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Let us count the crimes
Jews v. Zionists

By Khashayar Pakravan
September 5, 2001
The Iranian

Jahanshah Javid's recent editorial prompts me to respond to his rhetorical question about Iran's interest in the region in regard to Palestine. His article could be read as raising a purely strategic question which is an important question for us to attend to. What is more important than strategy, however, is the intent that forms and informs it. And I would like to address that.

If we define interest as self-interest, and self-interest as short-term material interest, then Iran's interest is in independence and national sovereignty. What threatens Iran's independence? Imperialism.


Because of the natural resources that Iran has, and most importantly because of the oil in the region. That is, Imperialism wants to obtain the oil to run its machinery without paying the right price for it"another reason it does not believe in true capitalism and open market economy. It therefore, subverts all the countries in the region to obtain the oil as cheaply as possible.

Part of this subversion plan is to install puppet regimes if possible (for instance, the ex-Shah, ex-King Hussein and now this present juvenile, the whole house of Saud, ex-King Hassan of Morocco, the military in Turkey, and all those clowns around the Persian Gulf, not forgetting Egypt and Pakistan, of course).

The other part to this strategy of subversion is to keep the region unstable so that all these puppets could stay in power, and no attempt for alliance/unification of countries/people of the region could take place. Here Imperialism needs a fifth column: the Zionists. And the price to feed this rabid dog: $3 Billion of official tax money every year , and more through other means (American Jewish Committee, American Jewish Congress, Jewish Anti-Defamation League, Friends of Israel, military and scientific help, etc).

And if we define self-interest as long-term material interest, then Iran,s interest is in caring for its neighborhood and environment, i.e., care for what happens in other countries around it. Systems theory, and Environmentalism tell us with clear logic that if any social system ignores the condition of its environment, that condition will soon be hers.

But if we define self-interest as true interest, we are first confronted with a contradiction. Namely, that "true" interest cannot be "self-"interest. Or, in other words, true "self-interest" is the "interest of others" too, since human beings are essentially social. We are then confronted with an even bigger question: what defines interest to begin with? Let me spare you three (or six?) thousand years of history of ideas and of discussion around the question "what is good?" and instead appeal to your intuition and "true" nature:

1. Iran's interest is her neighbors, interest and by extension, the whole world's interest

2. Iran's interest is what is good (for her and for the whole world).

3. What is good for Iranians is what is good for humans.

4. What is good for humans is what is good for humans in general.

5. What is good for humans in general is to be what (hu)man is.

6. Man is freedom, (self-)creativity, and elevation (of spirit) through creativity.

6.1. One cannot create oneself without overcoming obstacles, without engaging with problems.

6.2. There is always a hierarchy of obstacles, based on their difficulty.

6.3. One could always engage with less difficult obstacles, but then one pays a very heavy price: one loses one's humanity! Spirit can only be elevated through honesty. Obvious examples for you are the Nazis: They chose the far less difficult task of destroying as against educating and creating.

7. The greatest obstacle in our age is Imperialism. Or more descriptively: the greatest obstacle to creativity in our epoch is the agent of concealment (lethe) which expresses itself by the tendency of control for the sake of control: what Heidegger called Technology, which is identified with Imperialism: The extreme anti-human tendency.

8. The human thing to do, therefore, is to destroy this greatest obstacle to freedom, creativity, and humanity.

9. Remember that unlike those whose fait is not connected to oil, we have no choice. We can either sell our oil very cheaply, and become Imperialism's puppets, accept World Bank's economic plans and become a Mexico; or resist Imperialism, exercise our freedom and create ourselves as a true democracy that has liberated itself and will liberate every country that comes in communication with it (in another article I'll try to address the important issue of strategy).

For us, then, resisting Imperialism is both a matter of spiritual (in a non-religious sense) and material survival, whereas for someone in Sweden for example, it is just a matter of spiritual survival.

Okay. So our true interest is in resisting and eliminating Imperialism. Destroying the Zionist menace in the Middle East and around the world is therefore necessary on two counts:

One, because it is the agent of Imperialism: Selling arms to apartheid South Africa, to the Shah, but most importantly de-stabilizing the Middle East as I mentioned; and their infiltration of financial institutions, television networks and Hollywood where they manufacture their racist propaganda: The Network, Rules of Engagement, Harem, The Assignment (producer: Joseph N. Cohen), Navy Seals (producer: Brenda Feigen), Spielberg's Back to the Future, etc.

Two, for a more profound reason that I try to explain: At the outset we should note that there are many Zionists, some confused and naïve, and some clear about their intent (for instance, Arial Sharon, Binyamin Netanyahu). What is at issue is the Zionism which rules among the Zionists and is supported by its master, Imperialism. We should also note that the term "Jews" refers to several groups, which should not be confused with each other, lest one falls into racism.

