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Houman Javid writes: On the first day of the year 2001 which Khatami named "Year of Dialogue between the Civilizations" I gave him my cd (Own Shadow). He smiled and asked about the songs and the poems. I told him that there's too much pressure on the youth and many of us have gone out of the country but we are still here and want to do something... So what shall we do when we see no one listens to us?! He smiled and said :" I know...We want to get closer to you,young people,but there are negative powers which don't let us so...You must stay and open the gates and you will." ON THE 18TH OF KHORDAD WE WILL BE THERE... WE WILL SHOUT ANOTHER "NO" TO ALL THOSE NEGATIVE POWERS... 2+18=20 BE THERE , PLEASE...

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