July 2006
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July 21


Peace will come when hatred of Israel will cease

In response to Siamak Kiarostami's "Moral and humanitarian disaster":

Mr. Kiarostami --

Your article makes a passionate case against Israel's actions. Unfortuantely, it is as simplistic as those very Israeli and American actions you criticize.

You seem to miss the point of Israel's actions. They're not meant to bring the world's compassion, make people "warm up" toward Israel, or "to remain legitimate in the eyes of the international community." Israel seeks to live, and to keep its citizens secure. That's currently the be-all-and-end-all of the Israeli government's obligation to its citizens, and will remain so as long as the Muslim Middle East isn't reconciled to Israel's existence. World sympathy would be nice, of course, but Israel has long discovered that world sympathy is only there when they die (or after they're dead), not when they're fighting to live. And that's too high a price to pay for sympathy, if you ask me.

Of course, reasonable people might argue that Israel's actions won't bring them the desired effect. But those in charge can reasonably argue otherwise. Your argument can't be one of moral outrage (at least your arguments here don't make a convincing case for one), only that you have a different formula for Israel to achieve the desired result. Unfortunately, your article didn't include that formula so we can't know if you have one, but other have presented many, I assure you. And they haven't worked -- and not because Israel wasn't ready.

Peace will come when hatred of Israel will cease. The moment the majority of people in the Middle East accept that a Jewish state has a right to exist, at that very moment, the light of a peaceful future will become abundantly clear. It won't happen before, and it will not take long after. It is that one moment for which we await.

Sholom Deen


Israel's steely resolve has only served to further harden and radicalize enemies

In response to Sholom Deen's "Peace will come when hatred of Israel will cease":

Dear Mr. Deen,

Thank you for your thought provoking letter. My article ["Moral and humanitarian disaster"] was not intended to present a solution, and I state in the article that I do not pretend to have any answers. You are right-I AM outraged, and confused by what is happening in Lebanon, and I do not hold a key to its resolution. Yet you do not present any answers to my questions.

I realize ultimately that the situation demands a solution, but the fact remains that one side is effectively banned from speaking, much less articulating a plan that would be palatable to both sides. Nor do I see anyone else readily being able to present one anytime soon in our current political climate.

The problem is that in our arena of public speech, we cannot even criticize Israel for fear of being labelled anti-Semites, a surefire way to stigmatize and silence those who try to enter the debate. This is a point which you overlook entirely in your response to my piece--and a point that will preclude any meaningful discussion on the current events in the Middle East, for that matter.

In my humble opinion, I would venture that Israel's only viable recourse ibegins with a to return to its pre-1967 boundaries. That would be a gesture with substance, also one that would legitimize any defensive actions it would have to take to secure the lives of its citizens in the future. It would be the needed beginning to repair the image of decades of Israeli aggression, and put it in compliance with the dozens of UN resolutions condemning its unlawful occupation of Palestinian lands.

In the end, this is a conflict in which perception matters above all else. Perception drives the hatred, hype, violent response, recruiting, and extremism on both sides. In the West, the founding of Israel is seen as a way to correct the monstrosities of the Holocaust, while the plight of the Palestinian people is all but nonexistent.

Throughout the 'Muslim' Middle East and (increasingly) beyond, Israel is faced with the fact that its existence is seen as a result of colonial intervention, and its survival is sustained by US subsidies and arms imports. While Israel's right to exist is just in my book, its birth was nontheless excessively messy and violent.

Israel was superimposed on an existing society and sustained with the help of outside powers, displacing and ethnically cleansing millions of Palestinians in the process. As I indicate in my article, the Israeli side of the story, taht of the Holocaust victim, is amply represented in the West, less so in the "Muslim" world. This issue itself should be a centerpiece of the debate, or an altogether new one.

Mr. Deen, you do touch upon the very essential questions in this issue. You point out that Israel's main commitment to its people is to 'keep its citizens secure.' This is any state's primary responsibility; to provide for the security of its citizens. You also rightfully say peace will come when hatred of Israel will cease. Amid all of this carnage, how do you envison that process beginning? How is that possible when Israel uses such callous and overwhelming force against a predominantly civilian population? How does one learn to love a neighbor who takes land by force, defends it with violence, and strikes back at resistance with impunity?

Militarily, Israel has proven itself to be formidable and well able to defend itself. Its successes after 1948, 1967, and 1973 are the pride of the IDF and even my self-reported athiest, "culturally Jewish" friends. History also shows that Israel's heavyhanded policies against the Palestinians, Lebanese, etc. have only seemed to strengthen and embolden those who oppose them. It's 'messages' of steely resolve to its enemies have only served to further harden and radicalize them, rather than to cow them into submission.

Israel's pandering to its settler and extremist agendas is as destructive to the prospects of peace as the growth of militant Islamist groups that reject Israel's right to exist. Sadly, any acknowledgement of Israeli responsibility is wholly absent from media coverage on the issue. I don't believe we are in a position to achieve peace when we cannot even speak about both sides of the conflict without fear of retribution or smear campaigns by organizations like campuswatch.org.

I, like you, dream of a peaceful future in the Middle East. I dream of being able to visit my homeland and conducting myself as I please, without fear of retribution from moralist thugs in Tehran's streets, or American and Israeli missiles dropping from the sky above.

Siamak Kiarostami


No hope, no chance, and no future, unless...

In response to Siamak Kiarostami's's "Israel's steely resolve has only served to further harden and radicalize enemies ":

Thanks for the thoughtful response. Here are my thoughts on the matter -- admittedly way longer than I intended, but hopefully sensible nonetheless.

= Solutions =

Your proposal that Israel return to the '67 borders is a sound one -- albeit unrealistic without certain qualifications. Still, that must be the basis for discussions. But the problem is that before that can happen, there MUST be elementary steps taken by Arab societies, primarily those involved in the immediate conflict, including Hamas and Hizbullah, to recognize Israel. Otherwise, there's no hope, no chance, and no future. No progress can be made realistically before that happens, and the only way it will happen is for moderate Muslims such as yourself to speak in a louder voice to those who don't yet understand this.

Arab and Muslim societies in the ME must declare unequivocally to their populations, and to educate their youth accordingly, that Jews have a right to live in their own state in the Middle East; to recognize that Jews have a long history in the region, who have legitimate grievances against their Arab neighbors; to unequivocally denounce as most vulgar and hateful those portrayals of Jews as blood-lovers, baby-killers, devilish monsters, monkeys, pigs, cockroaches, snakes, and all other manner of dehumanization; and to demand that extremist Muslim preachers cease preaching hatred and praising violence against the "perfidious Jews".

