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Letter from America
We the American people will stop at nothing to stop madmen from obtaining nuclear weapons



Jason King
January 11, 2007

I know most Iranians are like everyone else in the world.  They just want to raise a family and live in peace.  It is the small percentage of radicals in Iran that will cause all the hardships to the normal citizens.  God gives all humans the free will to choose which god they serve even if it is not him.  Only God will judge each and every person that has ever lived. 

Although no one likes war, I believe it is just. I will pray for the innocent Iranians as the US takes care of individuals, organizations and countries that support terrorism.  President Bush has warned Iran and Syria and I hope they do not take his threats lightly.  Ask Saddam Hussein what happens when you do that.  War in Iran would be a bloodbath for all involved, but don't ever underestimate the will of the American people.  Some may not agree with the government and the war, but one thing is for sure.  If you mess with our country, you will live to regret it. 

As I said earlier, I will pray for all Iranians.  At the same time, I will not hesitate to once again put on my uniform and defend my country.  I am a Christian and this is not about religion.  That is between man and God.  What I can guarantee you is that we will be on the winning side of a war with Iran.  We all know that Iran is developing nuclear weapons.  Anyone that thinks otherwise is foolish and naive. 

We the American people will stop at nothing to stop madmen from obtaining nuclear weapons.  Yes, I know you are saying we have nuclear weapons and that we are being hypocritical.  Yes, we have them, but we will not use them unless absolutely needed.  If the radicals in Iran get them, there is no doubt in my mind they would use them to further terrorize the world. 

We should have dealt with Iran 25 years ago and that was our country’s biggest mistake.  But we will rectify that mistake.  If Iran’s people want to live peacefully, I would tell them to leave or demand that their people overthrow the government that does not care about them, but only their warped religious beliefs. 

Do Iranians not want freedom of choice, religion and the pursuit of happiness.  I am a Christian and I know Iran is a Muslim country, but what gives a man the right to force a religion on another.  God does not force all people to love him, he gives them the choice.  I just wish all the fanatics in the world -- Christians, Muslims, Jews and all other religions would also allow each individual to choose for themselves without fear of being tortured and murdered. 

I don't know exactly why I'm writing this but Iran has been on my mind a long time before President Bush's speech tonight.  I will pray for all Iranians, regardless of religion.  I pray that they will be safe, prosperous and end their support of the terrorists that are destroying their country. 

I hope all Americans and Iranians can live in peace and that I will not have to once again bear arms and leave my country and family to fight an Iranian, who has had to leave his family to fight for his country.  May God give you peace and happiness and bring an end to the upcoming conflict before it begins. Comment



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