January 2007

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January 13


I can hear God saying to America, "You're too arrogant!"

In response to Jason King's "Letter from America":

Mr. Jason King:

You are absolutely right Iranians like everyone else in the world want to live in peace and harmony. However, I find it most appropriate to respond to your article by quoting one of the greatest men of our time, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.:

"In international conflicts, the truth is hard to come by because most nations are deceived about themselves. Rationalizations and the incessant search for scapegoats are the psychological cataracts that blind us to our sins. But the day has passed for superficial patriotism. He who lives with untruth lives in spiritual slavery. Freedom is still the bonus we receive for knowing the truth. 'Ye shall know the truth,' says Jesus, 'and the truth shall set you free.'"

This seems quite applicable to you sir, and the President of this country, and the rest of the warmongers who are pressing for greater violence and expansion of war into Iran and Syria.

I would highly recommend if you really care about the destiny of humanity as a true Christian, before you make false remarks based on unfounded information and ignorance that you do your homework, unlike the President of the US who has dragged us into war with Iraq based on false propaganda and pretext of "WMDs". A war which has to date caused the deaths of over 3000 American soldiers, 700,000+ deaths of Iraqi civilians, displacement of several millions of Iraqi's from their homes, and a country turned into hell, and let's not discuss the trillions of dollars of tax payers money that has been waged because the President of this country lied to us and the world. As such, before you falsely accuse Iran of developing nuclear weapons, which to this date there has been no proof of any kind from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), if you have bothered to read the reports, which I doubt, this is nothing but another pretext for the warmongers in this country to wage a war against another oil rich nation in the Middle East, Iran.

With regards to the US military superiority we and the rest of the world are fully aware of this. In fact, this is exactly why America loves war, it is considered good for the economy; as such, the more the better. The fact that powerful beneficiaries of war dividends flourish in an atmosphere of war and international convulsion should not come as a surprise to anyone. What is surprising is that, in the context of the recent US wars of choice, these beneficiaries have also acquired the power of promoting wars, often by manufacturing "external threats to our national interest." In other words, profit-driven beneficiaries of war have also evolved as war makers, or contributors to war making. Without wars where would we be?? Are these the madmen that you are speaking of?

In response to America being trusted with nuclear weapons, no sir we do not trust the US. The US has been the only country in the world which in fact has used nuclear weapons against countries, or have you forgotten Hiroshima and Nagasaki!! Iran does not have such a track record!! The US does.

In response to your comment about rectifying your mistake about not having taken care of Iran 25 years ago, sir you are totally mistaken. The US with its misguided foreign policy has meddled exorbitantly into the affairs of Iran, preventing socio, political, and economic development of Iran. In fact it has been precisely because of US foreign intervention into the affairs of a sovereign nation that Iran is suffering. If my comments are puzzling, I suggest that you pick up any history book or read the CIA intelligence reports and I am sure you will get a very quick and easy read on U.S. intervention in Iran.

I find your arrogance and pride about the devastation that the US can inflict on Iran and its people so contrary to what you preach as a "good Christian" that again, I need to quote Dr. Martin Luther King. Hopefully as a Christian you can learn something from this great man whose compassion for all of humanity lives with us forever.

"It is time for all people of conscience to call upon America to come back home. Come home, America. Omar Khayyam is right: "The moving finger writes, and having writ moves on." I call on Washington today. I call on every man and woman of good will all over America today. I call on the young men of America who must make a choice today to take a stand on this issue. Tomorrow may be too late. The book may close. And don't let anybody make you think that God chose America as his divine, messianic force to be a sort of policeman of the whole world. God has a way of standing before the nations with judgment, and it seems that I can hear God saying to America, "You're too arrogant! And if you don't change your ways, I will rise up and break the backbone of your power, and I'll place it in the hands of a nation that doesn't even know my name. Be still and know that I'm God… With this faith, we'll sing it as we're getting ready to sing it now. Men will beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks. And nations will not rise up against nations, neither shall they study war anymore. And I don't know about you, I ain't gonna study war no more."

What a difference between two human beings, two Christians, two men of God, one who preaches love, peace and humility and another like you who is advocating war, conflicts, devastation, and arrogance.

Massy Homayoun


To go to war with Iran would be disastrous

In response to Jason King's "Letter from America":


The concern on your part is understood. However, Iran has overthrown governments in the past and set up a free democratic government with Dr. Mohammed Mossadegh as the president. Britain and the U.S. did not like this, because unlike the Shah he was not for selling mindless amounts of oil for inadequate prices. The CIA set up a coup to over through Iran’s first freely elected present in favor of reinstatement of the Shah so that the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company could retain advantageous prices. Later on when the Iranian people felt deceived and cheated they again overthrew the Shah in hopes of a new leader. Unfortunately the Ayatollah and Mullah’s came in to power. Once again Iran is left to reinvent its self, and pick a new leader. Iran had its freedom ready to blossom. It wasn’t given the opportunity to flourish due to the greed of a few.

Side Bar: Persians are one of the only peoples who retain both a culture and language that goes back 3000 years the other two would be the Chinese and the Greeks. The reason for it’s continued existence is simple, tenacity, intelligence, and a sense of stubborn regal pride. I don’t know why but that is just how Persians are built.

To go to war with Iran would be disastrous. Persians have held off invaders at the cross roads of the world for 3000 years. From Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Turks, Mongols, Western Expansions, Russians or even a U.S. backed Iraq. And yet; it still exists, with the same language, history, and culture. (Don't mistake Persians with Arabs they two entirely diffent peoples. I always like to give this example: Germany and France may share the same boarders and religions. They may even share similar features. But would you ever make the mistake of calling a German a Frenchman? Try it out sometime and see the reaction.)

History tends to repeat it’s self. We all know that, and most educated people should be cognizant of possible consequences of their actions.

Historical fact: G.W. has run every business he ever owned into the ground. What makes you think he can run a war? Check that; what makes you think he can run a war on three different fronts? If you ask me; the guy is a Kamikaze, he is going down in flames, and he wants to take us all with him.

Other theories: The guy has been known to be a both a former alcoholic, and coc-head. He has an addictive personality, and may be he is addicted to war. Dunno... Regardless.. I have friends in the armed forces, and I respect your commitment immensely. Take care of yourself Jason, and come back home safe.



We don't need your prayers

In response to Jason King's "Letter from America":


I happen to know that most Americans are not like everyone else in the world. The new generation which includes the imperial grunts like you, just want to loaf, lounge, slack, and live their life like bums.

It's a very small percentage of people excluding your commander-in-chief that actually bother to read and learn anything about the world they're taking up space in. Yes, god does give all humans the free will to choose whom they serve and as evident from your typical magnum opus, most Americans have chosen to dish up to the blissful realm of ignorance.

We don't need your prayers and if you don't want to see the slaughter of millions of innocent Iranians for the benefit of a select few and if you really want to take care of individuals, organizations, and states that support terror; then get your butt off that coach and demand accountability from the war-profiteering chicken hawks in Washington that will have no qualms about sacrificing you and thousands of other brain-washed like you to bolster their bank accounts. Those are the mad men you should be trying to stop.

No Jason, rest assured we don't take these threats likely, as deep regret will be their only solace should they decide to act on their dim-witted menace.

Daniel M Pourkesali


Leave your uniform and your cocky sense of moral superiority in the closet

In response to Jason King's "Letter from America":

Dear Mr. King

Here's a sugegstion: Leave your uniform and your cocky sense of moral superiority in the closet, go to the library instead and get yourself up to date about who is messing/has messed with whom. Three ideas to start your research:

-In 1953 the CIA helped overthrow Iran's democratically elected Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadegh.
-In the aftermath of that coup, the CIA helped set up SAVAK, the Shah's brutal secret service.
-In the Iran-Iraq war, the U.S. government provided Saddam Hussein (ring a bell?) with satellite intelligence for the purpose of attacking Iranian soldiers with chemical weapons.

Iran might have some ignorant leaders, but the majority of the Iranian people are not ignorant. Sometimes I wonder whether the same can be said of the U.S.

Kian Ramezani


I will pray for all Iranians, and Americans

In response to Jason King's "Letter from America":

>>> Full text Word doc



Screaming crap all the time

In response to Jason King's "Letter from America":

And this is exactly why you Americans are in such a mess all around the world. Sticking your fingers in your ears, shutting your eyes (like a little baby whose candy has been taken away) and screaming this sort of crap all the time.