Arafat committed to this during the Oslo accords, but didn't see to its fulfillment. That, I believe, is the primary fault for the failure of the peace process.

Arab hatred of Israel existed way before Israel occupied the West Bank and Gaza in 1967, and it is that hatred, and the utter intolerance for a non-Muslim entity on Middle Eastern land that has fueled the violence ever since. Still today, many Middle Eastern Muslims embrace a culture of indoctrinating their youth from birth on the evils of the Jewish state, leaving little room for tolerance and acceptance of other viewpoints. If that hatred isn't abolished, no withdrawals or peace negotiations will make any difference. Until that time, Israel will be forced to respond to violence with more violence. Despite the obvious implications, the inflaming of passions, and the unfortunate increase in aggrieved feelings, Israel is left with no choice but to respond the way it does, if its neighbors cannot offer hope by refusing to counteract the hate >>> Full text

Sholom Deen


We, too, were robbed of our childhood by a minority of overzealous fanatic Islamist fascists

In response to Siamak Kiarostami's "Moral and humanitarian disaster":

I remember the halcyon days of my childhood in the seventies, then it followed by the theocracy regime of Islamist fascists in Iran.
Now the sound of sirens in Haifa reminds me of the war of the cities during Iran-Iraq war. We were robbed of our childhood by a minority of overzealous fanatic Islamist fascists.

In the article "Moral and humanitarian disaster" the author says "it is a brutal and dehumanizing 39-year occupation of Palestinian land." The author fails to mention that Israel left Gaza last year and decided the better route is "The land for peace" not "Land of war." But what did Hamas do? They launched over 100 rocket attacks & suicide bombings in Israel since last year.

As for the two soldiers being taken hostage by Hezbollah this was colossal & major miscalculation by Nasrolah, he has taken the whole Middle East hostage. Israel is doing is the world's work by defanging Hezbollah and giving Iranian and Syrian regime a black eye.

Thomas Friedman (NY Times) has put it well: "The Arab democracy experiment is on hold -- because if Islamist parties can't be trusted to rule, elections can't be trusted to be held. All Arab dictators say, 'Thank you, Nasrallah'. The forces of disorder -- Hezbollah, Al Qaeda, Iran -- are a geopolitical tsunami that we need a united front to defeat."

Morteza Loghmani


Sympathy to a point

In response to Kaveh Nouraie's "Really real reality":

All I am saying is this, as a good caring Iranian nation, we should only sympathize with our dear close to heart Arab Muslim brothers and sisters for their agonies and sorrows and NOT to the level of jeopardizing our sovereignty and ultimately our well being and existence.

Even though, these dear brothers and sisters not only don't give a F&%@$ about us but also believe that Iranians are non-Muslim (Majoos= fire worshiper, after all these centuries). So, you be the judge. What I really hate about us Iranians is that, we seem to forget and forgive so easy and that is why through out our glorious history we have been fucked over and over by almost everyone.

amirhosein hazrati


Step into the 21st century and think like a human being

In response to Kaveh Nouraie's "Really real reality":

Dear Mr. Nouraee,

What is being done in Lebanon is a racist crime, and you're cheering it on with your own embedded racism. There has been plenty of "white" terrorism from IRA to Baader-Meinhof, to KKK. Every one of them stockpiled weapons in civilian buildings. Yet, not once did anyone dare indiscriminately bomb the entire civilian populations in their community as some kind of "justified retaliation." That's at the same time that Israel holds 9000 Arabs as political prisoners, some of them actually kidnapped, without any charges.

Never mind the fact that Israelis have destroyed roads, bridges, airports, sea ports, hospitals and even Christian areas of Lebanon, they are targeting the ENTIRE Shiite south. That's 40% of the people, the biggest ethnic faction in the whole country. The bombs are not smart enough to figure out which houses are "terrorists."

The anti-Arab racism that you and your family practice was promoted by the US-backed SAVAK in their propaganda campaign to prevent a region-wide solidarity movement and undermine religious based opposition in the country itself. It's over. Step into the 21st century and think like a human being, not a racist elitist.



Let some sun shine in your heart!

In response to Kaveh Nouraie's "Really real reality":


as much as your stories are true, you are like the Israelis, if you don't care about any human life! So, you great great grand father was killed by the idiots, then you have to kill their offspring hundreds of years later? If we are not in love with arabs, that doesn't mean we like those innocent children get killed whether they are arabs or israelis! they are all the children of god regardless of what race or religion they are!

Please don't be hateful, and let some sun shine in your heart! otherwise you're going to be just like those baby killers! We are Persian and we should be more civilized than them!

with love and compassion,



So uncaring, hateful and blood thirsty!

In response to Siamak Kiarostami's "Moral and humanitarian disaster":


Thank you very much for so beautifully verbalizing my thoughts and feelings. What people may not realize is that Israel did not bombard Lebanon because of the capture of two soldiers who were stupid and gutless enough to be captured in the first place. Israel invaded Lebanon the moment that Hamas won the election!

However, the invasion was on the computer softwares where the planning took place! They (Israel & US) decided to overthrow the freely elected government since they knew they would not be their puppets! while they were claiming they want to spread the democracy in the Middle East including Iran!

As part of the planning, as in 911, they needed to have an alibi for the invasion (as US went to Afghanistan and Iraq) and they knew well that would come sooner or later.

I can now see what the colonialism is and what the role of the Israeli sympathizers (Israel American) around the world is! I can see why everywhere in the world people hate them! I always looked at people as human beings regardless of their race and religion, but now I see that in the 21 century there are still Ganghis Khans of the world around who put no value for the human lives except their own! At least Ganghis Khan was brave and would fight with sword against the soldiers, not by pushing a button killings hundreds of children!

I now appreciate my Persian culture much more and I can see why we were one the first civilized people!

This is indeed very sad that after 2500 years where the Persians freed them from slavery and treated them like humans, they are so uncaring, hateful and blood thirsty! And if they could with the help of their buds in the US government they would try to attack Iran directly or indirectly! 

As much as I hate the Iranian government I would fight against any racist regimes that invades my beloved Iran!



We are better than this, people

On AS's "Offensive and inappropriate expressions":

I think we can all come to the realization and fact that I'm not a debutante, by any means when it comes to my responses, but seriously is AS for real? Has she/he not read Iranian.com? We are not here to tippy toe around and chakere shoma gorbune shoma befarmeen sharmande behetun barkhord.. elahiii.

Look there are calmer ways to approach an issue and this is true. I could say I wouldn't mind seeing nasrallah dead. This however, would not make the point. As for civility since I have posted that letter I have received dozens of hits on my blog calling me a whore a Zionist pig etc.. none of which signed their name.. well one did it was funny his name was Dariush one of the most beloved Kings by the Jews in Iran he called me a madar jende etc.

