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July 30, 2007

San Francisco!

How many ways can you say "sex" in Persian?

* Kardan (having sex)
* Daadan (giving sex)
* Eshgh-baazi  (love-making)
* Hamaaghooshi (rolling around in each other's arms)
* Gaaeedan (fucking)
* Kaaraaye bad bad (doing a bad bad thing)
* Kaaraaye khoob khoob (doing a good good thing)
* Sex
* San Francisco (made famous in Pezeshkzad's "Daie Jan Napoleon")
* Los Angeles
* Khaak-too-sari (doing soemthing terrible -- old ladies used to say this one)
* Mikh koobidan (nailing)
* Sefr zadan (hitting the zero)
* Jamaa (Islamic term for sex between a man and woman)
* Ampool gooshti (meat injection)
* Bekon o dar-ro (hit and run)

Kaam gereftan / Beh kaam residan

* Eghfaal (molestation)
* Tajaavoz (rape)
* Zenaa (adultery in Islamic law)
* Lavaat (homosexual sex in Islamic law)

* Zafaaf (consumation on wedding night)
* Tamkin (wife surrendering to husband's "right" to have sex at any time)
* Zanaashooee (coupling/procreation)
* Joftgiri (coupling/procreation)

* Nakh daadan (to show willingness to have a relationship)
* Amaar daadan (to express interest in sex)
* Raah daadan (to inform the other of sexual desire)
* Daadane Ghariboon (sleeping around--used for describing women)
* Lashi Boodan (sleeping with anyone--used for describing women)

Oral sex
* Suck zadan (sucking)
* Kosslisi (licking vagina)

* Jalgh Zadan (jacking off)
* Estemna (Islamic term)

Winner: Fariba Salahshour. 100 Afarin! Also thanks to Mahdiyeh Javid

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