Watch and write about John Wayne

In response to Jason King's "Letter from America":


I read quite a lot of comments and articles on the U.S-Iran issues on a daily basis. Most of them are too naïve to be qualified for a response, and yours is certainly one of them. I just suffice to say that "The Greatest Enemy of Knowledge is Not Ignorance, It is Illusion of Knowledge". Play in your own league. Watch and write about John Wayne and "Rocky" movies not Middle East issues.

Esfandiar Bakhtiar


How our meddling has cost us

In response to Jason King's "Letter from America":

Dear Jason,

Please, save your empty threats for the "mad-minute" on talk radio. As a half christian-half moslem, I don't find it very christian of you, and I would highly recommend that instead, you do something many of our fellow Americans don't seem too keen on doing these days, and that is to read our own history for a change. At least before we bluster about.

As a member of this current and largely ignorant (you're not stupid, you just don't know a lot of stuff) generation of Americans, you have mistaken yourself to be the unlikely inheritors of that generation of WWII Americans, who saved the world from real tyranny. In fact we are not, we are more likely the inheritor of those uninspired Americans who were unlucky enough to have been drafted and forced to fight in Vietnam, and as current history (which is still fresh enough to be considered fact) shows, we're having about the same level of success.

This time, what appeared to be a 2-weekends a month adult version of the Boy Scouts, namely the National Guard, has bitten much more than once. I don't fear more of our troops getting killed in Iraq, I fear the mental state and DSS-ridden unpredictability of those that will be coming home.

I wish, American might was resolved to solve the problems you promise emptily, that it will.

Instead, what appears more likely, is that the US with it's self advertised "mightiest army in the world" "Army of one" and now "Army Strong" cannot this time, as it could not the last time, subdue, even the smallest of Asian backwater nations. The problem with advertising, comes about when you start actually believing your own hype. In fact this army has not lived up to it's advertised prowess. As the 7 generals who have in less than 3 years, retired to write book-deal laden memoirs shows, this army apparently can't do the job. Even the President thinks "An Army of One " is not enough, maybe that's why he thinks that 21,500 more troops, sounds like it ought to exactly "Git' 'er Done". Although he won't have to worry about it soon, and never mind that everyone, including you, knows that Osama is not actually in Iraq.

In the "Big One" the US had a (surprisingly un-religious) moral compass of common sense and genuine concern, and a desire to help, that is severely lacking this time around, just as it was in Vietnam. As evident in your hate-filled religious rhetoric. I thought Christians were supposed to forgive? Has that been edited out of the King James edition? Is that what your PTL club membership sends in the newsletter? Or are you reading the Book of Mormon this week? You don't seem to heed the actual principles of a faith that you are all too willing to be continually reborn into, and insist on wearing proudly on your sleeve.

Now, I don't want to remind you of your particular religious principles. But I will insist on reminding you of your history.

In the Big One when the US subdued far more threatening dogmas such as the Germans, and the Japanese, it happened with a Marshall Plan. Let me emphasize the word Plan. The Marshall Plan had as it's primary basis, the complete occupation of both Germany and Japan. Simultaneously. This occupation, one can argue, continues even today, as the largest concentration of US troops outside of the US is still based strongly in these 2 countries.

While I won't suggest that the US should occupy Iraq to this extent, well... actually now that I think about it, at this point, that's pretty much what it's going to take. At least if you want to leave the Iraqis with what we left the Germans and Japanese with. And don't forget Afghanistan. Putting former Unocal employees in charge of Afghanistan and calling it homegrown, isn't what anyone would consider to be Afghan democracy in action. At least John Wayne wouldn't accept it.

In Germany and Japan, we essentially rebuilt their entire infrastructure, as well as their political systems. Heck, we even gave the Japanese comic books and the concept of quality manufacturing! The result? Even you know the result, if you didn't know about the comic book reference.

We don't see this same level of interest in Iraq do we? As we did not see it in Vietnam.

The other part of our history that bears emphasis, is that while the recent execution of Saddam somewhat closes the book on Iraq's 30+ years of horror. Keep in mind that the person who opened and shut this book, namely Donald Rumsfeld, or someone I like to call the "John McNamara" of his time (look it up you'll love this reference!), was recently "honored" at his long due (but interestingly early) retirement. Honored? What I thought was most poignant during his send off was the puzzling 19 gun salute, instead of the usual 21 gun version. Apparently, as during this entire Iraq war, former secretary Rumsfeld felt he could accomplish this task more economically, with less troops than normally called for!

You mention Iran? Look it up and see how our meddling has cost us the embarrassing price of the hostage crisis and created yet another bitter enemy. Not Rumsfeld's fault this time, but certainly tag team duo Kermit Roosevelt and Don Wilber (Greatest Hit, "Operation Ajax" Get it? No? Look it up!), were 2 of his heroes.

War with Iran? Syria? While anything is possible with these caliber of un-American and traitorously corporate sponsored politicians, if our recent track record is any indication, it doesn't look good. I would rather pull out and leave them to their own internal squabbles. Most of these squabbles are a direct result of us being there. Once we are gone, they usually figure it out on their own. The have like 5,000 years of Mesopotamian history doing so.

What we need to do is use some of your newfound christianity, as a guide to detect good friends from evil bedfellows, right from wrong, instead of what multinational corporate America wants, and behave accordingly.

God Bless You, and God Bless America, and while we're at it, God Bless everyone else in this rapidly warming globe too! Hell, why not the whole Universe while we are at it! After all, is your God omnipotent or what!

Bruce Bahmani


It's the booze talking

In response to Jason King's "Letter from America":

They say one picture is worth a thousand words. Even though it's clear that it's the booze talking through Mr. King (along with a possible homoerotic obsession with President Bush), the graphic accompanying his article really seems to reflect his words as they describe what he thinks America is all about -- kicking ass and taking names.

I personally think that this picture is a better response from a "real" American than anything I could compose in response. It's what *I* think this country is all about. (Or not.)

Karla Johnson


Another mistake of invading a country of 70 million

In response to Jason King's "Letter from America":

Jason king:

don't ever ever doubt the will of the iranian people and our love for our country. you or any other filthy American pig soldier steps foot on our soil and we will kill and decapitate every one of you. iranians are not like Arabs-we are UNITED and we are much more passionate about our country. you stick to terrorizing iraq and afghanistan. you make another mistake of invading a country of 70 million and you will pay a price far higher than anything you've seen in iraq. and by the way shove your christian prayers up your mother's wrinkled vagina.

cheers, mate.



Aggressive on company time

In response to Jason King's "Letter from America":

Aerogel apparently does not provide insulation from blasts of hot air coming out of your mouth.

You should spend your time and your company's money on working for them not visiting Iranian sites and posting messages. I think you are wasting the company's money and good reputation and really achieving nothing but bad publicity for your self as obviously the company will distance itself from your disgraceful depication of Pres. Bush with a tattoo and your aggressive tone while you are using the company's email address.

For future reference, please use your own private email address. It just shows more grasp of business etiquette.

Good luck with your next job.

Greetings, An Iranian with a good sense of humor.

Amir Shoja


Name your price

In response to Jason King's "Letter from America":

Okay. This is enough, I am willing to buy the great name iranian.com from you... so you can publish redneck / white trtash letters under different name.

Name your price.



Finish the mess in Iraq first

In response to Jason King's "Letter from America":

Before you talk about winning another war - especially with Iran - you must finish the mess you have already made in Iraq. By the way, I am an American as well, but not like you.



Iranians won’t take American bull-crap either

In response to Jason King's "Letter from America":

Your prayers are ammusing. But you seem to be the victim of political rhetoric and brainwash. You are being force-fed the idea that Iranians with a nuclear weapon is a bad thing. Don’t be greedy, Mr. “I Love America and Will Bare Arms to Defend Her Again”. As I’m reading your suck-up letter, I can’t help but yawn and wonder why God has allowed his people the choice to be so easily gullible. I don’t care what the politicians say. America isn’t threatened. Israel isn’t threatened. They are the last ones that will be targeted by hostile nations. We all know about Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) and why this will ultimately prevent the release of an atomic war.

