being a free nation, there should not be any harm either, if a free Kurdish nation becomes a reality and promote Iranian cultute from a Kurdish perspective.

Kamal Artin


Risking life for you

On "Dumbtellectuals" by Anonymous:

First of all your anonymity is worth zilch. You who do not have the guts to name yourself, cannot and should not criticize people like Mr. Soroush who literally are revolting against the ideas that are the foundations of this so-called regime in Iran, telling the world to recognize the lies that they hear.

They put their lives at risk to say what seems to you too dumb, and you are too dumb to recognize the value of people like Mr. Soroush and Mr. Ganji in contemporary Iran, who by speaking loud and fearless about the evils of the regime in Iran, are totally calling the bluff of Islamic Stalinists.

If I were you dear friend, I would be respectful of all positive movements of history even if they seem too small from where you are standing with your secure anonymity. Remember the enemy of your enemy may be your friend.

Natalie Esfandiari


Brotherhood of philosophers

On Ahmad Sadri's "Not private anymore":

When after the loss of millions of lives finally the German Nazis were brought down, one would be hard pressed to find anyone responsible for all the atrocities they had committed. Everyone claimed innocence and pointed to the very few who had committed suicide.

In a similar way, if finally one day the horrific Islamic fascism ruling Iran is in some way brought down, also, I am sure everyone who has contributed to the halal butchering of millions and banishing of many more will also claim innocence, perhaps even using Western philosophical arguments.

Stories are being corroborated as we speak even now. Pharmacists turned positivist Luther-wanna-bes (some 500 years tardy,) claim that they didn't "close" universities and destroy a whole generation of Iranian thinkers, but helped "reopen" them in a halal way; and now the al-Sadr sociologist has found somewhere in Tehran some jackass even more "magical" than himself, who has denounced him as an "apostate," and now wants to use this monster he himself has helped to create as proof that he is not as hardcore as his beard makes him out to be. Whatever... don't worry baradar, we are not the ones calling for "death" to this and that. Not everyone is as philosophical as you.

In all this, I would like to thank Mr. Ahmad (bin) Sadri (al-Islam) for deriding some names in his abgushti polemic against some "Aramesh Dustdar." Although I very much doubt that Mr. Dustdar is as interesting as Sadri's denunciation of him makes him out to be, nevertheless, it is heartening to know that there are some non-religious thinkers still around after the cleansing of Iran conducted, over-seen or tolerated by the Muslim brotherhood of philosophers, now throwing Weber and Heidegger around - as if they ever could hope to understand the difficult German grammar.

So, again, thank you professor Sadri for this mercy. Beside Daryoush Ashuri, with whose clear critique of the man with whom our young Islamists used to "wax philosophical" in the seventies, the notoriously convoluted TV-philosopher Ahmad Fardid, I was familiar, here is a list of people I need to research for kinship and a sign of life amid this atmosphere of Islamic suffocation perpetuated and justified by the Islamists who like to sport "intellectual" as a title as well: "Abdi Kalantari, Morad Farhadpour, Seyed Javad Tabatabai, Ramin Jahanbaglu."

Thank you professor.



Forough translations

I'm trying to find the translations of the following Forough Farrokhzad's poems: "Fath-e Baagh," "Aroosak-e Kooki," "Iman Biaavarim," "Tavallodi digar," and "Aye-haaye zamini."

If you could help me, I would really appreciate it.

Gratefully yours,

William A. Jackson


Emigration for always

i emigration to america for always how??????? help me please i am cyrus from iran i am pupil disregarding and i want to obtaine america in field designing and work i have tallent designing granted by god the means god-given emigration to usa for always but i lover your cooperation.



California dreamin'

Lately I have notices a majority of southern California young people, including Iranian driving very expensive new cars while still living with parents or renting homes! not thinking about their financial future! Click on this link before you decide to spend $400 per month to impress some one at the stop light you will never meet and stay away from that daily $5.00 Cafe Mocha that cost less than 20 cent to brew and invest it for your retirement.

