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Why does the cloud rain?

February 13, 2001
The Iranian


Why does the cloud rain?


Possibility one:


It is what the cloud does

It cannot help itself

Water amasses

And the cloud's memory

Is gorged with the urge to flow

The Earth

Must not assume itself culprit

For the generous showers


Why does the cloud rain?


Possibility two:


It is the verdant Earth

Lush with thirst


That summons the wind

To murmur its seductive invitation

To the cloud

Otherwise, the cloud

Being aloft

Would have little to do

with what is low


Why does the cloud rain?


Possibility three:


The cloud lives for the Earth

It spends every moment

Contemplating water

To appease the Earth


But the cloud


after all

A cloud

And by nature



At times lean

At times withholding of its fluid affection

And always on the move


But the Earth

Being the grounded lover

Is dormant with greater longings

For endless waters.


Wednesday, February 07, 2001

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