Face it, if Iran has a bomb (and I pray to God that they do), then that means American forces can’t touch Iran and steal Iranian resources like they are in Iraq and Kuwait. No way whatsoever is your fear about madmen having a bomb legit! Those madmen, no matter how bad they are to the Iranian citizen, know very well that they can never, ever initiate a strike against any nation! They haven’t for the past 500 years (can America boast the same?) Iran initiating a strike would be suicidal because no one in this world of ours takes crap from anyone. Americans won’t take it from Iranians (quoting you: “If you mess with our country, you will live to regret it.”); but likewise, Iranians won’t take American bull-crap either. The only thing that a nuclear bomb does for Iran is provide a sweet-ass insurance policy; a policy of deterrence. Mr.King, you are just sitting at home praying because you want bully around another country because you are fed up with paying $2.45 at the pump. Go suck a lemon. And then when you are done, please go suck an egg. Then when you are done doing that, pray some more, because I have more things I can suggest you suck on.

Iran is a great country. The government has its ups and downs, but those things will straighten out themselves in the next decade. Don’t flatter yourself thinking that Iran hates America. You are not that special, turst me. Iranians have more important things on their mind: stem cell research, robotics, chess, and juicy tender kabob. Clean up your mess in Afghanistan and Iraq, then schedule an appointment and sit down with an Iranian politician. Tell him why you are so good. Then come back here, because I know he won’t care what you have to say.

Iranians want freedom and happiness and all that junk. But theres was a time in the early 1950’s when America didn’t want that to happen (Google Iran, Dr.Mossadegh, CIA). America fudged up big time. Please please please please….don’t annoy me with your good intentions to bring peace and freedom and liberty to a country that is so miserable. Honestly, we’ve heard that shit before. America doesn’t mean it. If they did, they wouldn’t have taken it away from us (once again, google : Iran, Dr. Mossadegh, CIA). Come on Jason! You are like a mosquito in my ear! I swear, I’m going to get some bug repellent because you are starting to give me an itch!

Anyway, I have a calculus exam in 10 minutes. Thanks for the distraction.

I know why I’m writing this; because jerk-offs like you constantly think you are being patriotic by listening to the politicians whose job it is to scare you shitless so that you feel obligated to fight. Go on, fight. You will live to regret it.

Arash Hosseini


Wishing you a speedy recovery

In response to Jason King's "Letter from America":

Please replace the steroids you are taking with Prozac my friend and then try writing your love letter to Iranians.

Wishing you a speedy recovery and a quick return from the bipolar kingdom.

Kamyar Zahedi


Chances of you returning alive to your family will be slim to none

In response to Jason King's "Letter from America":

Mr. Jason King,

In your letter you have touched on few different points such as nukes, religion, war, and peace. Not sure what you are trying to say. But my advise to you is that if you decide to put on the uniform and take arms to go to war with Iran leave a good will behind and make sure your life insurance is up to date and covers all death scenarios. Because chances of you returning alive to your family will be slim to none. I also advise you to stop listening to speeches given by madmen in charge of nukes.



You are talking like a master of the world

In response to Jason King's "Letter from America":


You are mistaking some points. First terrorists do not rule Iran. The government in Iran is chosen through elections by people just like Americans have chosen President Bush. The president of Iran is an extremist just like the Neo Cons in America. Both are idealist extremists and both are bad for their country, world peace and stability. And just as the American people have voted against Bush the Iranian people have voted against Ahmadinejad but it takes time to reelect a new government. Second your tone is extremely arrogant and selfish.

You are talking like a master of the world dictating your will to a great nation like Iran:"We should have dealt with Iran 25 years ago and that was our country's biggest mistake.: or "I pray that they will be safe, prosperous and end their support of the terrorists that are destroying their country. "

Sir, do not forget that your country is responsible for unlawful involvement in overthrowing many democratic government around the world including the Mossadegh government in Iran in 1953 or the Allende government in Chili in the early 70s and the US replaced those democratic governments with bloody dictators who massacred the people of those countries for decades.

Also do not forget the US war with Vietnam causing millions of casualties and the recent unlawful occupation of Iraq with hundred of thousands of Iraqis being killed. Do you think you should take your bloody hands to IRan for another genocide under the pretext of stopping nuclear arms? which nuclear arms? There is none. No one has proven any document for Iran making nuclear arms so far. It is all speculation just like the US leaders saying for sure that Saddam had nuclear arms and he did not. No proof found after 5 years!

You say the US would not allow madmen having nuclear arms, right? You are absolutely right, stop the madmen from making and using atomic bombs against humanity and everything will be right. Unfortuanately no one could stop power mangering hegemonist madmen like Truman from using atomic bomb- when he did not need to -against the Japanese people killing thousands and maiming generations of people. And no one could stop the Zionists from making secretly 200 atomic bombs in disaccordance with the international law to use them against their neighbours... So, if you can Stop now the madmen who have the atomic bombs from making more and using them against humanity PLEASE DO SO!




We will emerge victorious

In response to Jason King's "Letter from America":

Mr. King,

Why do you think we need another White Christian to liberate us?Had you not learn anything from Iraq and Afghanistan that no one,not even the Latin America nations like or trust your government or you?

If you wear your uniform and put your feet in my holy land,I'll pray that you return back as a corpse to your loving family.

We are Iranians, the people of a great civilization. We are the believers of Ali, the lion of God. We have the blood of Cyrus and 2500 years of history. We will emerge victorious. Even if we don't, you'll be bleeding heavily as you chant victory over us.

Ey Javidan Iran.

Elisa Mendel


Remember Mossaddegh

In response to Jason King's "Letter from America":

To answer to your comment, I have one little comment: Remember Dr. Mohammad Mossaddegh and the first democraticlly elected government of Iran.

Read about this and then we will talk,

Sam Habibi


Your leader that is destroying the world over and over and over

In response to Jason King's "Letter from America":

You are right about power in a mad man's hand and you are also right about every one's right to choose his own destiny. That's why you should do something about your leader that is destroying the world over and over and over. How many lives must be destroyed before this mad man had enough blood on his hands? The ones need to be dealt with (Saudi Arabia) which made people like Bin Ladin and al-Qaida group still count as their friends because of their oil that flows to US and now it's Iran that has to pay the price.

As you said, I hope I never have to meet you in battle field.

Ali M


Iranian suggestion to Mr. King

In response to Jason King's "Letter from America":

Here is my Iranian suggestion to Mr. King:

Boro koneto bedeh



This propaganda is too much

In response to Sunday Times aricle, "Revealed: Israel plans nuclear strike on Iran":

I just wanted to get your attention for a moment here. I am quite angry at this point. Regardless of the anti-Persian movies Alexander, and Troy, a new movie is out called 300. You can see the trailer on youtube. This is absolutely disgusting how it shows Persians as fucking Negros or Fucking Indians, and greeks as supermodels and shit like that. The Persians had superior everything to the greeks, and out of a million battles, they happened by chance to win one fucking battle. This propaganda is too much and needs to be countered. I am thinking what I can do myself to counter this shit, but at the moment I thought you could bring some attention to this matter. The attention need not be Iranians themselves, but non-Iranians, since we Iranians know our victory, our supremicity, our rich culture and everything else.



Very touching and genuine

In response to Sheila Dadvar's "A family affair":

Dear Sheila:

I have seen lots of photo essays on Iran, but I found yours very touching and genuine. Thank you very much,



Let us not teach them to resort to "violence"

In response to Zohreh Ghahremani's "Vive la difference!":

I was shocked to read Ghahremani's article , in favor of physical punishment for children. Her views on this issue are so anachronistic. Even in today's Iran , well educated , informed parents do not hold such an archaic view as credible. They know very well that children are not better disciplined through slander and abuse. Tactics that are supposed to put fear in their heart , are strategically counter productive.

Looking back at my own childhood makes me feel outraged that a school master I once had was such a brute. Thinking about that awful era , fills me with rage , pain and sorrow. I was also one of the many students who was the recipient of his cruel treatment. I was barely ten years old, he slapped me so hard once that I felt dizzy for a few minutes. I saw the school walls spinning right in front of my eyes. How can one forget ? In my memory, I always regard him with disdain.

Almost half a century ago , "Farabi elementary and high school" in Isfahan was owned and run by Arshadi ( may his soul rest in distress ). He had a dictatorial style that he took great pride in. He enjoyed punishing children by yelling at them , slapping them hard or smacking them with a thick ruler. The man was an egotistical disciplinarian. Interestingly , he never ever punished his own son who was also a student in our school.

