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Nothing personal
Her reason for hating mullahs

Zeeba Tehrani
October 5, 2004 unedited

It was a Friday in early days of revolution. Ayatollah Taleghani who was released from the prison, was supposed to give the first Friday prayer speech at Tehran University. I was invited to a friend's house for lunch. When I arrived there, I found a big party. The guests were chatting, having cakes, fruits and nuts, while listening to Persiann music. I started chit chatting , and enjoying the party.

When the prayer started, I walked out to the deck where there was a radio, to listen to Ayatollah Taleghani. Ten minutes later an elderly lady of about seventy years old, came up the stairs to the deck to attend the party. When she saw me there, she asked what am I listening to. I told her that I am trying to listen to Ayatollah Taleghani.

Immediately she said, "I hope these mullahs will never come to power, because if they do, they will make such a hell for this nation unlike any other time in our history, worse than what Mongolians did to us". I told her that she is being unfair, because I suppose, like any other groups, there are good mullahs and bad mullahs.

She cut my voice, and said: No, No, No, No, No. This is a group that has no good person among them. They are all charlatans! including her husband who was an educated and prominent mullah. Then she turned around, and entered the room to join the party.

Later that day I told my friend about the old lady, and asked about her and her husband.
She told me that, when the old lady was in her twenties, she was engaged to a young handsome man. But her fiance died in a car accident. Being an educated woman, she devoted her life to charity work and social welfare activities, and later on she adopted a little girl from orphanage.

At about forty years of age, a prominent mullah who had lost his wife, and had two adult children, met her in a social gatherings. Despite her unwillingness, he somehow convinced her to marry him. She thinks he had Mohre-ye Maar!! After they got married, he moved in with her, and a year later, she was expecting a baby.

While she was in the hospital to deliver her baby, her husband slept with her adopted daughter who, at the time, was about seventeen years old. She found out about it when her adopted daughter became pregnant by him. She went through a difficult time, but accepted the situation for the sake of her daughter, and the father of her child.

Several years later, her husband with his young wife and their three children moved to a foreign country and left her alone. That was her reason for being so bitter and judgmental about mullahs.

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