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Yes. "Axis of Evil"
Let's call it what it is

By Ali Sarshar
February 5, 2002
The Iranian

It is interesting that whenever the United States verbally attacks the Iranian regime, many of us all of a sudden become defensive and a typical response becomes, "what about Israel"? We seem to miss the point that the argument is about Iran and not Israel.

In my view, we Iranians should be behind President Bush 100 percent. He is finally seeing and experiencing what we Iranians have seen and experienced for the past 23 years: an evil government that does everything imaginable to undermine the interest of the Iranian people.

Amazon Honor SystemI personally don't care about Israel or Palestine. Why should I? I am too busy thinking about my young countrymen and countrywomen who have lost all hope for a decent future in their homeland. Youngsters who are fleeing their Iran and have become refugees in many parts of the world that we never imagined.

I just heard on the Radio that the bullet-riddled body of a young man whom was thought to have been a kidnapped Wall Street Journal reporter in Pakistan, is actually the body of an Iranian man!

And now what do we do? Instead of supporting President Bush who is finally siding with us, the Iranian people; we convolute the argument by saying: what about Israel? F@#$ Israel, F#$% Palestine. Who gives a S#$%? Let's worry about Iran and ourselves for once. This is the least we can do.

I don't, by any stretch of imagination support military action against my homeland. In my view, that just prolongs this illegitimate regime's stay in power. However; I fully support the President Bush's stance against the "Axis of Evil". Yes, let's call it what it is. An "Axis of Evil".

Let's not forget that Saddam gassed many Iranians and now after more than 500 thousand dead and a bankrupt country, the Iranian regime has the audacity to normalize relations with him. Yes, the true nature of two Evil regimes.

Let's not become defensive. Let's not take it personally. Mr. Bush has not said that Iranians are bad people. Bad things happen to good people all the time. The argument is about the Iranian regime. The Americans have finally realized what we Iranians have known for a long time: the fact that this government does not have the capacity to reform itself. Thank god we seem to be on the same side now.

Ali Sarshar,

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