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    Revolution: 1979-1999

    From Rooz-haaye aatash, rooz-haaye khoon: gozaaresh-e msavvari az piroozi-ye enqelaab-e eslaami-ye iran
    Compiled by Karim Emami, Zamineh Publishers, Tehran, 1979
    Thanks to H.M.


    People! Why are you sitting?

    Iran has become another Palestine!


    Righteous people are either in prison

    Or have been killed in the (battle) arena!


    Mojahed, mojahed, is the vanguard of the masses

    Machine guns, machine guns, are the reply to those who are against the masses!


    O Moslem, rise up

    Your brother has been killed!


    I will kill, I will kill

    He who killed by brother!


    Iran, including Tabriz and Khorassan, has been covered with blood,

    Our youth, including the followers of the Qoran, have been killed,

    O death to this Shah!


    In the dawn of freedom

    The loss of the martyrs are felt!


    O treacherous Shah, may you become homeless;

    You have destroyed the motherland;

    You have killed the country's youth;

    God is great;

    You have put thousands of people in coffins;

    God is great!


    O martyr of the path of righteousness,

    I will come to you;

    The promised heaven,

    is in front of you;

    Your mother has lost you; God is great,

    Your father is in mourning; God is great!


    O my martyred brother: Congratulations on your martyrdom;

    O my martyred brother: We will continue on your path

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