I viciously attacked cultures and nations? No I said that Hezbolla is an army of butchers who is holding Lebanon hostage murdering innocent people giving Iran and Syria full control over that country, and now after 5 years enough is enough, Israel has a right to defend itself this is true they should add up all the innocent civilians murdered in the streets of Israel when I was there they blew up an Iranian store, in Ben Yehuda Jerusalem, they killed 2 boys from Shiraz and their aunt visiting from Iran.

I have nothing against Arabs as long as they get the hell out of Iran and Israel; they have done nothing beneficial for either. Iran with their religion and culture they have taken us back a million years, and Israel all they do is destroy and murder. Feel free to protect them feel free to say ohhhh look. I advise you when you go to Iran go to Beheshte Zahra cemetery, and visit our young boys and feel bad for the Arabs then.. by the way in Shiraz and Esfahan quite a few of those shaheeds that fought for Iran where Jews, that fought for Iran.

Just because we love Iran doesn't mean we have to be irresponsible, in our views. The government is not the people but is the following what you want for your country? Nothing is normal about the following picture it is not the Iran I was raised in it is not the Iran I want depicted and it sure as hell does not represent anything democratic.

Keep feeling bad for them maybe we can have the idiot basijis in tehran emulate them as well. I mean we aren't fucked up enough we have more to aspire to we have never been suicide bombers but why not, I mean AHMAGInejad wants it so and he is arab reekht ps I do like certain things about him except whole other issue)

Mark my words you keep feeling bad and not making a stance and taking responsibility for your views and true love of democracy real democracy, we will become a true Arab state, the pic below is an Iranian leader on the arm of g-d knows who an Arab an Iranian? Is that what you want covered with a kefiyeh? We are better than this, people. We need to be for our children.

Golnaz Motarassed


That is why democracy will prevail

In response to Ali Sina's "Viva Oriana!":

"Salaami cho boyeh khosheh aashnaaie". I read your article and agree with your assessment of Islam as an intolerant religious and political ideology, and your support of tolerance. Please clarify the following points for me, if you will:

1. Isn't any dogma intolerant? Don't right to life Christians violently oppose suicide and abortion under any circumstance?
2. Isn't faith, in essence and in practice, a dogma?
3. You say "...capitalism is economic democracy." Is big capital (Microsoft) equal to small capital (any fledgling software company)?
4. Don't you have to distinguish between respecting the right of humans to a belief from respecting the belief?
5. Do you think the humans have already found the best social and economic system and there will be no improvement or innovation on this respect?
6. Could humans have an ethical and moral "freedom from faith" belief instead of "freedom of faith" such as yours?

I really love Oriana Fallaci and her stand against oppression and injustice of any sort. She is right on the Islamic Fascism and had voiced it during her interview with Khomaini. Ideologies stand and fall on their own merit without the need for name calling and dogmatic assertions of any sort. That is why democracy, free market, and capitalistic private enterprise (moderated with antitrust laws and social regulations) will prevail against any dictatorship and economic absolutes.

Jeanne Noorisa


Showing off with "bozorgaan"

In response to Ali Sina's "Are we better off today?":

I say: a really lame excuse to make poor Iranian.com readers watch this guy showing off his dream of taking pictures with "bozorgaan" come true.

Amir Togha


New standard in arrogance and betrayal of ones own nation

In response to "Raise ourselves up by putting others down":

Dear A.A Islamboli,

I think you should take some of your own advice and think before shooting your mouth off, or may be do some research on the subject before disgracing your own people

First of all on your comment that Israel is the only democratic country in the region I disagree totally.

Please read your history first and learn about the Balfour Declaration and how British promised the land of Palestine to Jewish people of Europe without any regard for the people who were already living there

So if you take off the blindfold of hate from your eyes, you will see that the foundation of Israel was on injustice and lack of democracy or any regards for the human rights of the people of region.

If you want more information look at this site that discuses the origin of Israel. This is an unbiased information site and was not even created by Muslims, Iranians or Arabs but by European and American historians. Perhaps the most important part in this site is and I Quote: "By the standards of international diplomacy, the Balfour Declaration of 1917 is an amazing document, succinctly summarized by Arthur Koestler who wrote that the declaration amounted to "one nation solemnly promised to a second nation the country of a third.""

But despite all that we have accepted the right of Israel to exist although they have never accepted the right of Palestinian people or even the results of their democratic election. Israel did not even respected the UN charters which demanded the return of occupied lands

Although I understand and share your frustration with the government of Iran and their interference in the conflict by supporting different faction, instead of concentrating on the wellbeing and welfare of their own people, but this does not give us an excuse to close our eyes to the facts.

Furthermore considering the fact that any attempt for democracy by the people of region or any other third world country for that matter have always been met by fatal force from the west or their cronies in the region, then what else did you expect

Secondly on your arrogant statement claiming "Israel have achieved more in 50 years than Iran achieved in all its history". I can only say shame on you foolish sell-out

Form your statement it is evident that you are so naïve and illiterate that you have never even opened a book on Persian history in your life. It is really a new standard in arrogance and betrayal of ones own nation.

If in the above statement by the term achievement you meant ethnic cleansing, violation of human right, arrogance and defiance in the face of international demand then I am with you all the way. Israel has broken more rules than anybody else.

Otherwise in terms of positive achievements there are rarely a few nations who could match ours.

From declaration of human right by Cyrus the great to King Daryus construction of Suez Canal. From Hafez poetry and Kharazmi's scientific achievement to Ebne Sina's philosophy and medical achievements or Omar Khayyam's mathematics and poetry there is hardly any match, and the list goes on and on and on.

Now if I wanted to go into details about other achievements and inventions such as money, cement and modern buildings or cities and swage system, road signing and scale system and more importantly great inventions such as alphabet, writing and book, this document would become hundreds of pages.

Even today the sheer number of Iranian scientists doctors and professionals who are working in different universities and research facilities around the world when considering the proportion of investment from their government with compare to Israel or most of other countries in the world, there is still no match

May be one of most important aspects of our nation were always being fair and seeking justice for everyone even our enemies or people with whom we are at difference. This is the reason for all our protests today. Also it should be understood that if be stay quiet in the face of today's injustice we could not expect any sympathy from the world when we are the victims of it tomorrow

So before you jump on the cheap band wagon of calling everyone anti-Semite just because they criticise the unjust policies of Israel, and when most of countries in the world and even western media are in agreement about these injustices, please get your fact straight and for god sake man do some research and study before shooting your mouth off and putting down your nation.

