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Spiritual virus
What we are seeing is a global sickness

By Rica Yoush, Toronto
September 11, 2001
The Iranian

After forty years I thought I had seen it all! Traveled the world, escaped revolutions, been in the middle of violent manifestations, and many other crises caused by so-called human beings. But the incident in New York still shot surges of heat through my body, as I felt paralyzed in front of my TV screen.

I can not imaging what kind of human being can do this. But then again I wonder why I am surprised. How long have we had wars, explosions, famines, and other calamities going on in the world? This time it just happens to be closer to "home", our new home. Why did I think we would be isolated from world crises or disasters, God- or man-made?

What shocked me even more is listening to the media. Everyone's talking about maximizing security, intelligence, etc, etc. That is all good, but when will we realize that no matter how much security we build, others can break it? Don't we realize that with all our technology and sophisticated warplanes, we are fragile? Three commercial planes can paralyze our society. A mosquito bite can kill us!

This is not a security problem. What we are seeing is a global sickness, a deadly spiritual virus that is destroying humanity's roots. We think about building intelligence to protect us against those who show no intelligence. Suicide bombers! What are they trying to achieve? There is no intelligence or logic in these actions.

My fellow humans, let us rise and pray in whatever language, manner, or belief we know. We need a global healing of the spirit before we can achieve peace. There is no wisdom in hurting others. Yet we have all done so at one time or other, whether consciously or unconsciously.

There is no justification for killing. An eye for an eye must be carried out by an independent party -- the law, a global law for justice.

I don't know about you all. But I am not able to contact my friends in New York, and I am terrified. I ask for your prayers for the victims, and for the future of our children.

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