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Comment for The Iranian letters section
Comment for the writer Jan Shiraz

By Jan Shiraz

Siyaasate vaaqebinaaneh
Realistic (Iranian) view of the Arab-Israeli conflict


Just wondering
Is Israel a threat to Iran?
By Jahanshah Javid

It is our business
Palestine has historically affected us
By Kamran D. Rastegar

Friendly stance
Friendship with Israel could have benefits
By Amir

Simple logic
We should not be blind to Israel's ambitions
By Babak Sani

Sinners preaching the gospel
IRI vs. Israel: The pot calling the kettle black
By Shahriar Zangeneh

Understanding outrage
Blame does not solve any problems
By Amir

Israel-Turkey vs. Iran-Pakistan
By Zachary Latif

Think wider
Iran and Israel: Tribalism
By Moji Agha


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