Better luck next time.

Bruce Roshanravan

July 19


Labeling as a way out of a complex conflict

In response to Leila Farjami's "Feeding the fire" and Shalom Deen's "Comparing Israel to Hitler utterly outrageous":

Dear Ms. Farjami,

Thank you for writing "Feeding the fire". The psychological perspective you have offered plays a fundamental and life-altering role in driving thoughts, emotions, attitudes, and decisions of both the perpetrators and the victims of war crimes such as those being committed by Isreal in Lebanon and Plaestine.

Terrorizing and killing of civilians is abhorring and must be condemned regardless of who is committing them, Israel or Hezbolah, or anyone else.

Regretfully, Israel is the only nation in the world which openly and unashamedly plans and executes terror attacks as official policy with the goal of terrorizing and killing civilians and destroying civilian infrastructure. We are witnessing fragments of it on our television screesn with horror and despair. Other call it collateral damage! They even sometimes apologize for it! But not Israel. Israel calls it self defense. It is profoundly sadenning to see that human life is losing its meaning and value to the children of the survivors of Hitler's crimes and atrocities in WWII.

I do not judge Israel or any other nation claiming respect for human life and peace with the standards of their opponents. They should be held to their own alleged standards. And that is where they fail miserably.

It does seem very likely that the policy of agression and indiscriminant killings of civilians by Israel is indeed designed based on their knowledege of the effectiveness of psychological manipulation of victimized populations in the middle east.

Mr Sholom Deen writes: "I've often wanted to believe that the majority of Iranians do not harbor the racist, anti-semitic, fanatical Islamist positions of the current Iranian government. But articles such as those by Ms. Farjami leave me with little hope."

Read the above paragraph carefully. It is unfortunate that Mr. Deen chooses to write in such a condescending tone. What he is really saying is that if you express any objections to Israel's actions, you harbor "the racist, anti-semitic, fanatical Islamist positions of the current Iranian government." You see how simple it is?!

Mr. Deen, please think before you label people. Labeling people is the easy way out of a complex conflict. If you choose the easy way out, please be creative. Anti semitic is just plain too generic. It is miused so much that It hardly means anything anymore, just like any other overused and misused lable. Far more than Israel, the people of the middle east (Iranians and non Iranians) are struggling with fanaticism and ignorance. They have paid the highest price for their struggle against fanaticism with their lives and livelihoods. Mr. Deen is no position to lecture us on that topic.

Fanaticim and terrorism are not mere labels that we choose to apply selectively against whomever we hate. They are thoughts, attitudes, and actions. Israel is no exception when it comes to fanaticism and terrorism. The fact that Israeli policies are now part of the problem fueling the growth of fanaticism is increasingly observed by many western middle east experts and analysts. Anyone who refuses to see (or perhaps unable to see) these facts is either a beneficiary of the current bloodshed or simply blinded by religious and ethnic zeal.

Majority of Iranians are indeed against racism and fanaticism. They respect human life. Objections to Isreali policies and actions do not change that fact. Ms. Farjami's article is written in that same spirit of longing for peace and humanity and outrage against crime and destruction committed in the name of self defense, Islam, fighting terror, or in any other name for that matter.

Joseph Milani


Raise ourselves up by putting others down

In response to Leila Farjami's "Feeding the fire":

Dear Leila,

More and more I find my fellow Iranians defending their country by denouncing Israel. Why is this? Why are we so intolerant of the fact that Israel is the ONLY democratic nation in the middle east that has made more advancements and contributions to the world in 58 years that Iran has made in its entire existance. As educated human beings, I do not think it appropriate for us to raise ourselves up by putting others down.

I am particularly taken aback by your audacity to comparing Israelis, many of which ascended from the ashes of the Holocaust, to Hitler. This is an outwardly offensive, conniving, and irresponsible claim. Before taking up space on the Internet, you should have considered a few facts, as any responsibile journalist would have:

1. Israel left Lebanon 5 years ago by way of a UN treaty and has been out completely ever since.

2. The UN states unequivocally that the border between Israel and Lebanon is to be monitored by Israel and Lebanon-- not Hezbollah.

3. Hezbollah is a TERRORIST organization. This is a fact, and it is undisputed.

4. Iran, in conjunction with Syria, has long taken Lebanon's fragile state as hostage and used it is a diving board for expressing aggression toward Israel -- obviously because both Iran and Syria know better than to attack Israel directly. The moment Syria and Iran saw Lebanon moving towards a stable government, they expressed their so-called devotion to their Arab bretheren by killing Rafik Harriri so as to dismantle any hope for a stable government in Lebanon.

5. Since leaving Lebanon, Israel has showed intense restraint toward provocations from Hezbollah because as history has demonstrated time and again, Israel wants peace. Regretably, Hezbollah misunderstood Israel's restaraint for weakness. This was a miscalculation of epic proportions and they are now paying a high price for it. But should they really be surprised?

6. The Israel Defense Forces -- unlike any other army in the world -- dropped leaflets in Lebanon 12-24 hours before bombing to alert civilians to evacuate. Honestly Leila joon -- do you know of any other military who would go to such lengths to protect- in your words- unarmed men, women, and children? I do not.

7. Israel has given 3 very legitamate conditions for cease-fire:

a. Release the hostages
b. Give a strong answer as to who will monitor the border (U.N, etc.)
c. Dismantle Hezbollah as a terrorist organization

-- Are these requests too much to ask? I think not.

For such a lovely young lady, you seem to have a very ugly and distorted image of the world. Now is hardly the time for us Iranians to defend our motherland because the Iran of today has very little to to with the Iran that you and I knew many years ago. IRAN FUNDS INTERNATIONAL TERRORISM and until it ceases to do so, I would reccomend you not waste your time writing such uninformed pieces demonstrating your blind alligience. Since when do we Iranians have such steadfast devotion to the Arab world? Is it because we really care for them, or because we really hate Israel and are jumping on their bandwagon of hatred?

I don't know about you Leila khanoom, but as an educated individual who values human rights and world peace, I can and will not defend a country that has devoted its entire existance to hatred and destruction.

Also, please remember that when you speak your mind in a public forum such as Iranian.com, many readers may inadvertantly interpret your thoughts as the thoughts of all Iranian-Muslims and making such ludicrious and irresponsble remarks can only damage our image further. The world already hates us enough and we should perpetuate that hatred through ignorance. Learn the facts and then speak your mind. Until then, I do not care to have a young, inexperienced, and unwise person as yourself speak on my behalf.

Best of luck in future endeavors.

