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Mahmoud Sadri is Associate Professor of Sociology at Texas Women's University. He has a doctorate in sociology from New York's New School for Social Research. He is the coauthor, with Aruthur Stinchcombe, of an ariticle in "Durkheim's Divison of Labor: 1893-1993" Presses Universitaires de France, 1993. For more information see his page at the Texas Women's University.

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The republican manifesto
Full text in Persian (pdf file)
By Akbar Ganji

The debate
Reaction to Ganji's manifesto

From monkey to man
A call for Islamic Protestantism
By Hashem Aghajari

A story worth watching
An Islamic reformation
By Thomas Friedman

Iranian problem, Iranian solution
We should not depend on anybody but ourselves in our nonviolent fight for freedom

By Reza Pahlavi

Democracy will prevail
On trial
By Akbar Ganji


By Mahmoud Sadri

Attack from within
Dissident political theology in contemporary Iran

The only survivor
What matters is love

Democracy or Theocracy
Ferdowsi's poetry sheds lights on ancient political thinking

Travelers on one ship
An in depth interview with Abdolkarim Soroush

Let the occasional chalice break
Abdolkarim Soroush and Islamic liberation theology

Book of the day

Iranian Intellectuals
in the Twentieth Century
By Ali Gheissari

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