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Who are we kidding?
We need more than just mild improvement

By Reza Razavi
July 28, 1999
The Iranian

The recent events in Iran have affected most Iranians in different ways. There are some who really don't care one way or another what happens to our country as long as they have their relative freedoms. These people are the weaker ones who always find a need to go along with the system and would much rather live a life of imprisonment in Iran rather than risking their lives to be free. Well, whatever tickles their tummy.

We also have those who are happy with the way things are. People who like the way the government takes care of its own people; beating them down and killing them during peaceful demonstrations, attacking university dorms and whiplashing students in their sleep. All in the name of Islam, incidentally. This particular group of Iranians is responsible for the appeasement of the theocracyt in Iran. The ones who like to be told what to think and what to do. The ones who falsely believe freedoms have no place in Islam. The ones who blame the United States for crimes they have committed against their own country.

There are also Iranians who are in support democratic reform and believe that once their moderate ideas have been realized, their lives will all of a sudden become significantly better. Deep down they know what the price of freedom is, but they are afraid to express it. To them, the 1979 revolution symbolizes one of the darkest events in our history, yet they do not want another revolution. As long as there is some measly chance of compromise with the power-hungry totalitarian Islamic Republic, they will put aside any ideas of revolution or rebellion.

Of course we'll always have those who are loyal to our culture and the freedom of our people, who will not be happy unless all Iranians around the world are free from tyranny. They are the ones who want ABSOLUTE freedom for our people. No excuses or ideas of minor reform. Only democracy. They believe Islamic rule needs to be abolished and the Islamic regime annihilated. That reform will only cloud the minds of our people and lure them into believing that they're free when in fact they are being tossed an extra piece of meat so that they won't bark and wake up the neighbors. I mean who are we kidding? We need more than just a mild improvement.

We can make things happen with the merest gesture of unity -- unless the people of Iran would like to wait another ten or twenty years for "things to get better". The grim truth is that the majority of Iranians are not ready for democracy in its purest form. Does there always have to be some extreme group that will take the country to new extremes? Do we always have to struggle for balance? Can we ever get out of this cycle of extremes which has been haunting our political life for the that past 20 years?

No. There does not always have to be one fascist group after another that will presumably rescue us from the previous one, only to start another whirlpool of death and destruction. We should not always have to struggle for balance. We can get out of this evil cycle that has kept us from reaching freedom. We can live in our country with a balanced political system which can guarantee us human rights and the freedom to be who we are and what we want ourselves to be without any limitations or boundaries. We all want to be able to help each other without hesitation and the fear that we might be taken advantage of. Yes a little unity never hurt nobody.

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