A-R Eslamboli


Do not let the cheap shots bother you

In response to Leila Farjami's "Feeding the fire":

I could not help but voice my approval of Ms. Farjami's article. It sickens me to witness another cruel, deceitful and self- righteous attitude of Israel. I don't understand why humanity as a whole is standing by and allowing this holocaust by Israel to take place right in front of our eyes.

Thank you Ms. Farjami for your courage and clarity. Please do not let the cheap, overused, abusive, and insulting labeling of any differing views from some extremist and fanatical Israeilis as "anti-semitic" bother you.

My prose is not nearly as fluent and poignant as yours, so please keep on writing.



Killing innocent Palestinians is not the goal

In response to Leila Farjami's "Feeding the fire"

It is unfortunate that time and time again opinions such as Ms. Farjami's on Israel's brutality are stated with such zeal and confidence. Everytime I read such commentary about the Israeli-Palestinean conflict it just emphasizes the narrow minded approach to the issue. How is it that in the face of Israel's constant battle with the Hamas and Islamic Jihad's terrorists that Israel is labeled as the murdering side? How can one overlook the focus of Israel's targets such as the buildings where rockets are fired, the cars the terrorists use to transport their human and non-human bombs, the infrastructure of the terrorists' organization, the leaders of their movements, etc. etc? Compare this with the focus of Hamas's targets: civilians civilians civilians, and the occasional soldiers.

I in no way condone the killing of innocent Palestians and if there was a more effective way of achieving the goals that Israel is trying to accomplish, it would be much more humane and fair. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Unfortunately, innocent Palestinians are being killed, but not as a goal of the Israelis but rather as a horrible consequence.

Whenever I hear comments on the brutality of Israel's actions, I ask whether the writer of such comments appreciates the situation that Israel is in? Is the writer acknowledging the predicaments of both sides and not just concentrating on the poor and helpless Palestian population? Nevertheless it is understandable how people can see it from the perspective that Ms. Farjami sees it from. Israel has the weaponry, the better economy, and the better security; but does this necessarily result in Israel being to blame for all the tragedies that befall the Palestinian people?

It is also wrong for Israel to say that we are 100% right in whatever we do. No country is. There is always safer, more humane, less damaging alternatives that Israel can try. But this will only come when people in power think more deeply and with more concern about both sides of the picture. Israel cannot and should not say that we have to stop the terrorists in whatever way that we can. To think like this would result in a complete disregard for innocent civilian casualties.

As a Jew, I am proud of Israel's continuous effort to minimize civilian casualties, but I also hope in the future, bright-minded politicians will come up with more efficient ways. To not think this way is to become narrow minded and too set in one's ways to be able to come up with more peaceful solutions in an already turbelant conflict.

Richard Goldstein
Toronto, Canada


Clearly demonstrates her depth of misunderstanding

In response to Leila Farjami's "Feeding the fire":

Thank you Ms Farjami for giving us a college textbook analysis of victimisation!

The trouble is that while hastening to help her Hamas and Hezbollahi brothers and sisters, Ms Farjami makes no effort to distinguish between the cause and effect. She is, characteristically I hasten to add, too shy to admit that it was the Hezbollah who by stealing, torturing and refusing to hand back, the two Israeli soldiers, triggered the current cycle of fighting in the area.

And in likening the Nazi rule with that of the Israelis, Ms Farjami clearly demonstrates her depth of misunderstanding, to put it mildly, of that which the Nazis stood for and did and what the Jews have gone through during their long history.

Oh, yes, before I close, perhaps Ms Farjami would be kind enough to cite a few examples, from her history college textbook, of the Jewish suicide bombers blasting themselves in the midst of "unarmed" men, women and children on the buses and in the restaurants of Nazi Germany?



Why do you care?

In response to Leila Farjami's "Feeding the fire"

Listen you moron: Who started the latest problem? When the Hezbolah places their rocket launchers among the civilians, Israel has no other option but to take them out. I have another question for you: Why do you care? You are not either an Arab or Israeli... or maybe you are an idiot bleeding heart......so please shut up Ms. "psychologist".. find something worthwhile to do,



Excuses for failed country and civilization

In response to H. Saftar's "Trapping Iran":

Dear H. Saftar,

Although your conclusion that Iran will be the looser in this Hizbollah created fiasco is correct, your analysis is completely wrong do to the false and incomplete facts you use to get there. The 3 major flaws are as follows:

1) You state that it was very odd for the jeep with the Israeli soldiers to be wondering around the border as they did. For your edification, all the Hizbollah attacks during the past 6 years were conducted in the Sheba Farms area which the UN says is Syrian terittory and Hizbollah claims as Lebanees teritorry. The area was captured during the 1967 war from the Syrians. This was the first time Hizbollah attacked an area not in dispute (even though the dispute is complete b.s. just to have an excuse to keep the fighting going).

2) In another paragraph you say that Hizbollah saw this as a legitimate target and you say "(not even a civilian target)". Again, please read the news reports. Right before the attack, Hizbollah lunched rockets at Israeli towns (civilian areas) to create a diversion. Does lunching rockets at civilian areas by Hizbollah equal to "playing by the rules" as you claim?

3) You claim that Iran will gain nothing by these attacks. Please read the newspapers in the Arab world. For the first time in the Arab Israeli dispute, the Arabs are blaming the Arabs. Saudi Arabia blamed Hizbollah which is very unusual. Jordan and Egypt also joind in blaming the Hizbollah. Please read this article by the Daily Star from Lebanon:

Also read the NY Times Article re same.

When in the past 60 years of this conflict have you seen Arabs blaming Arabs?

Iran’s gain: Iran, a non-Arab/non-Sunni Islamic country, is controlling the Arab/Israeli peace process. In fact Iran has Hijacked the peace process. Just look at the facts:

1) Israel pulls out of Lebanon in 2000. In 2006 you have rockets falling on Israel from Lebanon by an Iranian funded/backed militia.

2) Israel pulls out of Gaza in 2005. In 2006 you have daily barrage of rockets falling on Israel by Hamas and Islamic Jihad- Groups funded by the Iranian regime.

The Arab politicians are for ending the conflict with Israel and the Arab street is for Hizbollah. Iran is pressuring the Arab leaders by stirring up the Arab masses. This is an attempted diversion of the issues the Arab leaders don't like to talk about openly: Iran's nukes. The Arabs fear it as much as Israel. You claim that you don’t believe in conspiracy theories. Please...

The only entity to blame for this Trap is the Islamic Republic with its turban wearing, uneducated, fascist leaders. It amazes me how the average Iranian like you finds excuses for their failed country and failed Iranian civilization.