Saeed Shoja Nia


Student needs support

Hello there Dear Sir/Madam,

I am an international MA student from Iran at Reading University in England. I need your help in this difficult situation. I couldn't get a scholarship from academic centres before coming here. Even for my food I am under pressure... I want to get my degree and help my country.

I received MA degree in teaching English language from Iran. I had been teaching in Iran's Azad and State University for 3 years.

What can you do for me? I need your support.

Hadi Ziaie


Silly, clever sausage

On Peyvand Khorsandi's "The late potato":

Having read your most ap-peeling story, one would like to thank you whole-heartedly; everytime one thinks one's totally lost the plot or pot (as you wish) - if ever there was one- one discovers another standard elsewhere and all DO "live" ever happily after.

You, Sir, are a very silly, clever sausage and I'm so happy that they haven't taken the "eyes" out of Mr Potato.'

Bravo and Goodbye to all Mr Chippies



Ideals cause bloodshed, or...?

On R. Zia-Ebrahimi's "Mass graves of idealism":

I was wondering where you would place the founding fathers of America in your selection of people with dangerous Utopian ideals? I ask because surely they wanted to build a utopia, surely they wanted their society to be at the pinnacle of human existence - did it all go right when their ideas meshed with realty, or did it end in bloodshed?

Is it ideals that cause bloodshed, or do all states cause them? but then don't all states have ideals? i would argue the two are inseparable, every ideology is as much a tool used to pry power from the population as it is a principle of organisation. Every state has ideology's at its heart, and i would say most are used by those in power to stay in power.

i do agree though, idealism without realism is dangerous because it is not based on sound reasoning - it is based on wishful thinking, and things built on such shaky foundations are not likely to stand for long.

Thanks for the essay. I enjoyed the read.

Nicholas Buzzard


Demonizing Iran

I just came across and a "news" report on Iranian.com about two "gay" men having recieved the death penality in the city of Arak in Iran.

This to me looks like a despicable manipulation of the news in order to mold the piblic opinion against Iran. In this article the two men who are actually rapists are presented as "bi-sexual" men living in ARAK and their sentences is linked to the "nuclear plants" of this city!!!!

The article says: "Farad Mostar and Ahmed Choka were sentenced by an Arak court"... and then it says: "Arak is a city under the strictest possible conservative religious, political, and military rule because it is the site of Iran‚s heavy water plant˜heavy water is used in the production of fissionable nuclear material and is crucial to Iran‚s attempts to develop a deliverable nuclear weapon."

The Western media as well as the abroad Iranian media are manipulating news to demonize Iran and are desperately scanning Iran under their microscope in the hope to find the slightest news that could affect the public opinion on Iran. Just for your information I talked with a lawer in Iran who had inside information about the previous two men to were executed in public in Mashhad. She told me that these men had committed indescribable acts of violence and rape against a great number of victims and while the Court did not want to carry the executions in public, the tension and anger among people of this city had reached such a high level that they were pressured to execute them in public in order to calm people down.

Now I am not defending the public executions, but there is a HUGE difference between what has really happened and how the Western and Iranian diaspora media are portraying it. Turning this thing into an issue of "homosexual" and "bi-sexual" rights!! and somehow including "uranium enrichment" and "nuclear weapons" into this is just disgustingly low!! And shame on all those sites (including Iranian.com) who are spreading this non-sense. One would expect more professionalism or journalistic integrity from the Editor of Iranian.com.

Ali Nasri



I am Dave Agresti in Tampa, Florida United States. I am writing to you to seek your help in answering a question that relates to an expression you may use in Iran. In the United States, photographers ask the people they are taking a picture of to say "Cheese" as that is the magical word we think will produce a smile.

I am checking around the world to see what other cultures might use as an expression for this purpose. If you care to help, I would like to send to you when completed the listing of all the responses I receive. I give credit to those who assist in this project.

I am writing to photographers and others who might have knowledge of this practice in about 40 different countries so that we would have a world sample. If you share my curiosity, please write back and provide your country's custom phrase or saying to get people to smile when taking their photo.

Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you.

