Twenty years ago who would have thought Googoosh's popularity would reach mythical proportions WITHOUT singing a syllable?

And her fans are not just in Iran and in Iranian communities abroad. She's practically worshipped in Central Asia.

When the foreign minister of the former Soviet republic of Tajikistan visited Tehran after the communist collapse, the first thing he asked was: "Khanoum-e Googoosh chetor hastand?" (How is Ms. Googoosh?).

Iran's Queen of Pop, unlike numerous other singers, stayed in the country after the 1979 revolution. Through friends, she has said she has no desire to sing again. She's happy.

Well, it seems her silence has only made her fans more anxious. They're hoping that one day she'll take advantage of the authorities' more relaxed attitude toward music and start singing again.

Other women singers in Iran have been allowed to sing in women-only gatherings, and travel abroad to perform in concerts. Will we ever hear Googoosh sing again? I can only pray. (Somebody, please, slap me! Since when did I become a Googoosh fan?!!) JJ

Googoosh: Gharib Ashena [ RealAudio (1k) | WAV (937k) | AU (937k) ]
Googoosh: Yek Roozi [ RealAudio (1k) | WAV (906k) | AU (906k) ]
Googoosh: Jadeh [ RealAudio (1k) | WAV (833k) | AU (833k) ]

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