Let people decide their own future

In response to Jerry Quill's "Middle East peace made easy":

It looks like you are in lala land or you are from another planet. When you land on earth please reconsider your article. You sound like Molla's of Islamic Republic, your opinions are like each side of a coin which makes perfect pair.

Have you seen or heard about this recent movie "Devil wears Prada", you know Fascism can wear democracy apparel too. Both of you like violence and bombing and keep throwing nasty words at each other poor Innocent people in the middle. Yes as an Iranian woman I want regime change with democratic values in Iran no I do not want any government to throw bombs in my motherland.

Let people decide their own future, they are capable of doing it. Stay out of internal affairs of other countries.Countries like Iran have been ravished and violated by couturiers like Russia(before Soviet Union), England and in fifties US Government for a long time. How do you think that makes us feel proud? Hurt?

Iran is mother to all of us ,we can look after her ,at least if we make a mistake we do not have to blame super powers for it.



Israel established to create fear

In response to Jerry Quill's "Middle East peace made easy":

Dear Mr. Jerry,

I am sorry for you. If this is your logic about Iranian Government, then the other nations should have done the same with Israel a long time ago which is a menace to the world peace and harmony.

Mr. Jerry, please get real and come out of your propagandas shell. Israel has been established in order to create fear and turmoil in the Middle East so USA and other so called industrial countries can sell their arms...

Shalom be with you....



Anti-leftist dogma

In response to Ali Sina's "Viva Oriana!":

Dear Mr. Sina,

I read, had a glance at, your long article. I share your views about Islam as a main problem of mankind; I express myself with the same allure and honesty in my articles as well. However, I disagree with a few points: Term "political Islam" is a conciliatory term to separate all Muslims from a bunch of Islamists and their God's state. It is used in international media as well.

Your extreme anti-communism makes you forget that communists have been in government and other political institutions in West(commuinist ministers under Mitterand in 81 and Jirac in 98, in Sweden, Finland,Italy,...) None of them was undemocratic!

Your unconditional devotion for capitalism is also a dogma, like any other dogma. There are many popular parties in Europe who criticise both wild capitalism and "totalitarian" communism, none of them is undemocratic!

True, most of the Left have illusions about the IRI and do not realise the danger of Islam. They still assimilate the IRI's anti-Americanism with some kind of anti-capitalism. This attitude of the left triggers our "hyper"-sensibility against them.

Marxism has many correct analysis, even for our modern societies, of course, its outdated aspect aside, it had played a positve role in the political consciousness and progress of democracy and social justice of contemporary man, maybe yours as well despite your anti-marxist dogma!

Growth or displacement of Muslim population in Europe is conditioned by some inevitable rules of social evolution, which cannot be stopped. It is like biological evolution -- some races tendenciously increse, while other reduce. We are still at the beginning of this evolution and have to be adaptive to it!

I propose restrict measures for pushing back the Islamic and suspicous institutions like Mosques, Tawheeds and othe centers in the non Islamic world while reinforcing all measures of integration. I appreciate your courageous views, but not your political lines.

Jahanshah Rashidian


She doesn't know a thing about Hitler

In response to Leila Farjami's "Feeding the fire":

Mrs. Leila Farjami is either not aware of hisotry of the Nazis or is letting her emotions win over her better self.

While I do not condone killing of civilians or anybody at all, Israel's curernt campaign in Lebanon and Gaza in no way compares to Hitler's goal of eliminating completely "undesired" races and dominating the world.

Mr. Farjami either doesn't know a thing about concentration camps and the final solutions or simply chooses to use rhoterics to give weight to her political agenda.

H. M. Jalili


This guy is going to be yesterday's news soon

On Pedram Moallemian's "Keep looking: Amir Abbas Fakhravar will liberate no one":

Have seen him and his likes before.

This guy is going to be yesterday's news soon, perhaps sooner than the rest of the outside opposition.

He is going to go where Reza Pahlavi, Rajavi couple and the rest of them have gone which is "no where".



Offensive and inappropriate expressions

On Golnaz Motarassed's "I hope they murder that son of a bitch Sheikh Hasan Nasrallah":

Dear Mr. Javid, As I was reading some of the pro and con letters on the Arab-Israeli issue, particularly about the ongoing bombardment of Beirut by Israeli forces, I noticed a comment written by Ms. Golnaz Motarassed.

Her letter is full of hate and bad language, making some readers like myself question if there is any restriction on your site for using such offensive and inappropriate expressions. To disagree and debate with someone about a very hot issue is one thing, but to viciously attack entire cultures, beliefs, and the history of many nations in order to defend her position is quite another.

I have always enjoyed reading the variety of views on many different subjects and issues on your website. But I have never come across any language so blatantly foul and insulting. I understand we all have issues and grievances about our present and past governments and countries, but we can certainly discuss them in an educated, respectful and tolerant manner.

Dear Mr. Javid, I would like to request that you post a clear policy on the use of offensive and foul language on your website in order to preserve the integrity of Iraninan.com and promote the continuation of healthy dialogue over all issues.



Expert on Achaemenid and Sasanian history

In memorium:

Prof. A. Shapur Shahbazi, professor of Iranian history at the Eastern Oregon University, lost hist battle with cancer this week.

Prof. Shahbazi was an expert on Achaemenid and Sasanian history and was considered an authority in many subjects concerning the Pre-Islamic Iranian history. Among his most significant contributions, in my opinion, was his research on the date of Zoroaster and the arguments he presented against the "Traditional Date of Zoroaster" held by many scholars, including the late W. B. Henning.

Prof. Shahbazi is survived by his wife and daughter. His death is surely a serious blow to Iranian studies and the study of history in general. May he rest in peace.

Khodadad Rezakhani

July 17


Comparing Israel to Hitler utterly outrageous

In response to Leila Farjami's "Feeding the fire":

Dear Editor:

Putting aside Leila Farjami's dubious qualifications for psychoanalyzing the collective Israeli psyche -- seems to me just oft-repeated but amateurish psychobabble -- her points comparing Israel to Hitler are utterly outrageous.

Hizbullah makes no compunction about targeting Israeli civilians, but we see no outrage from Farjami for such behavior. The fact that Hizbullah has not managed to kill more Israeli civillians is not for lack of trying. No one can argue that Hizbullah, Hamas, or their Syrian and Iranian sponsors have a moral problem with killing civillians; while all reasonable observers will realize that, had Israel not cared about the fate of civillians, the casualty rate would've been hundred-fold or more.

Those who cannnot recognize such simple facts show themselves to be blinded by religious and ethnic prejudice, and only further the cause fo strife and destruction in the world.