Dave Agresti


Use protection

On Laleh Behjat's "Beer with a bang":

I would like to ask her as to why leave Iran for Canada only to drink beer? People leave Iran for more important things than drinking beer. My advice to her is to use protection after drinking the beer, this way she will not spread sexual disease.



Most fundamental issue

On Sudabeh Siavashan's "Soroushism":

I really enjoyed your article very much mainly because finally someone puts her finger on the issue, once and for all. I am very much interested in this debate and I have tried to read whatever I have found on the net and it seems that my most basic questions always remain unanswered.

I totally agree with you when you say how can we talk about Islam being compatible with democracy when we cannot even criticize the verses which are clearly in violation of some of the most fundamental human rights? And again as you say, there are people who keep talking about different versions and interpretations of Islam, etc., without paying attention to the most fundamental issue.

Such discussions remind me of the so-called arguments made by Mr. Bush and his administration when they are asked about the reasons for their presence in Iraq. They talk about everything except the main point: weapons of mass destruction. They don't talk about it because they know if they do they will be forced to accept the fact that they were absolutely wrong. The same thing is going on here.

And I am happy that finally someone is calling it exactly the way it is. Of course, I don't think for a minute that your article will cause them to change their approach but at least they know we are not fooled or intimidated by the pseudo intellectual appearance of their debate.



Cyrus rejects

On Ahmadinejad's cabinet:

What the hell has happened to Cyrus the Great's descendants?



Saving Pasargad?

On Farhad Heyrani's "Sivand Dam will bury Pasargad and other ancient remains":

Is it possible to organize some easy and doable move such as signing a letter on your site to send to UNESCO and the government of Iran? Would you be willing to take the initiative by posting such a letter on your site and asking people for their signatures? I am sure many people who are hurt but unable to do anything would at least have a mean of getting their voices heard, no matter how efficient this step may seem.



Not necessarily correct

On Sudabeh Siavashan's "Soroushism":

While broadly agreeing with your article as appeared in Iranian.com, it couldn't escape my attention that ironically you and the Soroushists have at least one feature in common: you are both fearful of the Islamic fanatics, hence your hiding behind a pseudonym. Of course, nobody can blame you for choosing a pen name, I do the same. But the difference between you and the Soroushists is that unlike them, you are sincere and confident in what you say. Confident but not necessarily correct.

I say this because you are confusing two distinct concepts with each other: democracy and human rights. From the very first example that you have cited (Surah-tol-Nessa) to quoting Messbah Yazdi's "chopping arms for stealing ...," all these are classified under the human rights acts and have nothing to do with democracy. "In a Utopian society human rights and democracy go hand in hand," but there are those (including myself) who argue they do not need to and can exist independent of each other. To be academically correct, there are strong arguments both in favour and against this motion which are beyond the scope of this letter.

The bazaar of the academic Soroushists, of which the partnership of the identical twins Sadri & Sadri boasts to be a market leader, has gone badly quiet particularly since the emergence of President Ahmadinejad. This is partly due to the fact that Ahmadinejad IS a product of the Islamic democracy! Soroushists made lots of growling in the aftermath of the recent elections and are still nursing their wounds from the fall of their reformist candidate -- see Ahmad Sadri's five feature articles between June 21st to July 9th, four of them written in the first week alone!

There is no solution to the age old dilemma of creating a secular Islamic state -- the cocktail, as proposed by Soroush, containing a triple shot of Popper, double shot Ghazzali, single shot of de Tocqueville, a pinch of Rumi and oh! lest credits are lost, a few drops of Webber, courtesy of the Sadris, has lost its appeal to that of "Rajaee on the Rocks" -- the Soroushists should know better.



Simplistic analysis

On Sudabeh Siavashan's "Soroushism":

Next time you want to criticize an ideology, a historical event or a philosopher such as Dr Soroush, please make sure you at least have some "basic" knowleadge about it. This way, you'll avoid boring used up cliches and childish analysis that make you look like an uneducated pseudo-intellectual! Your article was filled with so many mistakes and immature and simplistic analysis that it is not even worthy of debate.

