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Blame belief
Fundamental principles that underpin terrorism

By Everett E. Allie
September 11, 2002
The Iranian

This article was emailed to on September 18, 2001

Terrorism is a symptom of a far larger fundamental problem, one that has the potential to pull down civilization, destroying the infrastructure and precious knowledge that has been gained, thrusting mankind back into another Dark Ages, if not to extinction. Human social systems have been locked into fallacious fundamental premises, throughout history.

These concepts represent some of the earliest human thought, delusional concepts held in common by every culture on Earth, and involving belief in magic and the supernatural. To be specific, these foundation concepts are that existence is Created, and that all energy and control must be imposed from beyond nature. These beliefs provide the rationale for "Authority" and for "Law".

Every human institution either mandates or acquiesces to these beliefs. They are maintained as cultural imperatives within every society. These premises provide the basis and rationale for authoritarian social control, imposed, arbitrary and backed by force. They portray an arbitrary, irrational existence, where anything is possible, providing a foundation for any and all functional social pathology.

The reciprocal reality is that existence is based on motion, resulting in the structure of the fundamental components, the primary particles and atoms, generated by massless motion, cycling at the speed of "c". Existence is a continuum of endless development, degeneration and regeneration, the latter through recompression by gravity, a process taking place in every spiral galaxy. All energy and fundamental control is intrinsic to matter, itself. More on this elsewhere.

One's conceptualization of existence constitutes the individual's foundation premises, shaping virtually all subsequent thought. Where the foundation concepts are delusional, all subsequent perception, cognizance and reasoning will be commensurately distorted.

Religion is the primary source of cognitive pathology, providing the foundations for all cultural delusion and insanity. Because of the principle of Reciprocal Cognitive Exclusion (RCE), any internalized delusion can be maintained only by rejecting, denying, or otherwise excluding, any reciprocal knowledge of reality, anything that would provide a threat to belief.

An internalized falsehood insures a reciprocal ignorance, as well as some level of misdirection. Belief, then, becomes the greatest barrier to gaining an orientation to reality and real knowledge, it constitutes a formidable learning disorder.

Popular ignorance and dysfunction is always found to be commensurate with the level of cultural delusion. Behavior follows accordingly, as it always reflects the individual's perception. Savagery also follows delusion and ignorance. In nature, there are no "rights", "laws", "authority" or "morals". These are human concepts, born of intellect. Reasoning and knowledge provides insight as to the necessity for such things.

Unfortunately, since our societies are based on false premises, conception of what is needed is highly distorted. There is never evidence for that which does not exist. Since nature provides no supporting evidence for delusion; any support must be fabricated, further fueling the belief-ignorance syndrome. Thus, human communities grow and compound delusional and misdirected social systems.

The effectiveness of any society or culture is dependent upon, and reflects, the amount of factual knowledge distributed within the culture. Behavior always follows perception. How primitive a society is always reflects the premises and level of reasoning active within the society.

To fundamentalist religions and theocracies, modern societies, rich in factual knowledge, represent an increasing threat. This is why you have fundamentalist Islamists wanting to destroy western cultures and fundamentalist Christians wanting to prevent stem cell research, biogenetic engineering and cloning.

Given the amount of real knowledge freely available within modern societies, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep populations from recognizing the discrepancies and absurdities related to religious belief, weakening the belief accordingly. It is becoming increasingly difficult to control populations by means of instilled delusion.

Belief is the primary means of social control within every society. It is the predominate means of suppressing questioning and reasoning, as well as increasing vulnerability to propaganda, critical, for any authoritarian system to maintain control.

No knowledgeable population, largely oriented to reality, would support authoritarian social control and/or government by law. Instead, such populations would be pressing for objective individual autonomy and a system of guidelines and protocols, where strict adherence would not be mandated, but where the individual, or an organization, would be responsible for any aggressive damage to person or property.

Also, there would be pressure toward the individual being free to defend self or others against aggression, without sanctions being brought to bear. Such a population would press toward a social system that would encourage individual autonomy, reasoning, responsibility and effectiveness, as well as mutual facilitation. In other words, such a population would press for a system that allowed and encouraged intelligent life.

The true believer is becoming increasingly frustrated, their own ignorance and impotence in high contrast to the life of knowledgeable people within technological societies. The belief oriented blame their own plight upon those with more knowledge and facility. Nor do the Mullahs, Priests, Preachers, and Rabbis wish to lose their power, and institutional efforts to maintain religion are increasing in every quarter.

Governments do not wish to lose their arbitrary control. They too, are increasing their efforts to maintain the religions, upon which they depend for suppressing mentality within populations and for orienting the individual to authoritarian control. Any problem is seized upon to reinforce both religion and government, as well as reducing the autonomy of the individual.

The American Government is now racing toward the actualization of a totalitarian state, the people still largely unable to recognize or understand even the possibility of such a thing. Television, the movies and literature endlessly saturate the public with myth, magic and authoritarian mayhem. TV's History Channel must be at least 90% the recycling portrayal of war and control by force and law. The media is ever the hand maiden of the controlling institutions.

Terrorism is born first of ignorance, which results in ineffectiveness and poverty, generating frustration, envy, projection, hatred and violence, roughly in that order. The believer is endlessly confronted with a world that offers evidence only to the contrary. That evidence, as well as any and all objects of frustration, are seen as evil, and evil as something that must be destroyed.

The religious mentality breeds something highly divergent from brotherly love. Religion, any religion, constitutes a social disease. Belief is invariably destructive, both to the individual believer and to the society. Endless conflict follows the religions, and none escape culpability. Judaism, Christianity and Islam all sprang from the same roots, that of Mithraism and Zoroastrianism.

Religion is mutually exclusive with reality orientation. Ultimately, it is mutually exclusive with the survival of our species. Although present terrorism issues from Islamic theocracies, it is important to recognize that Christianity would be no less rabid, were it to control government. Fundamentalist Christianity within the United States is as fully virulent as Islam, and its history is perhaps the bloodiest of any religion. It's true nature should be openly discussed and displayed for all to see.

In the dissolution of religion, the most effective solvent is to recognize and spread the factual nature of the Cosmos and its fundamental mechanisms. This knowledge is mutually exclusive with religious belief.

Terrorism, in the near term, can be effectively dealt with only by force, removing it or rendering it impotent, when and where it appears. This will mean endless war, as in the case of any belief-based conflict. Long term, it can be dissolved only by allowing, encouraging and facilitating populations to become oriented to reality. This would also affect a commensurate dissolution of religion and authoritarianism.

Religion can not be destroyed by force, but only by exposing it for what it is, depriving it of sacrosanctity and support within cultures. The same holds true for authoritarian government. The fundamental pathogen of all functional social dysfunction is delusion, cognizance that fails to reflect factual reality.

A fairy tale is benign, and can even be useful, so long as it remains a fairy tale. However, when the fairy tale is accepted and internalized as reality, it distorts perception, reasoning and generates misdirected activity. It motivates, propelling the individual, the group, or a nation, invariably in the wrong direction.

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