Israel is embroiled in a struggle against fanatics who wish to see her completely destroyed. To continue in the vein of amateur psychoanalysis, one should be rather inclined to analyze Israel's behavior as that of a person under unrelenting threats and murderous attacks. Of course, that would require recognition that it is fanatical Muslims opposed to any sort of peace who are responsible for Israel's behavior -- apparently an uncomfortable position for the likes of Ms. Farjami.

I've often wanted to believe that the majority of Iranians do not harbor the racist, anti-semitic, fanatical Islamist positions of the current Iranian government. But articles such as those by Ms. Farjami leave me with little hope.

Sholom Deen
Monsey, NY


Self-righteous war-mongering attitude

In response to Sholom Deen's "Comparing Israel to Hitler are utterly outrageous":

The overused rhetoric of labeling individuals who do not share the same biased view as yourself on the Israeli-Arabic conflicts "anti-semitic" is merely a cheap shot and outrageous. It's like the Bush Administration labeling legitimate concerns and complaints against its policies by Americans, "un-American" or "anti-American". Besides, I never condoned "killing" by either side; this is just another self-justifying excuse for refuting a viewpoint opposing yours.

As long as such bias and racism and ethnocentrism persists in this world, people will be murdering each other at the cost of preserving their unjust ideologies and positions. If what I have offered as my personal view is just psychobabble to your ears, I recommend that you visit this website: mecaforpeace.org established by a few Jewish-American citizens. They don't obviously hold the same self-righteous and war-mongering attitude as yours. How many of your so-called enemies and anti-semites need to die before you'll ever be content?

Denial takes its toll; some hundreds and thousands children have burned because you are frightened to self-educate. Ignorance serves the continuity of so-called comfort zones.

Leila Farjami


Peace will not come until both sides listen to each other

In response to Leila Farjami's "Self-righteous war-mongering attitude":

Ms. Farjami,

You misunderstood my closing paragraph. My reference of anti-Semitism was not to those who criticize Israel or Jews, but made, in passing, to the current Iranian government--more precisely, its leader, who is, yes, an unequivocal anti-semite and megalomaniac, who seeks not peace but a Middle East without a Jewish state. I don't take that back.

Your response made the issue about me, instead of the facts I was pointing out. Unlike you, who's labled me biased, self-righteous, and war-mongering, I haven't made any personal judgements about you (other than to question your qualifications for collective psycho-analysis--not a serious offense, I believe), only referring in the abstract to those who can't recognize the value in hearing both sides.

Since you so passionately argue against overused simplifications, you should be the first to object to comparisons of Israel to Nazis, a clearly preposterous comparison.

Bias, racism, and ethnocentrism are indeed what drive the despair, the killings, and the dehumanization -- from both sides. All parties in this conflict have grievances, many legitimate, many not. Peace will not come until both sides listen to each other, instead of using hateful rhetoric (not to mention hateful and murderous acts).

You know nothing of my biases. I haven't indicated in the slightest that I condone *any* actions of the Israeli government. I wasn't writing to defend Israel's actions, but to point out that your article ignored important facts that must be taken into consideration. My personal bias, if you really want to know, is for Jews to get out of Israel, a country established on questionable moral grounds, not to mention the region being fairly inhospitable to them.

Unfortunately, that's about as realistic as asking all whites in the U.S. to move back to Europe. So what we need are ideas for moving forward, and the best I can come up with is for people to listen to each other, and a good start is for people to stop spouting preposterous comparisons to Nazi Germany and Apartheid South Africa.

There have been many inspiring figures who've laid aside their prejudices and listened, with courage and strength, to the voices on the oposing side, and those are the ones that should inspire us. People such as Anwar Sadat, Shimon Peres, King Abdullah of Jordan (and his grandfather, the late King Hussein), Mahmoud Abbas, Sari Nusseibeh, Rabbi Michael Melchior (who was called by the Zionist Organization of America a "left wing, self-hating Jew"), and many writers, activists, and other individuals working for mutual understanding. Those are the only people who have so far made a difference. A whole world of Arab and Israeli bloggers has sprouted in recent years, and they've been talking and listening to each other, often disagreeing strongly, but respectfully. It is that kind of phenomenon that should give one hope for a peaceful future.


Sholom Deen
Monsey, NY


I hope they murder that son of a bitch Sheikh Hasan Nasrallah

In response to "un fricken believable" comment in regards to the news item, "BBC: Israel intensifies attacks on Lebanon with fresh air raids on Beirut airport and sites in southern suburbs":

I have to tell you your little comments above news headlines on the left hand corner are annoying. You want to report the news openly and allow everyone to have an opportunity to read anything and everything then do that and stop with your opinions above each piece written especially the ones relative to Israel. You know I don't get it this newfound love of Arabs and their religion that has shitted all over our country and our history. We have Arabs basically running the country, or Arab reekht as we called them in college. The damn Palestinians took a million dollars cash of our money during the war with Iraq, smiled in our faces and within 72 hours was kissing Sadams ass and saying Khorrahm Shahr should be Arab Shahr for the Palestinians.

Also this crap I'm reading about civilians, they murder us Jews in the streets all the time they target civilians all the time. We do not do this. This is a war if anyone has a tactical military background they will see the places the IDF hit and think yes this was all MILITARY TARGETS. Israel DOES NOT TARGET CIVILLIANS. Remember we gave them Gaza and what they build a tunnel into our side and capture a soldier we cannot give them anything because Layaghatesho nadaran.

You are crying for Lebanon? You are crying for that bastard mullah who helps fund the murdering regime in Iran? and that kesafat Ideology you all spend hours lamenting about and writing articles about. Remember in our "glory days" we were historically very good to the Jews we have the largest Jewish population in the ME outside of Israel; the shah had an excellent relationship with Israel. Our people were civilized and cried with the slain athletes at Munich.

I'm tired of this bullshit about Palestinians. They blow up our children they murdered a pregnant woman in her car with her 4 daughters. They use ambulances to murder our students they attack us at the Olympics they attack us in our schools on our buses in our disco techs. You want to kiss Arab ass go ahead but we have our own issues in Iran courtesy of their fucked culture and religion, they have taken back women's stance in Iran decades they have ruined the society for free thinkers and young intellects. So go ahead dellatuhn besooze Ama vase KHODETUN BESUZE...

When a suicide bombing happens in Israel we have a team of Religious Jews come and clean up the bodies, they do their best to put the bodies together the pieces of flesh and blood all to be buried according to our laws, we also clean up the body of the bomber we put it back together with respect because a human body is made by G-d and we don't desecrate the body of the son of a bitch who murdered our people. We have it buried according to their religious tenants. We are a civilized people dealing with butchers.