Ali Nasri


Abyss of blind faith

On Ali Nasiri's reply to "Soroushism":

I do not appreciate your patronizing tone and I believe this approach will not get you anywhere. It is very easy for me to write something like: "Hello. Next time you didn't have something intelligent to say you better fight your primitive impulses and read and think for a change. Who knows, maybe you get lucky and save yourself from the abyss of blind faith which is preventing you from seeing the obvious." You see? It is very easy! But I have a better suggestion. Nobody is preventing you from writing a few paragraphs and describe the "mistakes" and "simplistic analysis" in my article. I am sure Iranian.com will publish it. I am looking forward to reading it.

Sudabeh Siavashan


Ugly accusations

In reply to Sudabeh Sivashan:

I am not interested in witing any article in your response since:

1- There is absolutely nothing in your article [Soroushism] that is "new" to anyone who has followed these kind of debates from the era of Ghazali to this day. All you did was to repeat the most simplistic and primitive arguments and questions that have been answered and replied to a zillion times in philosophical debates. You better try to catch up instead of having the illusion that Dr Soroush and other philosophers have been trapped by your questions!!

2- Your accusations towards Dr Soroush are not only completely false and cliche, but they are extremely unfair:
First of all Dr Soroush does not live in Iran as you suggested in your article (one should at least know that before publishing an article about Dr Soroush).

Secondly, before irresponsibly repeating he old stupid "ghahveh-khooneh" rumour about Dr Soroush's role in closing down the universities during the "cultural revolution", you should have taken the time to do a little independent research on the subject and made sure you understood the difference between "SHORAYEH AALIYEH ENGHELAB FARHANGI" and "SETADEH EGHELAB FARHANGI", and then you would have realized that Dr Soroush actually RE-OPENED the universities after only 2 years while the original plan of the hardliners was to keep them closed fo at least a whole generation (25 years)!!!!

Third, the ugly accusation that you made towards Dr Soroush suggesting that his main priority has been his "own interests" is not only unfair but it is also unhuman. When Dr Soroush still lived in Iran, he had been savagely beaten up, threatened to death and attacked so many times by the Ansar Hebollah and other pressure groups that he would come to his lectures and speeches wearing a white cloth (Kafan)!! Nonetheless he kept writing and making speeches and was the first person IN IRAN to have openely challenged the concept of "Velayateh Faghih" and the current version of Islam in Iran and called for reformism in the Islamic world!!!

He was fired from university and banned from teaching or doing reseach in Iran ever again. His observatories and magazines were closed down and he had to leave Iran because his life and that of his family was in danger!! And then someone like you who has absolutely no clue whatsoever about him or about what's going on in Iran for that matter, dares to make such ugly accusations towards him based on a fraction of one of his speeches that you read on Gooya!!!!!!

3- The love that you and people like you have for Iran and democracy is more like "doostiyeh khaleh kherseh" than anything else. You live in your intellectual Ivory tower and look down on anyone who has a different approch or a different philosophy of life than you. And you think that you can bring an answer to all their complex philosophical debates with one half-baked "Academic" paper.This is arrogance and ignorance in action.

And the sad part is that everytime there has been someone who wanted to make some political or ideological reforms and adjustments in Iran while respecting the beliefs of others, there has been people like you who unconsciously teamed up with the radical hardliners and fanatics to bring that person down. There were people in the Berlin Conference who made the exact same accusations against Akbar Ganji than you did against Dr Soroush because they were too intolerent and close-minded to accept that someone with a religious views can also be an advocant of freedom and democracy. And now they have mostly shut up from shame. There might be a lesson here!!

Ali Nasri


Translate for Americans

On P. Shabrang's "Shahr-e Ashoub":

That was a great description of how it felt living under the Islamic Republic rule. I only wish someone would translate it to English for our American friends. Reminded me, in some ways, not only of Hedayat but also of Golshiri's "Camel story".

Ramin Ahmadi


Iraj Mirza: Idiot of the Year 2005

On Iraj Mirza's poem "Anam beh rishat":

I got only one thing to say to you: Mr. Iraj you just crowned yourself as the Ignorant Idiot of The Year for 2005 with your shit-load excuse for a poem!

Anna S.


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