Children learn through parents' behavior. As parents and educators we are the role models. Let us not teach them to resort to "violence". Let us think of the long term effects. Discipline is essential but abuse is not the way to enforce it. Those pseudo educators or false parents who pinch , kick , slap ,insult , bite , cuss ,smack or even spank kids need to be put behind bars of a jail or in the zoo.



Gooshmaali connection

In response to Zohreh Ghahremani's "Vive la difference!":

Dear Ms Ghahremani,

I always read your articles on the Iranian.com with interest. Today just having read about the destruction of Isfahan. I read your quite angry article on gooshmaali, pasgardani and ordangi and somehow the two articles made a connection in my mind.

Don’t you think Iranians are busy taking out the fathers of Isfahan?

Warmest regards,

Vida Kashizadeh


Here is the reaction

In response to Sunday Times aricle, "Revealed: Israel plans nuclear strike on Iran":

Among current members of Nuclear Club Israel is the only one who has no moral obligation against such murderous act with total impunity! As for reaction to such criminal endeavor, it won't last longer than you read following sentences. Here is the reaction:

US would express regret. EU would condemn the attack. Arabs call for a UN meeting and call for a Nuke free middle east. There would be 53 people demonstrating in Cairo. Israel denies that it was behind the attack. UN would start an investigation! Russia would express concern of proliferation of Nuclear weapons. China advise both sides to avoid further tension and escalation. Iranian government would announce all the fatalities are on an express way to heaven and would announce that for reasons to be disclosed in future leadership has decided to avoid any further escalation of the situation and will respond to the invocation when time is right!



Damned if they do and damned if they don't!

In response to Sunday Times aricle, "Revealed: Israel plans nuclear strike on Iran":

If Israel REALLY wanted to attack Iran they would do it secretly (and suddenly) to catch Iran off guard instead of publicizing it in a major British paper. Any idiot or retard knows that ! ! By publicizing their so called "attack" wouldn't Iran then take measures to protect its facilities? Wouldn't they line up their Shahab 3 missiles by the western border to hit Tel Aviv and every other city in Israel?

And how many of those missiles can tiny Israel take? For every one that is destroyed with their missile shield two will land in their cities and that's enough. So Israel will NEVER dare attack Iran because they know they can't take the retaliation and that's why they are making such phsychological propaganda. It's out of desperation; they're damned if they do and damned if they don't!

Based on these so called "leaked" articles and "secret" plans (periodically coming out of Washington and Tel Aviv) Iran should have been bombed and nuked and destroyed by now!! Every time such plans are "leaked" to the press it says by next spring or summer Iran will be bombed. It's really getting a bit outdated and boring!!!

Long live IRAN and everything Iranian (including Iranian.com!)

N. Shafiei



Many many thanks for having produced such a memory-awakening site.

Prof. M.Y. Abyaneh


Butchering is to be rational

In response to Hossein Bagher Zadeh's "How to make a martyr out of a monster":

If Saddam is a monster tell me a person who is not and was not a monster while he/she was atate chief, in Europe, America, Africa, india,Persian gulf, pakistan anywhere in the world

I appreciate the way Saddam responded during the trial and execution, a man of conviction, courage and committment.

Bush butchered being a Christian -- Democratic?
Khomeini butchered being a Muslim --Theocratic?
Blair buchered being a christian --Parliementristic?
Ghandhi butchered being a brahmin -- Non-violentistic?

Any one shall butcher a bull but butchering is to be rational, logical and convincing, not enough to shout Allahooo Akbar.

J. Kaval


If Saddam is a monster...

In response to Hossein Bagher Zadeh's "How to make a martyr out of a monster":

Dear Mr. Bagherzadeh,

With all respect, your article about Saddam ignores the psychological factors in the Islamic world creating “divine” dictators like Saddam. The inseparable mixture of Islam with politics, judicial and cultural traits cannot be ignored. Despite clear facts and experiences, many Iranian intellectuals - even amongst the educated secular – do not take any clear position about the attitude of Islam. Even if they criticise the IRI, they talk about the IRI, or Shiite led Iraqi, or Karzei’s regime etc., if as these regimes were legitimate. They do not mention where and how such regimes obtain the legitimacy?

In your article, you ignore the role of Islam creating Saddams. In the Islamic world, Saddam and all dictators of his calibre, as Ghaddafi, Pakistani Generals, the Shah… follow, more or less, sooner or later, the tradition of despotism and exemplary rule of the early Islamic legends to religiously justify their rule.

Like any dictator of the Islamic world, Saddam considered himself to be the choice of Allah. He was not an Islamist militant like Ahmadinejad or son of an Ayatollah like Banisadr. However, the psychological factors, which push every dictator to the verge of megalomania, transformed a secular Saddam into God’s hand-picked Muslim. Saddam, like any dictator, needed a political theory according to which all power was divinely vested in his hands. Given that Islam is a political religion, what else can justify a dictatorship in the Islamic world? Saddam started his career in secular circles and then became a Muslim dictator.

Even at the end of his life, under the gallows, he manifested his roots in Islam. he demonstrably kept faith with Islam. Saddam humbly accepted his death. The verses of the Koran, he enthusiastically cried out and the quiet gestures he proudly made shortly before his death implied his total submission, a victim or martyr was no longer important for him, of Allah. Saddam was actually above anything a “good” Muslim!

Jahanshah Rashidian


I do not blame Israel

In response to Qumars Bolourchian's "It's 1938"

Dear Friend,

Thank you for expressing your view on Iran and Israel. Perhaps you do have a point and in your point of view your certainly feel correct. I am Iranian guy who love my country and my people and I always want them to have the best life ever.

I have recently visited the Museum of Holocaust in Washington DC and I believe Jewish State has the right to protect its self not to repeat the Holocaust again. Mr. Ahamdi Nejad not once and not twice has mentioned that Israel must be vanished or destroyed and etc.... Here we are talking about lives of more than 6 million people in Israel. At the same time Mr. Ahamdi Nejad continues developing Nuclear technology for what he calls peaceful energy purposes, while holding speeches against existence Israel and even holding international conference to deny the Holocaust. (Let's put 1+1=2)

Denying the life of millions people who have lost their lives. Iran very clearly supports the stands of enemies of Israel such as Hezbollah, Jihad Islamist, Hamas and etc.... So I do not Understand who you trying to convince that Ahamdi Nejad is a harmless man.

There are a lot more details on this and I am sure no one can describe all the evidence in this letter that Iran tries to destroy Israel. I as an Iranian know the strategy of Islamic Republic. This is just the way they insure their existence. At the same time I do not blame Israel that tries to live in peace and protect himself and its resident from his enemies. What Mr. Netanyahu Trying to do is to stop the madness before is too late. Why people always think that Israel has no right to protect himself.

In USA Muslims below up two building and US has invaded two countries in respond. Now Israel has been living under attack for more than 50 years and each time Israel tries to protect himself every one scream that is wrong. Come on guys lets be honest with ourselves why Israel can't protect itself? I do not think that is my Job to solve the Arab Israeli conflict. I think we should be focusing on Iran and how we can make our country a better place for every Iranian.

Thank you for listening,

Love and Peace for every one!

Payam Bakhaje


Now why should any Jew not want to protect their nation against such Islamofascists?

In response to Qumars Bolourchian's "It's 1938"

Almost all Iranian people do not trust their government when they claim anything. So why do you expect the Israeli's or American Jews to trust our government when IR says they want nuclear energy rather than the bomb?!

The idea behind the state of Israel is to protect the Jewish people and their culture. Looking at the Islamic Republic's record, I think it is rather fair to say they have an anti-Israeli (or anti-Zionist) agenda; If you want to focus on one thing, focus on the fact that 27 years ago when the Islamic Republic was established, it was Khomeini and his anti-Israeli comments, and today the president confirms that notion. That is what I call a fundamentalist state not in favour of progression. Now why should any Jew not want to protect their nation against such Islamofascists? Anyone who argues against the threat of the Islamic Republic to the world, and most importantly to our own people, is nothing but an embarrassment.

Rayis, K.


Farsi shekar ast

In response to comic video, "'Troy' in Persian":

This video opens the door to a new comic genre: innovative Farsi dubbing. Of course people can also dub Farsi on top of Farsi video. The possibilities are endless: Imagine a voice over President Antar's (I mean Ahmadnejaad) video footage...

Farsi shekar ast.