Ask yourself this when the Arabs had control of Israel what Jewish religious building remained untouched, we have all our damn signs in Arabic as well as Hebrew, we never as a military destroyed their places of prayer ever actually we guard their damn places.
It is simple you live in a building that houses terrorists that will blow up Israelis we will move in and blow the building up. If you want to become a person that murders our citizens we will remove all the members of your family and we will demolish your home. You want to attack us in the street we will shoot back.

You want to be a butcher? We will respond. What the hell is unbalanced force anyway? A war is to win. I hope they murder that son of a bitch Sheikh Hasan Nasrallah and maybe then the Lebanese can have some peace and not focus their life on fighting Israel and murdering Jews. Maybe then Iran will have a shaking of the Hezbolla party when they see it fall apart in Lebanon. Let me add a large percentage of Lebanese will rejoice when Israel kills that bastard.

Instead of just being blind and thinking ohhh they are refuges ohhh they are being harmed by the Zionist regime ohh.. GROW THE HELL UP read the history and be intellectually responsible for your views.

Golnaz Motarassed


Pretext to attack Iran

In response to Sholom Deen's "Comparing Israel to Hitler are utterly outrageous":

I fear that all may not be as it seems with the attacks on Hizbollah but a pretext for an esclation of violance on a wider scale, a scale that will include Iran.

Allan Welsh


Get them Gatorade!

In response to Reza Mazaheri and Jahanshah Javid's "Ganji in New York":

You gotta give the hunger strikers some Gatorade!!! Water will cause electrolyte imbalance and will land them in hospital with a heart attack!!!

From what I see in your pictures, they are all older men who more than likely have heart disease. Get them Gatorade!



This is a setup

In response to video, "Dutch reporter molested":

I am willing to bet you anything that this is a setup. Just look at it, see both their reactions. I request that you remove it.

Sina Toossi


Too young to undertsand consequesnces

In response to MZ's "He is genuine and good natured"

I have all the sympathy in the world for Amir Abbas Fakhravar and all the rest of the prisoners who have been beaten and tortured and have loved ones dead. But i do not buy the "good natured" and genuine, and "all he wants is freedom for iranians", as principles which Iranians must place their beliefs upon. Don't they all want freedom and democracy for iran? What other slogans should they use in promoting for their campaigns?

The precise fact that it is the Right wing dreaming up plans to promote democracy in iran should be the wake up call for Iranians to resist with all their might against their movemnet. He claims that all the youngsters in iran are pro-americans and pro-Western. Why? simply because they are dazzled by all things western. That is why. They are too young to understand the long term consequesnces, because they are too young to care about the political process in their country.

Kyle saghafi


Please find a way to relocate yourslef to a strict Islamic nation

In response to Mehdi Abusaleh's "How ridiculously anti-Islamic"

Allow me to reminde you that you are under no pressure whatsoever to read any kind of unislamic views including but not limited to the ones published in iranian.com. You can avoid all your huffing and puffing by simply reading your good old fashion Quran which I'm willing to bet you have not read cover to cover yet, so save yourself the trouble and don't bother.

Also from your "g'day mate" one can assume you live in Australia which is part of the infidel Western world. Please find a way to relocate yourslef to a strict Islamic nation where you'd be comfortably sheltered from unislamic propaganda by the government's censorship office.

So please piss off.




Maraa beh khair-e to omid neist, shar maresan!

On Zohreh Khazai Ghahremani "Where they have been":

As always I look forward to your articles and find the subject matter pertinent and to the point. In this case I am with you. I read else where where the commentator had not even read the book and based her views on an interview. That is truly asinine!

Anyway the way you ended the article was interesting. “Maraa beh khair-e to omid neist, shar maresan!” Says a lot about the level of commentary floating around.



Sange badbakhti

Answer to quiz on Ahmadinejad's ring:

Sange Badbahkti-ye Iran e azize maa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



You don't have to travel to 'exotic' places

On Jahanshah Javid's "Me media":

Proof that you don't have to travel to 'exotic' places to produce an excellent photo essay.

Ramin Seddiq


Stop the sick guy

On Hossein Hajiagha's cartoons:

Thank you very much for your amazing site. But would you please stop Hajiagha? I am all for freedom of speech but I think Hajiagha is sick. He needs therapy and a good site like Iranian.com is wrong place for him to express his horrible anxieties.

Pamela Karimi


Move to worthy section

On Mazloom's "Creative sofa":

A couple of words worth mentioning regarding Mazloom's and Maziar Shirazi's comments on "Tamaskhorism" written by this humble non-contributing critic.

I have not wished Mazloom and Co's contributions to be censured, but just moved to a section worthy of their contents because they are neither cartoons nor satire, regardless of the length of time used to produce them. No sir, no censorship here but I am glad to have Maziar Shirazi's permission to express my ideas even though I am not contributing anything of my own. That is, despite all, an improvement on the mentality that has cursed us Iranians since the Big Bang.

Another thing is that I never protested the lack of wanting to change something. Yes there are things I like to see changed by I never promote use of force to obtain the desired changes, be it my country, myself, others, or a pixel. Just maybe my sofa, I use many hours on it but the damn thing is neither contributing nor criticizing, and I have all but given up teaching it to pixelize.



Islamic threat to the West

In response to Ali Sina's "Viva Oriana!":

Ali Sina's article is the best, most realistic assestment of Islamic threat to civilization.

His sharp writing, concise approach to the problem, and logical thinking cuts deep at the heart of political correctness that prevails on Iranian.com when it comes to the left- leaning writers, and academicians. Ali Sina is vividly bringing to the reader the extensive hypocracy that these so called intellectuals, and academicians suffer from.

He correctly points out to their out-dated ideology and their miserable failure to reconcile these beliefs with what has taken place in the world in the past two decade.

I can with certainty say that most of our so called intellectuals on the left, and there is a growing list here on Iranian.com are absolutely blinded with their hatred of U.S., and the western world. Ironically, none can sufficiently answer why they still live here, why none of them move to Cuba, North Korea, China, or in the case of the defenders of Islam, and Islamic country, to Iran, Saudi Arabia, and other such wonderful places?

The most wonderful sentence in Ali Sina's article is about cultural relativism. No two cultures are equal, and therefore should not be treated in the same way. Let's cut the academic abstract, and often nonsense put forth by people like Sadri. The very fact that I can, as an Iranian, go to Pennsylvania St. in the heart of washington DC, and loudly say "fuck you George Bush" without repercussion, and that if I even mildly criticize some low-grade towel head in Iran would at the very least land me in Evin should tell you the difference between the two cultures.

Kudos to Ali for his courage, and I wish him all the best and luck in his endeavors.



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