Sandy's lead singer, Shahram Azar

I couldn't believe my ears. Iranian RAP?!
A few months ago a friend of mine in New York told me I've got to listen to this Iranian band. I agreed only when he said the members were Abadanis.

Fifteen seconds into "Pari Varbepari" (I have no idea how to translate that. But the song is about a party girl, Pari, living in today's Tehran), I started smiling in disbelief. Then I laughed. Soon I was holding my stomach...

The group's name is Sandy and they are based in Germany. But I had the good fortune of seeing them live in concert at the Khuzestani Nowrouz party in Los Angeles last March. Jay-e shoma khali! (You had to be there!).

These guys are pure fun. They not only did great bandari numbers but they also performed their rap and techno songs with smart and funny lyrics. If anyone can save Iranian pop from the sleaze and cheese of the tired L.A. music scene, it is these guys.

After the party, I bought their "Ding Dang" album, from which we have selected a few songs. But also look out for their new album that should be in Iranian record stores by now. JJ

Listen to:

Pari Varbepari [ RealAudio (1k) | WAV (983k) | AU (983k) ]
Dokhtar Ahvazi [ RealAudio (1k) | WAV (902k) | AU (902k) ]
Sigheh [ RealAudio (1k) | WAV (1077k) | AU (1077k) ]

Download RealAudio here

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