Iraq az Tehroon


You are crazy and also lazy

In response to regional conflicts:

I like to write important letter and this is my messages to Palestine and Arabs.I don't know what is going on here and why some one must go and murdered others in the name of Islam by suicide booming,in Iraq or Afghanistan or in Palestine, I know must of this terrorist activity and support came from Iran and Islamic regime of Iran because from 1984 to 1986 I be members of Iranian Hezbollah and volunteer fighters, in revolutionary guard in Iran and in war, between Iran and Iraq, were Ayatollahs are bran washing young Iranian and Arab to go head and murdered others in the name of Islam and they believe after they die they are going in heaven, which I never saw any Ayatollahs or Mullah trying to do the same way and rush to heaven but what they are doing they are stolen money from Iranian and are oil and bring out of Iran for own and own family buying million Dolores home and Private jet or land, my messages to Hezbollah and Palestine people there is two way I thinks we have one Israel should attack on you are and fuck all of you or live in peace and stop killing and murdered others because you are believing going in heaven which no one back from this heaven and bring messages for us are we have such this heaven or just in are dreams?When the God talk about kindly and be kind in Koran and respect to others....why you crazy baster are going out and blowout your self and killing others in the name of God?I thinks you are crazy and also lazy standing on welfare and are money a money Iranian people are hard working for and Those Ayatollah sending in Palestine or Iraq or Lebanon or Afghanistan to murdered and killing others.

Hossein Hajiagha


Governments obscure the lines

In response to Michael Boldin's "Saddam was right":

Thank you for taking the time to read this email. I recently discovered your website at iranian.com, and I found it a great way to get a fresh inside perspective into your nation. More so, it provided a personal perspective into current issues that affect the lives of people all over the middle east.

I took the time to read your article "Saddam was right".

I just wanted to let you know, that many Americans are highly concerned by what Bush has done, is doing, and wants to do. I do not know if the foreign presses cover it, but many Americans, politicians, and more spoke out against the war. Even when the war was first proposed many of us were firmly against it. Dispite all things, we are not listened to or have the ability to change what our government is doing.

Under Bush, many of us feel helpless, paranoid, and that the concerns of the American people are not listened to. The US media tends to be manipulated or critical information is omitted to keep most of us ignorant. As recent elections show, many Americans want change and are very unhappy towards Bush. It has take sometime but change is coming, I can only hope that the change is not coming too late.

Regardless of the politics in play, I hope the best for you and your families. The governments obscure the lines and for many people it hard for them to see that we are all humans and deserve to be treated with respect and kindness. Regardless of where you live, or what government you live under... I hope that you receive respect and happiness.

Thank you for taking the time to keep your website up to date. I will be a frequent reader :)



Impeach G.W. Bush

In response to Michael Boldin's "Saddam was right":

The only face saving for the US in the world arena, I only see the impeachment of G.W. Bush. I don’t think the average citizen is realizing the extent of the damage made to the US reputation in the world by this government. Sorry I have to witness this after living 42 years in my adopted land now!



This modern "Changiz Khan" will burn the Middle East

In response to Ardeshir Ommani's "Spreading a sheer fallacy":

I have received several e-mails for anti-war petitions by different organizations in the past few days. I don't want to sound pessimistic and negative (and I truly hope and pray that these anti-war demonstrations and campaigns work) but the reality of it is that this administration and the "air head" who is sitting in the White House will do what it wants to do and it will force its "nokars" all over the world (including Russia and China) to do what it tells them to do. Didn't half the world demonstrate against the war in Iraq? How many petitions with millions of signatures were sent to representatives in congress and they still went ahead and gave him the authority to invade Iraq. Didn't every wise elder statesman in America and every military expert advise him against escalating the war in Iraq? Isn't more than 65% of Americans against sending in more troops?

Right now he is provoking Iran by taking hostage Iranian diplomats, accusing Iran of killing Americans in Iraq, being a "threat to world peace" etc. etc. in hopes that Iran would react and do something stupid and give him the pretext to attack it. This modern "Changiz Khan" will burn the Middle East just like the old Changiz Khan did -- he will leave chaos, destruction, and utter "badbakhti" for all the people in that region before leaving the White House.

So frankly I don't think any of these anti-war campaigns, calling our senators, signing petitions, demonstrations, etc. etc. will do any good. It's a waste of time and energy; he will do what he want to do (or what he is ordered to do by Cheney and AIPAC ! )

I will continue to hope and pray...

N. Shafiei


Two thumbs up!

In response to Ari Siltez's "The good (domestic) woman":

Excellent movie review. Two thumbs up!



Iranian Turks are coming out of their shells

In response to Ben Madadi's "Force-feeding Persian":

It is refreshing to see that Iranian Turks are coming out of their shells and discussing these critical subjects at such a critical time. I am also an Iranian Turk and I agree whole heartedly with Ben Madadi. Unfortunately most Iranian Persians are so sold on oneness of the Iranian nation that they fail to see what is so insulting and disturbing to us non-Persians. I am sick and tired of Persians parrot like regurgitating some Nazi ideology of the great Arian nation and how we are Turkish speakers but not Turks. Who cares what anybody’s blood percentage is, as if that can be computed. I am what I am and I say proudly that I am a Turkish Iranian.

Hamid S


Nobody can cliam his or her true identity

In response to Ben Madadi's "Force-feeding Persian":

Dear friend,

"What ethnic group I belong to", has been always indirectly coming to my mind once in a while. How can I say that I am Azari when my mother is made of some Russian-Azerbaijani-Georgian and my father is made of some Persian-Azari-Kurdish-Arab. My son who was born in USA has me as father who has been made of Persian-Azrai-Kurdish-Russian-Georgian-Arab, and his mother who has been made of Persian-Azari-Kurdish-Arabs-Chineese, Chin Chang Khan era.

My friends, do we have any DNA system that can distinguish all of these and tell us " WHO WE ARE". If you do, please do so and send me the "HOW" method. I am sure we DON"T.

I have lived most of my life in USA and never attempted to seperate myself from the White crowd. I call myself Iranian-American and I am proud of it. I love Iran and I love USA. I traveled to Iran 18 times and have gone to so many places in Iran. Never in my mind saw Iran as pieces. I always related myself as whole and will not let anybody so bully enough to do so. I apply the same idea for my second home land, USA, despite the differences I have with US administration.

At the end I like to ask all you these questions, maybe you like to send me a response:

1. After 200 years of my family history in USA, can any member of my family in the future call for separatism In USA country? Remember, before me, there were Whites, and before Whites, there were native Indians, and God knows who were in America before Indians. Same analogy can apply in Iran; Before Azari, there were Persians, and before Persians, there were Medias, and before Medias, there were Assyrians, and before Assyrians, there were Nomads and...

2. Have we ever checked, physically or chemically, our father's DNA for Turk or Fars test?

3. If I speak the Engilish language, does it mean that I am pure White American? can Assyrians who lived in Uromeha, Tabriz, or Ardabil area for a long time before Persians and Ariens with the same Azari accent, claim that they are Turks or Azaris but they speak a differnt language?

4. Can my son who was born in USA say he is pure "FARS, TURK, or KURD, so on so forth"?

5. In USA, can we go to a McDonald's or Subway Sandwiches and order something in turkish or farsi language? We migrated to USA and we respect the rule of land? Anybody does not like it, can take a hike.

My friend the globe is round and people's migrations always happen. In this globe, there is no way that anybody can cliam his or her true identities. People choose their ethnic group base on so many reasons, calturally, politically, or forcefully. Iran, same as USA, is made of so many races for past 2500 years who came to Iran either by force or by migrations that non of them can claim their true identities. Please don't let anybody play games on us. We should try to be much smarter than this.


Amir Elmjouie

PS. You even changed your first name! Meaning, the change is already in progress in your family and blood line.


Letting people practice what they believe

In response to Amir Elmjouie's "Nobody can cliam his or her true identity":

Dear my friend Amir,

I read your e-mail and thank you for writing me!

I agree with what you have written and I cannot find flaws in it. However I think you also wanted to warn me and other people about thinking secesionist. I wrote in the article about this, which I do not think is too far from your belief.

You asked me how ethnicities are defined. I think looking for these words in dictionaries, and encyclopedia, is much better than asking me becasue those texts are written after a great deal of research by many poeple, especially if they have Western sources.

