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And the Oscar goes to...
Freedom of speech

By Saba Nejad
March 26, 2003
The Iranian

I am a huge fan of Michael Moore. And, within the American documentary film genre, he is definitely a modern day icon. He has always taken on issues that are either overlooked by his colleagues or considered taboo. He has a nose for sniffing out garbage doused with perfume and a laser eye for seeing the truth covered beneath a sheet of Madison Avenue propaganda.

Moore's head-on collision with industry giants have afforded us a glimpse into the motives and economics of the decisions made within mahogany walls of corporate boardrooms. With all that ugly reality, he finds a way to slip-in his brand of humor that makes the bitter subjects palatable and the content educational.

Is he opinionated? You bet. He needs to be; otherwise he would have nothing to say! Was he a
spoiler, Sunday night, by speaking out with such harsh remarks against the U.S. government and President Bush? Should he have not used the Oscars ceremony as the stage for his and country's liberal voice? The audience definitely gave Mr. Moore and the nation an instant feedback as to whether such rhetoric was acceptable in that venue. I heard some muted applause drowned in an undisputable thunder of boos.

What I love about freedom and democracy is exactly that. Being able to voice your frustrations and baring your truth in public with confidence that the objections and ridicule you may receive will be confined to the short-term memory of that venue. Knowing that your politics will not overshadow your humanity. That you will not be forever labeled for what was said in some long forgotten gathering. That your opinions will not endanger your family and those sharing your last name. And that consequently, your residence will not become an 8x8 cell in a building
not mentioned on any map.

For this 75th anniversary of the Oscars, the golden statue goes to liberty and freedom of speech.

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