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August 2, 2007

Zan zaleel

What would be a funny caption for this photo?
Winner: Saeed Nia. 100 Afarin!


1- Ahmadinejad thinking: Aakh aakh, nakone ye vaqt shaqqish ma'loom beshe...
2- The woman: Bismillah-i rahman-i rahim - My name is Soghra, and I'll be your waitress tonight. Here's our menu. We have a sirab-shirdoon special,...
3- The woman: Bismillah-i rahman-i rahim - Welcome to Kobra Khoshgele's House of Lust. Here's our photo album with the darndest mohajjabe girls in town...
4- The woman: Bismillah-i rahman-i rahim - Shit, I forgot to cover my hand. Ino begir rooto oonvar kon ye daqqe...
3- The woman: Bismillah-i rahman-i rahim - Sareto bala kon, khoshgele; mano negah kon, khoshgele...

Antar... baz to chosidi?????

Azadeh Azad
"Mr. President, we’re returning your Islamic nude pictures back to you. As your brain stick is obviously too small, we no longer wish to have sigheh with you."

Mehran Azhar
Ahamdinejad baziye Pasoor roo azad kard.... albate be sharte inke bibi Chador saresh kone!

Simin Habibian
Kalaagh e migeh ghaar, ghaar,
Mamanesh migeh zahre maar.
Babash migeh boro kaar,
Khodesh migeh: noch, haala zood e, noch, haala zood e !

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