The point of the article was about being fair to others and not forcing your own belief, culture or history upon them. You may argue that they are all blurred anyway. They are very often blurred but this is not a solid argument for making for compulsory over the rest. Please take a moment and think about it! My true name is not "Ben Madadi" so I haven't changed my name but this is not about nationalism anyway.

It is about respecting other people's rights and choices. You may argue that who cares, Farsi, Turki, or whatever. Indeed, it's just about a means of conversation. But when you are born in let's say Kurdistan (I didn't say Azerbaijan in order to be less biased) then you are not anymore the confused type of mixed ethnic background person. You are very often a Kurd. Of course you may (surely at some points) have some other ethnic mixes within your ancestory but as long as you feel being a Kurd freely and accept yourself as being a Kurd, speaking Kurdish, and having Kurdish traditions, cutoms and history behind you, then you must have the right to practice what you believe you are, it includes your language, your culture, and your religion, and you must also be free to choose who rules upon you.

I think you will again think this is bad and would leed to separatism. It is not so. Historical evidence does not prove that letting people practice what they believe will make them fight. The contrary, I think they are much more likely to be warmer and closer to each other.

I sincerely do not think that Azerbaijanis are any better than anybody else. God forbid! I do not think that Persians or Arabs or Kurds are any worse than anybody else. But I truly believe in the freedom of men to practice what they believe and not what is forced upon them.

You give a good example of America. America is not the only place where people are mixed, from a cultural point of view. Even in Iran we have Tehran itself which is mixed up. Tehranis are mostly migrants, mixed, and they are probably a new breed, more educated and socially refined than the average Iranian, not just because of living in a big city but also becasue they are a mixture of cultures, and mixes usually turn out to be more evolved. Nothing is wrong with that. However other places in Iran are not culturally-mixed (note I have never used genetics or alike, but culture, because as I have repeated many times it is about choice and freedom, not background) and those places that have their own culture need to be respected and their language, culture and history must not be distroyed, because nobody should have the right to distroy what others have or believe in. The same is true about religion, which should not be forced on anybody and everybody must be free to choose what he practices.

I know that we are not living in a perfect world and what I have written are about how things ought to be in a modern civilised society. Not how things are more likely to be.



Who are behind this pro-IRI campaign?

In response to video on helping hand from monkeys:

Dear Friend,

Reading your letter in Iranian.com, I doubt also if behind Soraya’s coquette photo and her very female name, there is no a hideous and male bearded Islamist, or if there is no a network of Islamist propaganda machine abroad mentoring dubious writers of Iranian.com like Soraya, Ardeshir Omani, Brothers Sadris etc. It is to envision that the IRI now uses any trick to penetrate into secular media; see the systematic articles of pro-IRI in Iranian.com. Who are behind this pro-IRI campaign? Absolute aim of such an anti-Iranian campaign in Iranian.com is to divert average people from the totalitarian nature of the IRI. Needless to mention, this campaign, by highlighting the danger from outside, attempts to prolong parasitic life of the Anti-Iranian IRI.

Jahanshah Rashidian


The only way that we can fight is to educate people

In response to Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich's "Diminishing glory":

Ms. Sorya,

I read your article. It had very good points. Mr. Bush is controlling the world. He is very stupid and foolish president in our time. The only way that we can fight with him is to educate people and the ruler in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and others .....



My savior, the monkey

In response to video on helping hand from monkeys:

I have to get one of these monekeys for my old age because they are a lot more dependable than my two grown children who don't even know how to boil water!

And these monkeys don't want a car, money, expensive clothes, and vacations -- and they don't argue with you over everything either !

N. Shafiei


Serving one's enemies is never a solution

In response to Ali Rabi's "Your Baghdad is in ruins":

Dear Ali,

Thanks for your clear, concise, and intelligent analysis of the situation in Iraq. In addition to our "westernized" bretheren who have indulged themselves in inviting the "invadors" to "liberate Iran", I hope, our countrymen in the West, some of whom fled to their "father saddam" many years ago, also get a chance to be enlightened the same way. Serving one's enemies is never a solution to ones' problems.

Ali (from Iran)


You feel rules never apply to you

On Jahanshah Javid's "Home sweet home":

I loved the photo essay. I loved your side comments. You are irreverent and I just love that you feel rules never apply to you.

Please try to give us more of your personal journey through life.

Kathleen Nassery


You did it

On Jahanshah Javid's "Home sweet home":

Well done! I don't know how you did it, but you did it.



Either we are all Strangers, or nobody is a Stranger!

A few thoughts on the subject of racism:

I believe that we have Racism just because we tend to believe that there are different races, yet in reality there is only ONE RACE, Human & HuwomanJ:-) Race! Once we begin to realize this truth, we begin to Undo Racism once and for all!

I also think that we should get rid of expressions such as Mixed Marriage and Bi-racial, Alien (legal or illegal) and so on! What makes a marriage Mixed?! Either any marriage is always mixed, or is between two people from Human Race. Either everybody is Bi-racial or we are all from Human Race, therefore there is no Bi-racial! Either we are all Aliens or nobody is an Alien! Either we are all Strangers, or nobody is a Stranger! Of course the same principle applies to so many other terminologies that we might use on a daily basis!

One Race, Human Race, One Country, The World!

It is the circle that unites us all!

Have a great day!



I believe in the long run

In response to Ben Madadi's "Force-feeding Persian":

I absolutely agree with you. I also believe that the majority of the Iranian would agree in having one language as an standard, but we should promote and allow other languages to be thought. Having said that we also have to realize that we are not living in democracy in Iran and having a central government means that we can not be tolerated and let free. Control is the key for such governments. I believe in the long run, if there is no separation of Iran, that Iran will blossom to a democratic country (as I believe it is in its infancy level) and that would result in a more relaxed sState about the different languages and cultures of the Iranians.

Good luck :)



Wahoo, such an oppressed people!

In response to Ben Madadi's "Force-feeding Persian":

The writer wrote "It is saddening for me to see so many Iranians, especially Persians, still think that what they think is right is right for others too"
I was wondering if the writer is any exception that he thinks what he think is right and what the rest of Iranian think is wrong! I have had close friends both from our Turkish and Kurdish population in which we talk regularly, although some might think like the writer, but there are so many who think like me and the rest of Iranian. We are all from Iran and we do not wish to be separated. Obviously there are some problem with the ruling laws which if we had a secular, democratic government it would be much better and most of the problems would go away. Let's see some Historical facts.

1- Iran has been Iran with some more or less territories but what is today Iran has been Iran for the past 2500 years. And even 2500 years ago there were Sistan, Azabaijan and Kordestan and so on.

2- With all the foreign interferences' the people in these region choose to stay where they are and they were all called Persian even as late as 1935.

3- Whether or not if we were Aryan, we all are the same now, you can not differentiate a Turkish, Kurdish or Persian just by looking at their faces. Because we have been mixed so much that we are all look like one race. Whether you accept it or not.

4- There is a bond which weaves Iranian together so much that even though one have the same language with people from Turkey and I speck the same language as people from Afghanistan still we enjoy our fellow Iranian better.

I had been friend with two Kurdish families when I lived up north, the first was a Kurdish from Iraq and the second one from Kurdistan of Iran. Although they both spoke Persian, I enjoyed the Iranian Kurds better since they were my fellow Iranian. The Iraqi Kurd also was talking about united Kurdistan but my Iranian Kurd told m, that is nonsense since he could not understand the Kurdish which was spoken in Iraq or Syria. The same is true with Iranian Turkish Language and a Turkish from Turkey or Republic of Azerbaijan

5- Just because one have accent when one talks Persian is not the reason that you are oppressed. I have different accent and I am Persian. Neither that if you felt different when you were a kid make you an oppressed person.

6- The writer mentioned that Reza Shah pushed all the minority people to assimilate to Persian. That is when he is wrong. Teaching one's nation history is not assimilation! Unless your Turkish teacher was putting that in your little head that you were non Iranian. When Korosh the great was in power Azerbaijan was part of his empire and it was called Persian empire. When Alexander conquered Iran Azerbaijan did not obey and stayed independent but later became again part of Sasanian's empire. Why do the writer thinks he was not part of this history? Just because one do not speak Persian does not make him/her none Iranian and therefore have a different history than our home land. Even if as some suggest, your ancestors came with the group of Turkish tribes, still they choose Iran to be their land and therefore they own this land's history too.

