Nader Davoodi

Nader Davoodi does New York

November 1995
The Iranian

Nader Davoodi was a virtual unknown in Iranian photography circles. Let's rephrase that. He was unknown. Period. But since earlier this year, everyone has been wondering where he's been all these years.

In New York in fact.

Like so many young Iranian photographers, Davoodi, 32, gained his first serious experience in photojournalism during Iran's war with Iraq (1980-88). But it was his three years in New York until 1994 that matured his skills and brought out his exceptional talent. Photographs chosen here are from that period.

In April and May he excelled in five consecutive photo competitions in Iran, winning first place in three and receiving honorary awards in two others. In September his photograph showing his son Siavash staring at modern art statues at a museum in New York was a finalist at an International competition in Bulgaria.

Davoodi is currently the editor and publisher of Iran's leading soccer magazine, Tamashagaran.