-- "Jews" as anyone who follows the religion of Moses are a group united by religion (a category not acceptable by the so-called orthodox Jews): a religious group.

-- "Jews" as those who are descendants of the Semitic tribes who were followers of Moses: a racial group.

-- Diabolically, there is a third group of "Jews": those who unite themselves by race, but claim to be united by religion. They want the legitimacy of religion, where their tribalism cannot have one. It is this third group that has a majority among the so-called Jews: a racist group.

It is the responsibility of any decent Jew to clearly and loudly separate themselves from this third group, as Noam Chomsky and very few others have done.

Let me point out a simple but important contradiction here. "Religion" comes from the Latin religio, which we could understand as a binding, a bridging of the human with transcendent. I think the Arabic word mazhab offers a better definition. Mazhab from zahaba means the way or path back to the source. We have come from a source and we need to go back to the source. With either definition, application of any religion should be universal and should apply to all human beings, not just to a race.

So let us count the crimes of this Zionist entity (the 3rd group):

1. It has converted the religion of god, Judaism, into a tribalist fascist cult: Godèmy GODèMY god: a truly evil metamorphism.

2. By doing so, they have achieved what I think is unique in history: spiritual prostitution. They have sold their spirit to Imperialism in exchange for ... It doesn't matter what they get in exchange, power or money; what could be more valuable than life and spirit? They express the most servile form of existence. So well Nietzsche identified this type: a sick group who are sick of themselves. Their sickness is very dangerous for life. And for this very reason they have to be eliminated (not necessarily a physical elimination, if possible).

Understand the sickness: privileging of themselves over others; always complaining, and the beggar characteristic (I am applying the stereotype only to those who fit it; identification by deed). Let me give you an example. Emannual Levinas (d. 1995) is a French philosopher capable of profound thoughts, but this sickness contaminated his spirit and in his Difficult Freedom, he falls into fascism. This is quite a loss.

What is comical and sad is the hubris of these slaves; they now walk so proudly on earth, thinking, now that they have control over the financial institutions, over the mass media and over politicians, nothing can touch them. It is the characteristics of servile mentality that sees everything in terms of power; when it doesn't have it, it acts like a dog, subservient and quiet; and when it has power (by virtue of its master) it acts again like a dog, this time barking and attacking.

Remember Rabbi Meir Kahana, founder of the Jewish Defense League and the Kach terrorist group? The white South Africans who created the Apartheid (obviously not those who fought it) were also such dogs; they really thought they are somebody, so much so that they kept barking when their masters needed them to be quiet. We saw how easily their masters put them to sleep.

What do these merchant-slaves turn to, now that they are the agents of Imperialism? Pimps: they have all sorts of economic programs for the countries in the region to align them with the economic world order; for a petit one see here.

In short, it is for their crimes against humanity as such that every descent human being should try to eliminate them. For in doing so, one grows, one would know about their knavery, and so one would become immune to it. One would also have to fight the agents of their master, such as the U.S. government, the political wing of the supra-national corporations.

Some might think that fighting Imperialism is an almost impossible task. I'll go further and say that it is an unending task: there will be other forms of control and alienation that one has to resist. The great insight is that the goal of this journey is no finality, but the journey itself. One has to do one's best and move, no matter how slowly. It is the intent that counts; and the will has its pleasures.

The feeling of distance, what Nietzsche called the Pathos of Distance. The kind of pleasure you would see in Mandela's face. To be far above whatever Imperialism can produce: remember Clinton in the Oval Office, Coke in one hand, pizza in the other, pants down, with Monica. Or the present occupant, son of a war criminal, a , well, a joke. Or Henry Kissinger, Rockefeller's handmade puppet, who was responsible for the coup d'état in Chile and installing Pinochet, and for many other crimes.

The noble become such only in struggle. What they achieve is not a this or that or a piece of land, but themselves: spirit. And this spirit expresses itself as the complexity of the system that is created"an after-effect.

If we burn our wings

Flying too close to the sun

If the moment of glory

Is over before it's begun

If the dream is won- Though everything is lost

We will pay the price, But we will not count the cost

When the dust has cleared

And victory denied

A summit too lofty

River a little too wide

If we keep our pride- Though paradise is lost

We will pay the price, But we will not count the cost

And if the music stops

There's only the sound of the rain

All the hope and glory

All the sacrifice seemingly in vain

If love remains- Though everything is lost

We will pay the price, But we will not count the cost

-- Bravado [slightly altered]

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