7- He criticize Reza Shah Pahlavi for assimilation of Iranian in to one nation. I ask him "What is the nation if it is not one to you? Have you look at the history to see the most proponent of modernization and strong centralize government were from Azerbaijan? Have you read the writing of Kasravi or Taghizadeh?"

When Reza Shah started his reign there were only a few percent of population who could read or write. But as the writer mentioned there are almost 10 different language and even more half language as Kasravi call it in Iran. I ask him which language do you choose to teach if you have a limited resources?

In the united states with the waste resources and being super power how many languages your kids will Learn at school? Any thing but English? Obviously the government chooses the most popular language. If the pride are too high like India then they choose English so no one get offended and they all become oppressed as the writer call it.

8- Now that you went to school and learned how to read and write and learned the history of your country, what was preventing you to read or write in your own language? Why teaching the national language in the school by the government should be oppressing?

9- We immigrated to the United states and our kids learn English at school. Do they feel oppressed? I write in English, you write in English are we oppressed or do we want a wider audiences?

Why do you think Roomi wrote his popular books in Persian while he was living in a Turkish specking country? Because the Persian language gave him better tool and may be for wider audiences. Also as long as Iran has been the language of literature has been Persian. I do not think any one bothered Shahriyar when he wrote his poems in Turkish language but they did not publish that specific book since there was not enough demand for it.

To me oppression is when they prevent you of going to school because you are Turkish. Or if they do not let you have any governmental job for the same reason. If they put you in jail for talking Turkish.

To my knowledge none of the above was true or is true in Iran today. When I was kid in my elementary school and junior high school and even in the College there were group of Turkish students who talked to each other in that language and no body bothered them. In fact it was their advantage to know another language that we did not know so they could freely talk what ever they wanted to say even if they wanted to cuss us without our knowledge and I was living in Fars province.

10- If a Kurdish person say I was or am oppressed I may believe it since they have a different religious believes and some times Persian may say something which offend them and at the same time Kurdistan was ignore economically somehow. If a Blotch say we are depressed I do believe him somehow since their region is the poorest region in Iran but An Azeri say they were depressed I would say You Oppressed the whole nation for several hundred years brother. Yes several hundred years of kings who oppressed the whole nation, Saljoghian, Ghaznavian, Kan khnaian, Safavian, and finally Ghajariyan.

Tabriz was either the capital city or the place in which the Crown prince was ruling. The first schools, the first new thought, the first voices for better life and demand for constitution came from Tabriz.

The most prominent ministers and writers and representatives were also from this region. Wahoo, such an oppressed people!!!!

I was in Fars and did not have high school in the city which is bigger than the country of Lebanon (Darab) and I was not oppressed. But poor Tabrizi kid who learned a new language and mastered every thing with the money coming from the oppressed government was able to get his doctoral degrees, become ministers, run the news papers, become singers, be the best writer or poet in Persian language etc... Was oppressed!!!!!
No, to me all Iranian deserve a better government but they need to be united and as one nation not divided and separated. That is why we are where we are. No body think of Iran as a whole they want a separate life even a backward government and poor nation of Ghajar time which were under foreign influence, weak and powerless are more attractive to us than being one strong nation and that is sad.

Maryam Tabibzadeh


Respect me being an Azerbaijani

In response to Ben Madadi's "Force-feeding Persian":

Dear Maryam,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts! Correct me if I am wrong but did my article anger you? I regret that. Indeed it was not my intention to anger anyone becasue I was not angry when I wrote it.

I respect your opinion. The US is a democratic country, so comparing it to Iran in this regard, to my humble opinion, is not very helpful. The US does not even have an official language. People can send their children to any school they wish, and the US is the United States of America, which is a federation in which every relatively independent state is free and all the citizens of each state have the right to choose their own leaders but at the same time they are united under the US constitution.

If you are angered by me being bothered to not having my own distinct language, history and culture crushed at the expense of Persian, for the sake of whole Iran, then I am also saddened that you my fellow Iranian have not accepted assimilation to the great US values of freedom and respect, which have not been forced upon you.

You make also good points in your letter, especially regarding the limited resources that the Pahlavi regime had. For a matter of fact Azerbaijan has had its own literature and very many books (though definitely fewer than Persian because Persian language has been considered the language of writing even by many of Iran's Turkic rulers becasue they ruled over a country with a population that was mostly Persian, or related to Persians). The limited resources were not the reason, but there was and is a well-documented policy of assimilation in order to create a Persian Iran.

Please my dear fellow Iranian, I am an Iranian myself and being an Azerbaijani does not make me any less Iranian, but respect me being an Azerbaijani, don't expect me to be or become Persian, as I have no desire to make anybody anything but what he/she is, and wishes to be. And you have no reason to get angry, becasue the article has a social significance and it does not pretend otherwise, as (expectedly) accused of separatism (which is an insult).

As far as I know Azerbaijanis have contributed no less than Persians to building Iran so they are extremely unlikely to leave it all to Persians. But this does not mean we are Persians and the current regime is not only doing harm to a much greater extent to the religious minority but also to the ethnic minority. Becasue what we as non-Persian Iranians have inherited as culture, language and history is no less than what you, as Persians, have inherited from you ancestors. You may say they are the same but let others decide what they think is the same with yours, rather than you deciding for them that they are the same as you.

And you said that Azerbaijanis have not been discriminated becasue they are, and have been, ministers and so on. Reading my article you could have noticed that I did not deny that after Reza Shah those Azerbaijanis who accepted Reza Shah's policies were accepted among their ranks, and during the current Islamic regime, those Azerbaijanis who have accepted the policies of the Islamic regime have been accepted among high-ranking politicians. Do you seriously think that Iranian society could have functioned properly if Azerbaijanis were totally sidelined? Not that they are exceptional (you can say that but I cannot offer myself flattering comments) but becasue they are too many. And not only that Azerbaijanis are too many, they also have the history behind we are all aware of, as being high-ranking officials during the Qajar, and of course even before. We cannot deny those facts.

The idea of the article was to offer a debate about a wrong plicy and I was sure (as I had also predicted in the article) "probably" most Persians would disagree with me.

Ben Madadi


Outstanding work of wisdom and knowledge

In response to Houshang Pirnazar's "Kolonializm va Imperializm":

Outstanding work of wisdom and knowledge. I hope you are recovering from your illness, and I am looking forward to reading more of your articles in the future.



What about treatmnet of Iranians at foreign emabssies?

In response to Mahtab Gibbs's "Enshallah":

Hmmmm , Your story was realy nice and in depth. It's amazig how u have defined everything in detail. I do well appreciate the fact that u had to go through loads of problems and difficulties. I dont think u will ecounter any problems in getting back as loads of people do without any problems until and unless there is a serious political problem. At least u got to the stage of getting a passport. I shall be glad if u do a bit of research in how Iranians are treated in us emabssies and immigration offices as well.

Ali K.


I do not buy your story

In response to Mahtab Gibbs's "Enshallah":

Ms. Gibbs, your story has a big hole in it unless it is totally fictional.

I do nit want to defend the Iranian embassy in Washington because I had my share of heartache through nasty e-mails (my part) for a minor technicality called Nation ID card which was demanded by Iranian government two years ago precisely in the moment they were ready to give me a visa. Well, it turned out that I needed to change my passport because although the IRI officials had changed the picture but the birth certificate was the original issued during the damned crown cannibal.

Then it turned out that Iranian Omana (the elderly) of government had declared me dead because I had not responded 16 years ago to getting red birth certificates issued so my birth certificate had been stamped "deceased". It had not helped that my sister had called the clerk an idiot and told him that his entire family should die because one strand of my hair is more valuable than his entire family!

Thank this baby sister is a lawyer in Iran and my aunt who can scare God with her wrath, got all dressed up and went to see the Omana and threatened them (being mother of two martyrs did not hurt) after two years, I was granted the birth certificate.

Although I wrote a nasty e-mail to the embassy saying I hoped so and so would not be reviewing my file because he was the source of my heartache to his credit he called me at home and said once I send my birth certificate the passport will be issued. I did receive my passport.

I do not want to sound like I am defending them but I am very fair and when credit is due by all means it should be given. I do not buy your story because I do not see why a 28 year old would need her father's permission simply because she is not married. I know people younger than you who are not married and go to Iran and have never been asked to get their father's permission so somehow there must have been either miscommunication or you are leaving something out.

I admit that I was more than nasty to these people and took all my frustrations (and as I indicated in my story, I was totally justified) however, let's be fair and when these people do a good job mentioning it as well.

I hate to say this but we tend to judge them because they work for Iranian government but we forget that they are one of us (Iranians living abroad).

In November 2005, we lost a beautiful 23 year old in a car accident and I was really impressed and touched when I called the embassy and introduced myself the person gave me the right information and his contact so within 48 hours we got all that was needed to send the body to Iran for burial as the beautiful soul had requested.

I know I will get hate mal form those idiots who are looking for attacking me for any reason but I do not care. I think you are blaming your own cowardice on others.

I am going to Iran and I am not afraid even though I have reasons to be afraid. You see the difference between you and I is the fact that seeing my motherland is worth any hardship that may come my way and that is the type of person that I am (takes risks in life). Your lack of courage to go to Iran indicates that you really did not want to go there and wanted to treat it as though you were going on vacation to Mexico. In a way, you were not deserving to be there because you would have found something else to complain even if the shortcoming stem from your own lack of desire or courage.

Azam Nemati


As a Middle Eastern man i was deeply insulted

In response to Mahtab Gibbs's "Enshallah":

Hello how are u? As a Middle Eastern man I was deeply insulted by how M.s Gibbs compared Middle Eastern men to wolf and I quote"Middle Eastern men are like wolves to women", maybe she has had bad experiences with Middle Eastern men in the past,but not every Middle Eastern men is like a wolf to women,and some are very passionate and understanding toward their wives and women in general. There were better choice of words Ms. Gibbs could have used to describe Middle Eastern men.



People like Mahtab khanoom have a crisis of identity

In response to Mahtab Gibbs's "Enshallah":

Maybe it was best that someone whose favorite food is sour cream and onion potato chips, smokes at 3:00 a.m. and can't pay $15.00 to buy a decent scarf NOT get a passport to go to Iran. "Aslan" why would someone who is so dismissive of her native country and makes fun of everything about it want to go there anyway? ! !

Maybe she should stick to her hamburgers instead of "kabaab", stiff shot of whiskey instead of "doogh", her Alice Cultraine and whatever.... music instead of "Delkash and Banaan", and her Mexican skirt instead of a decent scarf that any woman has in her wardrobe as an accessory!

And why use that word "Ensha'allah" at the end? ! Isn't that an Arabic-Islamic word and totally out of place with the rest of her story?

And finally, as Farid-al din Attar says: "na dar masjed gozarandam k-e rend ast / na dar meykhaneh keen khamaar khaam ast". People like Mahtab khanoom have a crisis of identity -- they are never wholeheartedly accepted as "western" and rejected as a phony by the "east". And on top of it all she is a "journalist" -- I can imagine how "enlightening" her articles would be !

N. Shafiei


The cute ferry

In response to comments above news items:

Who makes some nasty and some "cute" and some offensive comments on the website over different news items? For an idependent newsite you must be not take position if it is you or your staff who make the comments. I don't know who else can do it. Please explain.




Funny, creative, EVEN thought provoking

In response to Saman's cartoons:

Saman's cartoons are funny, creative, even thought provoking, especially when you compare them to Hajiagha's "crap" and Mazloom's "loos" (meaning silly!) cartoons.

N. Shafiei


What the Israelis are planning to do

In response to Shahriar Azadmanesh's "The face of moderation?":

You wrote: "Now is the time to take decisive and direct action against the warmongers in defense of human life everywhere on this fragile planet."

This is indeed what the report says the Israelis are planning to do.

Don Cox


Which system is REALLY perfect?

In response to Shahriar Azadmanesh's "The face of moderation?":

Jesus... ! ! ! Why are we Iranians constantly complaining and nagging about EVERYTHING? No matter what happens we just complain ! Had the extremist conservatives won all the seats in these recent elections in Iran then we would have complained that there is no free elections in Iran and these are all fake "entekhabat-e farmayeshi". Now that some reformists and moderates have won a few seats then we complain that the system is no good because there is a supreme dicatatorial leader.

I am not a politician and I am not a fan of the Islamic Republic (and the western hypocritical democracy either!) But I do have an ounce of brain (!) and I can see that this same political system in Iran is a LOT more democratic than all the countries in that region (with the excpetion of Turkey). And certainly more democratic than the Shah's system. If you really look at things with an unbiased and fair view every position in the current politial system in Iran is an "elected" position, including the Vali Faqih (elected by the Assembly of Experts, whose members are elected by the people). All major political decisions are made not by one person (as many wrongly think) but by the Supreme National Security Council whose member are the supreme leader, the president, the heads of the three military branches, speaker of the Majles, mayor of Tehran, and a few others. (12 in all)

Now... granted that it is not a "perfect" system and one person (Vali Faqih) has the last word on all decisions, but which system is REALLY perfect? Look at the American system; didn't the Baker-Hamilton group and the whole world actually told Bush not to send more troops to Iraq? Is he listening? No. He is doing what he wants to do because as the president he has the "last word" on all matters. And that's the way it should be, one person MUST have the last word in any system.

For those nagging, constantly complaining, Iranians who want a "Jeffersonian Democracy" for Iran over night after 2500 years of brutal tyranny, take a good look around Iran. At least in Iran people don't have to look at the same face for the rest of their lives ! There is hope that the next president in Iran is the current mayor, Qalibaf, who is a lot more handsome than Ahmadinejad!!!

Cheers to the constant "naggers"!

N. Shafiei


Odd accord

In response to Amil Imani's "Friends of the Jews":

Dear Amil,

I agree with the first part of your article which considers Islam an obstacle in front of democracy and progress in Iran. Those so-called intellectuals who do not consider this fact, in deed, grovel toward the IRI or one of its factions.

But I do not agree with your solutions you summarily proposed. Your “most promising solution” implies an accord of all freedom-loving Iranian opposition groups with the US and Israel! Since theses opposition groups are supposed to be democratic (not left / right extremist) I wonder if they can place the international record of Bush administration or Israel in interests of democracy, of peace, and of Iranian people.

Furthermore, you did not mention what kind of accord they can have with these tow “free states”? Is it a sort of accord which runs between MEK or monarchists with the Bush administration and Israel? Why instead of such an odd accord, you do not propose a UN intervention. The UN’s mandates are at least safer and more acceptable for all Iranians, while the US, especially Republicans, have a bad record in the recent history of Iran and Israel is itself an aggressor.

Jahanshah Rashidian


We only should support the Iranian people in Iran

In response to Jahanshah Rashidian's "Odd accord":

Dear Mr. Rashidian,

You have completely lost me. Are sure we are talking about the same article? Here, the main purpose of this article is to tell the world that Iranians are proud of their historical friendship with the Jewish people. What is wrong with that? Where did PMOI elements come to picture? What are you talking about?

It appears that you are making a comment about my other article, "What to do about Iran". Just read the conclusion of my essay. I am clearly stating that we only should support the Iranian people in Iran rather than the Mullahs. Your hatred for the US and Israel is so immense that it blocks you from rational thinking, it seems. I am clearly stating that "The most promising solution is in the free world's united support of the Iranian opposition groups to the rule of the Mullahs."

Democracy in Iran cannot be brought upon Iranians with bombs..... "And when it comes to doing something the prudent way, it is good to follow the advice of the ancient Persians: "The lion of the meadow of Mazandaran can be captured by no other than a Mazadarani warrior." The best match for the ruthless Mullahs and their hired Islamic storm troopers are the Iranian warriors themselves. The people of Iran themselves are the best solution for the present Iranian conundrum. The valiant Iranians need a bit of help. And the last thing they need is appeasing negotiators to give the Mullahs a new lease on life, or invasion by the Marines, or a shower of bombs from the skies."

A suggestion: Please reread both articles again.

Best wishes,

Amil Imani


Looking for Krista


My name is Lea Nassi. I am intersting in family roots, along this searching I met Krista Nassi's mame at your web-site. I like to check with her family roots.

Please pass my this e-mail to her since there is no e-mail address to send it directly to her.

Thank you



Everything but the food

In response to "best Iranian restaurant on the planet" comment about Lala Rokh restaurant in Boston:

FYI, Here's what my brother (a Boston resident) says about Lala Rokh:

"Great atmosphere, great location right by John Kerry and Jack Welch's homes on Chestnut Hill; but the food unfortunately stinks."


Pedram Moallemian


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